Monday, February 6, 2017

Mind Control and Early Indoctrination Targeting The Young

This is from the line of children's books called Corduroy books, which is in reality Propaganda books.  Propaganda starting with our young. That's just low scum policy.  Fucking satanists in power, I can't wait for Father to smite them all.

Kids books are filled with propaganda and mind control!

The bear's like *face palm* "This guy's an idiot!"

Reading to my daughter before bed. She picked the book and I got to this page and couldn't help but roll my eyes ~ Hannah Fitzpatrick

There is another one where pooh goes to the doctors and there are the pages where Pooh gets the shot.

Right click the image and open link in a new tab to see full sized screenshot.

Omgsh I was at the dentist the other day and there was a cartoon on and the kid was getting shots and they were telling him how to be brave etc .. my eyes rolled right out of my head  ~Taylor Renée

There is a Netflix cartoon called Masha and the Bear, and there was an episode talking about how rumors get spread about these "deadly diseases" and to not give into them and gave ways to stay healthy naturally!!! Very Surprising that it would be allowed to actually tell the truth.

Here's what's in my book....

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