Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Daily Messenger: Any Vaccine Can Lead to Autism - Measles Not Letha...

The Daily Messenger: Any Vaccine Can Lead to Autism - Measles Not Lethal...


If they want to jail anyone. Jail the corrupt CDC officials who claim unvaccinated children are the cause of vaccinated (supposedly immune) people from contracting a disease they are (allegedly) protected from. Double the jail term if these  same CDC folk REFUSED to prevent entry to anyone traveling through EBOLA infected regions. RICO statute them if they do not relinquish the US Patent on the EBOLA, AIDS and Marburg Virus "INVENTIONS" they own. Hang them for treason for not making these patents open source to allow  the researchers worldwide free access to find cures for these man-made inventions. So you want to damn the parents who question the same CDC officials that said "Ebola WILL NEVER REACH OUR SHORES!!" But it DID. Then the President says "Ebola will not reach our shores" then it does. Ban all ex-big pharma employees from working at the CDC anytime in the future.

Jail all those CDC ex-big pharma employee who used their position to commit fraud, falsify research, to violate trust.

Jail all those involved in shipping the BANNED polio vaccine that they are giving to Africa and India children right now. They KNOW it. They knowingly sell it to corrupt foreign leaders. Take profit over destroying the banned live vaccine. Arrest the newspaper reporters who spread the lies.  They all work for the same people who write in.

JAIL ALL who are complicit in starting these false flag pandemics, just to sell us a dangerous product!

JAIL ALL who participate in this vaccine scam, even to the very school officials, nurses, doctor offices pushing them.

JAIL all employers requiring them and drug testing just to have a damn job.  The real question should be "Why should I have to get a vaccine and be drug tested to get a job!" When I offer my time, education, skills and experience in exchange for a paycheck and hopefully some benefits, I am not signing up to be a slave 24/7 to the employer. If I do a good job, great. If I do a great job, promote or reward me. If I do a poor job, warn me and - if I don't improve - fire me. But what I choose to put in MY body on MY OWN TIME that has no effect on my job performance is none of my employer's business.

Wonder why the odds of getting cancer in 1900 was 1 in over 1000? Yet those who are born today is 1 in less than 3 chance to get cancer. Wonder why they write in their memoirs the need to depopulate?

Vaccines are zero about health and ALL about depopulation, profit and eugenics.

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