Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poisoning The Children and Letting Parents Know They Wish To Do So

My four year old daughter, recieved this kind, courtesy notice in the mail from Kaiser. Apparently they want to let her know that at 12 years old, she can seek outpatient mental health services and gain chemical dependency for this depression, without the consent of her guardians. While my daughter is there, she can also get the HPV vaccine without my knowledge and or consent, as well as birth control. Thanks for our criminal legislators, a child can make her own decisions about that vaccine at 12 years old. 👏👏👏 meanwhile, how about those Kardashians! I see so many keeping up with them but seem to be clueless that their own 12 year old daughter can consent to these services without either of her parents. Perhaps parents should be monitoring new laws more and the Kardashians less!

From Heather Leeann

When are the "Out of Towners" from upstairs going to come down here and take care of business? We're all tired of our children being sacrificed on the evil "altar of science".  So WHEN?

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