Sunday, February 14, 2016

[Vaccination-Liberation] HHS/ED New DRAFT: Feds Announce "equal partnership" with parents in raising children

I decided to open the 18 page draft document myself.

I will put a couple quotes I found pertinent at the bottom of Eileen's email. While it may sound innocuous at first glance, the idea here is to establish the government/state's active role in raising your children. Their presumed jurisdiction is through the state birth certificate.
  1. Systematically embedding effective family engagement practices where children will be seen as assets.

  2. Value equal partnership between professionals and families (VLA note:  vaccines & forced medical treatments, including psyche drugs)

  3. Ensure constant monitoring

  4. Govt. employees will intervene to provide monitoring goals

    Interventions will be made if parents don't comply

  5. Home visits...periodic home visits

Also pushing for a program to screen all children over 12 to screen for depression, etc.

"We refer to “family engagement” as the systematic inclusion of families as partners in children’s development, learning, and wellness. Engagement is enabled by positive relationships between families and staff in the institutions where children learn. The goal of family engagement is to support family wellness and children’s learning and development"

Eileen Dannemann
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
319 855-0307

This policy statement identifies common principles from the frameworks that drive effective family engagement across the prenatal to age eight continuum, and inform recommendations to local and State early childhood and elementary education systems" - p. 1, para. 3

Eileen put    5. Home visits:
"Home Visits: To support ongoing relationship building with families, programs and schools should conduct periodic home visits so that teachers and families can get to know each other and communicate about children’s goals, strengths, challenges, and progress. If home visits are not possible for all families, schools or programs should require that teachers or providers and families communicate at the beginning of the year to ensure that the relationship is started in a positive way."

LEAs - Local Education Authorities.

Note: I noticed no mention of medications or vaccine enforcement in this draft. But I do sense the need to improve the level of trust between govt. interventionsand families in light of CPS actions that have intensified annually. See  Clearly, this needs to be addressed. If the US Dept of Education brought us No Child Left Behind that turned into Common Core, and the Dept of HHS actively covers up inconvenient science from the CDC and NIH to protect vaccine profits, these entities most certainly need to be watched. It was the Dept. of HHS that unveiled the Adult Immunization Program a year ago.

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MessiahMews said...

How to solve this problem? It's actually easy.

1. Never have your baby in a hospital
2. Never sign a birth certificate
3. Never get or sign a marriage license with the CORPORATE STATE of
4. STAY AWAY from mainstream doctors and ESPECIALLY pediatricians!
5. Homeschool only and never sign up for homeschooling with the STATE of. Registering is CONTRACT with the CORPORATE STATE
6. STAY OFF of church rosters, camps or ANYTHING that requires registration as it indicates contracting with CORPORATE entities.