Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Monday, July 31, 2017

We need a cure for javascript overlays aside from disabling javascript

Discussion in 'Software for Windows' started by stockwiz, Nov 22, 2016.

By far the most annoying thing to happen to the web are those overlays that block the whole page and ask you for an email address. They must work otherwise sites wouldn't use them as much as they do... some of the worst examples would include gardenweb's website which will stop your ability to scroll the page if you try to use a program to block the overlays from showing up. I've tried using anti-scrolljacking plugins on chrome to fix that to no avail.

It makes me want to stop using the internet for researching and blacklisting any site that has any overlay appear at any time... but then I noticed Amazon has started doing it when it asked me for a zipcode for something when I was ALREADY LOGGED IN and it had my account information stored in the cookie. I just shook my head. If I wanted to give you my zipcode, sign up for your site, or do any other action you're annoying me to do, I would have done it on my own without you bugging me about it.

I should offer a $2500 bounty for the person who can create a program that can block these without affecting the website functionality in any other way. I'm sure a more wealthy person could offer a bigger bounty. haha. By far the worst implementation they made to HTML/javascript.

#1stockwiz, Nov 22, 2016


Want to data-mine an email?!  Here's one for em'

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