Friday, October 23, 2020

Prayers For My Brother-In-Law Needed. Thank You!

Maridith Lane
9h · 

I want to ask folks to pray for my dad. He is stuck out of state in Missouri & is in the hospital with severe Covid-19 + pneumonia. Things are very complicated as my mom is in quarantine in their home in Georgia & is making plans to get to MO once she is in the clear. This has been a very hard week on the Wade family (someone hit by a car! cancer! 🥺) & we are taking each day as it comes. Plus, Robert Lane & I are due back in Africa in two weeks time.

A lot to process & be anxious about but we know
“the Rock won’t move, and His word is strong
the Rock won’t move, and His love can’t be undone.”

We’re all in your corner, Phil Wade! ❤️


Lisa Bergerac
31m · 

Pray for my brother-in-law, Pastor Phil Wade. He is in the hospital in Missouri with COVID having trouble breathing. He is on Oxygen and they started the anti-viral meds. He is alone while my sister, Keli Wade, is at home under quarantine but she did test negative for COVID. He is in need of prayers bombarding Heaven. He was rushed to the hospital last night. Hang in there Phil-I love you and am believing GOD for a quick turn-a-round! Phil is the Senior Pastor at Church of Northside in Rome, Ga.


Ramona Gail Jackson
13h · 

I love you my brother in law Phil Wade ❤️ Hang in there!!!


Our Spiritual World: Ugly posts, but it has to be done.

Our Spiritual World: Ugly posts, but it has to be done.:  Frankly, I am sickened by the material I've put up of late on this site. Unfortuneatly, it is necessary so all of you out there who are just now awakening to huge political scandals, involving pedophile rings, can understand. ...


Yeah, it's hard to read and see of of it that I can not UNSEE, but I get it.  Has to be done. 

That's why I just do reposts on most of it, and then share my health stuff, arts and such here.

Have shared your posts with my family members, and slowly but surely, they are seeing what's been happening under our noses for so long.

And speaking of posts, I HATE this new blogger Fisher Price cartoonish looking dashboard.

And I especially do NOT like THEIR injected HTML into the posts.  I like doing my OWN HTML, and not their paragraph breaks which makes posts look UNPROFESSIONAL.

Just like Wordpress forced that BLOCK posting crap.  No wonder my hubby quit posting on his own blog.  It all sucks.

Eventually, I'm probably going to stop posting altogether.  It's not like thousands of people come here to read stuff anyway.  Folks are going to get their vaccines and ignore all the holistic research and stuff I've put out here.  It's their funeral, after all.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Daily Messenger: Antifa Performs Satanic Ritual

The Daily Messenger: Antifa Performs Satanic Ritual

Saw yesterday on Twatter, but did not want to post the video here. I turned the volume down too.  But, look at the screenshot (not mine) below. What else do you see?...

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Daily Messenger: Don Croft, Orgone, and Me...

The Daily Messenger: Don Croft, Orgone, and Me...:       Don or DB or CBSWORKS or Dorkboy. I answer to them all. Don Croft, Orgone, and Me... by Don Bradley 10-15-20 911 had just happened. ...

I have more of his orgone in our home than anyone else's.  We also have a cloudbuster from Andy ( too. We have gifted much of our little town, but would LOVE to do more, as every little bit helps. We also loved buying it from DB and actually giving the beautiful pieces as personal gifts to others.

Like this..

Gifting openly like this is such fun to do.

The Daily Messenger: Youtube is deleting more of my video uploads

The Daily Messenger: Youtube is deleting more of my video uploads:  They flat out tell me that any opinion other than the NWOs, is forbidden. All social media is run by the satanic Left. A very bad thing. Don

Still have yet to get the above tee shirt.  However I have this one...


Monday, October 12, 2020

The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass Began Today (Day 1)

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Trump on Regneron...

Vaccines:  NO F'ing way!
Regeneron:  Maybe
HCQ: At least a natural version such as cryptolepsis, cinchonia bark, tonic water, etc... may be okay.
Med Beds:  Absolutely!

With all that said, glad to hear he is recovered, and he looks great, by the way.  Had him in our prayers, but please ENOUGH of the vaccine talk! We are refusing any and all vaccines. Learn about vaccines from this blog and

"MEDICAL MOUSETRAP" & "Deadly Recipe" ~ Life-Saving Information from Dr. Joel D. Wallach, ...

Eat right, take vitamins (We use Youngevity Colloidal, which has a 96% absorption rate, vs pills which only has 4% absorption rate).  Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Osteo FX Plus, and SweetEZE.  They have minerals for pets too.


Juicing and Raw Foods: Diabetes drug Metformin recalled due to high levels of cancer-causing agent

Juicing and Raw Foods: Diabetes drug Metformin recalled due to high levels of cancer-causing agent: The diabetes drug Metformin hydrochloride has been recalled because it contains excess levels of a cancer-causing agent, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced this week. ...


Lowering blood sugar can be done by using cinnamon bark / cassia cinnamon.  We use the essential oils of those and also SweetEze by Youngevity as a preventative.

To regain feeling back in the extremities from neuropathy, we use Benfotiamine and Serrapeptase (Arthur Andrew Medical brand), and we get the Benfotiamine from

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