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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

EMF Summit 2019 - Day 5: Can you REALLY protect yourself from EMFs from the inside out?

Day 5.  Register Here to watch the summit!

Can you REALLY protect yourself from EMFs from the inside out?

From: Lloyd Burrell | ElectricSense

Hi _________,

What if there was a way to protect your body from electromagnetic fields from the inside out?

A sort of internal protection.

Well there is!

More specifically, it's a diet that can reduce the toxicity of EMFs.

That's what Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD, will share today at the EMF Health Summit in his session, "Can Your Diet Protect You Against The Dangers Of EMFs"?

You’ll discover:

  • 7 supplements to maintain vibrant health — and combat EMF exposures
  • 2 foods you absolutely must avoid
  • The 4 biggest stumbling blocks in your environment keeping you from achieving your maximum health potential

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN answers the question, “Can Ancient Herbs & Oils Provide EMF Protection?”

She reveals a little-known root that can repair EMF damage…

You’ll also get a game plan for beating chronic inflammation.

Daniel Pompa, PSc.D, introduces a new method for healing yourself from EMFs: “Accelerating Cellular Regeneration - How to Protect Yourself from EMFs”.

He’ll show you holistic ways to remove EMF and cellular stress from your life.

And 5 WHOLE bio-hacks to achieve cellular detox.

Then Gaetan Chevalier, PhD, will share something that EVERYONE can benefit from, "Earthing: Easy Ways to Protect Yourself From Chronic Inflammation".

Finally, health journalist Nick Pineault will show you how to reverse the aging effects of EMFs in his session, "Electrosmog: Inexpensive Ways to Look and Feel Years Younger".

Don’t miss today’s potentially life-changing FREE sessions.

Click here to get started (These talks are only available for the next 24 hours).

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!



The Daily Messenger: Africans Coming Across The Southern Border Have "Rolls Of $100 Bills"...

The Daily Messenger: Africans Coming Across The Southern Border Have "Rolls Of $100 Bills"...

Gee, now we know how they got from Africa to our border - someone gave them mass amounts of cash. If you were that rich, you could fly here legally. But they cannot, because in their country, THEY ARE WANTED KILLERS.


The DHS buses them to US cities. Can you believe that...

Buses them to our cities. 

Why isn't the president ordering Homeland Security to stop this invasion force, that is quite obviously well-funded and carried out operation???

I want some answers. 

DHS is busing Africans with thousands of dollars on them, caught at the border, and dumping these illegals in cities all over the USA. There is video proof of this, with white vans, blacked out windows, picked them up at CBP and taking them all over the states.

DHS is under direct control of the President. I need to know why he is allowing this. He can order them to stop. The executive branch as CIC control over DHS. Help me out here Q? I need an answer and so do my 5000 readers a day. You control these agencies. Can order them with a phone call, no EO needed or congressional whatever. It's one of the great powers of being president, which surely has been pissing off your and our enemas...Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the pizzagate satanists. I know for a fact Q gets intel from here, as from may vectors regarding public opinion.

A lot of us have been donating to your campaign and now YouTube has blocked me from downloading, uploading, I've been shadow banned and I can no longer embed videos. The only thing they haven't done is de-platform me, which surely is coming.

Uwantsun DB


Dear POTUS, Q, and pals,

I want answers too!

I must say, that in some areas you guys are doing a stand up job, like closing down child trafficking lanes, as per Don's post here:
I am very happy about that, so great job on that one! Thank you!

I'm also happy to see that in some places abortion laws are stricter, like in GA, for example, so thank you for that one too.  I'd like to see it banned totally too.

I have no idea if any of you even bother reading my blog here. It's not actual intel as Don's blog, but mostly just health info.


I want to know why do the chemtrails continue, which also kill children (ahem!), and adults alike?  They also are killing our wildlife and messing up the entire eco-system.  Why do they continue?


See Don's post on those here...
And search his blog for the rest of the posts about chemtrails.

And thanks to Tony Pantalleresco (HerbsPlusBeadWorks), we know about the nano-tech and nano poisoning from chemtrails AND vaccines. And nanotech courtesy of Monsatan's Roundup, glyposates, atrazine, etc...

Please STOP it ASAP!  Even if just in the USA to begin with.  STOP the chemtrail spraying.  Enough is enough!


And speaking of vaccines, I ESPECIALLY want to know why the vaccines continue and are MANDATED and forced upon ALL children, especially in states like California (no exemptions except medical and even those exemptions are threatened, thanks to Dickhead Pan).

The STATES of NY and MAINE have just recently lost their exemptions, except medical. Are y'all aware of that.  I know RFK Jr. is fighting it, the NY one, so surely your team knows about it. 


WA STATE lost partial exemptions, which the MMR-II vaccine can NO LONGER be refused & exempted.

WV and MS has medical exemption only, which is hard to get in those states too. They've always been medical exemption only as far as I can remember.

If y'all ever read my blog here (doubt it though), you will find ALL KINDS of proof of the dangers of vaccines, as that's been OUR thing to report on here.  My husband's grandson Devin was MURDERED by a pediatrician (read pedophille!) back in 2001 at age 4 months, a week and a half after that "NOT SO WELL" doctor visit.  ANYONE who harms a child whether vaccine, sexual, or otherwise, is considered a pedophille in my book.

I have posted vaccine ingredients, links to package inserts, well written articles from PubMed,, and many other sites which is SOLID PROOF of how dangerous they are.  Nothing but pure poison.  I have posted these links MORE than once, so this blog is full of that kind of information.  All one has to do is download the CDC Pink Book list of vaccine excipients and research each and every ingredient via MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

We also know about the CORPORATIONS such as the CDC, FDA, ADA, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS, etc... and that they are all listed on Dun & Bradstreet as such and FOR profit.  All of that info is here, and linked back to A.L. Whitney, since that is HER work.  We can DECLINE any and ALL offers of CONtract from these ABC entities.

So... WHY does this sort of child murder and sacrifice continue by way of vaccines?  Y'all know the dangers of vaccines already.  And it's more than just mercury in them that is harmful.  ALL ingredients in them are harmful.

So, for crying out loud STOP the mandates at the very least please!  We all have the right to say NO! And we REFUSE this BS of safer vaccines.  Vaccines can NEVER be made safe. We want them totally BANNED, and alternatives allowed to flourish. And while you're at it, also get rid of The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which removed all liability from dangerous vaccines.
The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was signed into law by United States President Ronald Reagan as part of a larger health bill on Nov 14, 1986.

Dead Holistic Doctors & Holistic Health Providers...

We also want some answers as to WHY the murder of holistic doctors continue and WHY NO ONE has investigated or bothered looking into that?  That research and postings are from Erin Elizabeth from Health Nut News.
Everyone suspects Big pHARMa is behind it.


And also, thanks to Tony Pantalleresco, we know about the corruption in the supplement industry too.  Like cellulose, nano-tech, polymers, carbon nano-tubes, buckyballs, silicon and titanium dioxide, and other toxic fillers in supplements.  That industry is just as bad as Big pHARMa.

Dental Industry...

Also, the ADA (American Dental ASSociation) needs to be dismantled, because the dental industry pretty much ruined me for most of my life.  I am unable to actually smile at people, and man can't fix my teeth anyway. Only The Most High can fix them.  We wold love to see the Jeremy Mao stem cell teeth research continue and WITHOUT FDA or alphabet soup agency interference. The stem cells come from our own blood marrow, etc..., by the way.  We would love to see all this tech released, including Loren Zanier's tech, and things like the holographic med beds.  No more of this mercury fillings, fluoride, and toxic dentistry, plastics, metals, and nano materials, etc...
See here for Tony's comments on dental materials containing nano-tech:
Y'all could learn from Gerard Judd, author of Good Teeth Birth to Death, and Weston A. Price.

Skin Afflictions...

And get behind this skin condition Morgellon's thing please, and stop allowing the CDC and doctors to treat patients like total shit, diagnosing them with delusional parasitosis, etc...  There are some great researchers out there figuring these things out like Tony Pantalleresco, Steve Beddingfield, LookoutFACharlie, etc...  And we expect y'all to protect these people too.  And these quack rude MDs all need to be FIRED ASAP.


Also, please STOP this 5G nonsense.  The research on the dangers is out there, so please read all comments that were made to POTUS, Q, etc... when that 5G tweet by POTUS, was posted on Feb 21, 2019.  Day 3 of the EMF Summit is all about 5G.  We know what a KILL GRID is.  So research and rethink that one too, please.  The info is out there.

Regards censorship...

We've been shadow banned here too.  I just don't post about it much.  I've had 3 or 4 videos removed from YouTube and those weren't even deep or telling stuff.  Just summit/docu-series related trailers, which YT lied and said copyright infringement, which in reality they weren't.  Like The Sacred Plant docu-series trailers, which we HAD permission to post from their Google Drive to be used for promotions.  I no longer can upload to YT ANYTHING, and that has been for an entire year, because I REFUSE to go that stupid online copyright school, for something that was okay for me to post and use to begin with.

There's more than just that, but I won't bother with the details.

So yes, I want answers to Don's questions, and answers to our concerns here as well.

There are A LOT more concerns, but you all get the gist anyway, if you all read my blog here.

So I have had many ideas in the past and present on how to @MAGA / @MEGA & help people.

All my thoughts, rants, posts, etc... are here.

And besides vaccines and summits, there are all kinds of great health information, and I have spent countless hours on researching alternatives, read, memorized, taken ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) hands on classes/trainings, etc...

I can tell you how to totally anti-age a face in complete detail WITHOUT surgery. Lasering is okay.  I can tell you in complete detail how to remove metabolic waste (buildup aka hardening or the body) in complete detail.  I can tell you have to fix posture the CORRECT way (Thank you Jesse Jutkowitz!). The holistic health stuff is MY thing.

It's all here, if y'all want to brother reading it all.

P.S.  Since y'all are gathering intel from Don's blog, how about donating to him via his paypal or P.O. address?  Do that please.  As a courtesy.  YOU GUYS DEFINITELY HAVE THE $$$$$$$ to help Don out.  Okay? Thank you!

There is another way, If you prefer not to donate on-line, please send donations to:
Don Bradley
PO Box 1576
Oak View, CA

We would also appreciate a few $$$$ thrown our way here too, because cranial adjustments via NCR can become quite expensive, since we have to travel a day's drive for the sessions. Lodging and gas, etc... I'd love to have them at least 4 times a year.  Same with Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC).  ABC is more reasonable, since we have local access, and had some basic training to use in between seeing a provider.  Plus, I would like to have the scars lasered off my skin from the landlord spraying the herbicide which broke me out in rashes.  Thankfully, it's gotten better now. And I would love for us to take more hands on training and learn cranial adjust too.


Caller is Feeling the SPIRIT and Needs to Get it Off His Chest

Because of that one caller, the dude's channel got a SUBSCRIBE from me.  Dude has my blessings and prayers.  Go anti-vaxxers!

And because I'm in a mood, my comments...

Messiah Mews
1 second ago
The caller has my blessings and prayers.  Thank you Father for conscientious men like him.
Messiah Mews
1 second ago
And biologicals are also being dumped upon us via chemtrails.  Blood and biologicals being dropped down on us all. Along with smart dust aka nano-tech.
Check this out. Prophesied thousands of years ago.
Revelation 8:7 King James Version (KJV)
"The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up."  Hmmmm... sound familiar?

Because I'm in a mood and y'all wanna shadow ban us, and our most beloved friends?
So thus the extra comments sharing a very telling link in addition to giving kudos to the caller. 

Ding dong!!  Y'all getting it yet?


Monday, June 17, 2019

[Starts tonight] Episode 1 of The Autoimmune Secrets docuseries!

Please join us TONIGHT for the first episode of the Autoimmune Secrets docuseries!

The 10-part event reveals the natural protocols (and success stories) of over 70 world-class doctors, practitioners researchers who have learned how to prevent and reverse autoimmune health issues without the "solutions" produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

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You'll see that these health professionals look at the root causes of health disorders. Once the root causes (because usually, there’s more than one) are healed, autoimmune sufferers can recover from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and many others.

The secret is in balancing inflammation and avoiding the autoimmune triggers -- and, in many cases, inexpensive home treatments can do miracles!

Join us for these emotional stories of transformation, even when doctor after doctor said "this is your new reality, to 'live with' this disease for the rest of your life."

TONIGHT! Episode 1 of Autoimmune Secrets starting at 8pm US Eastern (New York time).

--->>Click here to register (you'll get a reminder when the series starts tonight)!


Since most docu-series usually leave their first episodes online all the time, here is Episode 1 shared here as a bonus.  Enjoy!

Autoimmune Secrets || Episode 01



We'd love to have you join us as an affiliate for this awesome event -- delivering more information for the world to live healthier and happier's what we all do! Thank you in advance!

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

EMF Summit 2019 - Day 3: 5G dangers, anticancer hacks and mental health

This EMF Summit is happening right now. My apologies, but I only found out after the last minute. There are usually 2 or more events happening at one time anymore, so we tend to get overwhelmed at times, or miss an announcement or two.  It happens.

They are on Day 3 of the summit, and no worries, as we will have a replay weekend of all summit talks.  We promoted and watched it last year and it was great!

You can register right here

Day 3 topic is:  5G dangers, anticancer hacks and mental health

Short Trailer...

EMF Health Summit - Partners from Lloyd Burrell on Vimeo.

From Lloyd Burrell's email today...

Deitrich Klinghardt is a medical doctor and a PhD.

Very few people can surpass his knowledge of EMFs and health.

He’s been leading the way on this subject for decades.

Today's he's the featured guest at the EMF Health Summit. He shares:
  • His #1 personal shielding solution (and it’s far cheaper to implement than you might think)
  • The FIRST place you need to start in your home to reduce EMFs drastically
  • How EMFs can actually affect your mental health, making you feel depressed… (and what you can do to stop it)

You’ll also hear from Professor Olle Johansson.

Prof. Johansson is one of my personal heroes and a lovely man. He shares:
  • definitive proof of this deadly health problem
  • practical steps to protect yourself
  • the evidence you need to convince your loved ones about this serious problem

I'm also interviewing Ty Bollinger creator of the explosive docu-series, The Truth About Cancer.

His session "The Truth About EMFs and Cancer: Practical Steps You Can Take" he... shares some truths many of use are overlooking.

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, reveals the fantastic world of “How Gut Health Can Heal and Protect You From EMFs”.

Leading building biologist Oram Miller shows you how to protect yourself from the next generation of wireless signal technology…  "5G is Coming and What YOU Can Do About It NOW.”

Don’t miss today’s sessions.

Click here to get started

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!



New York bill passed. No religious exemptions for vaccinations. No rights left there?

New York bill passed. No religious exemptions for vaccinations. No rights left there?

Welcome to the Copy California Nazi state.  Just like Maine, which also went medical exemption only.

From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
He will be challenging the bill that repealed the religious exemption to immunizatoins in NY!

Dear Friends Outraged by NYS’s Repeal of the Religious Exemption Right:

On Thursday, June 13, without even a hearing, the NYS legislature repealed the right to religious exemption from vaccination, and Governor Cuomo signed the measure into law calling the situation “a public health emergency.” In thirty days, all partially and unvaccinated children will officially be second-class citizens, unable to attend any school, public or private, or any camp.

This extraordinary, unprecedented action is a gross violation of children’s and families’ rights to religion, an education, parenting according to one’s conscience, and informed and voluntary consent to medical procedures. While New York State has an unquestionable interest in public health, that interest may not overwhelm all other fundamental rights. Legislation affecting constitutional rights must be carefully and thoughtfully balanced, something that was impossible in the legislature’s and Governor’s rush to ram through the repeal.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has been a leading advocate for children’s health and welfare for some time. It has devoted significant attention to the need for safer vaccines, as Congress called for in 1986 when it granted the pharmaceutical industry virtually blanket liability protection from vaccine injury. CHD supported intensive work to educate New York legislators on the need to preserve the religious exemption. Together with Robert Krakow and Patricia Finn, I represented plaintiffs in Brooklyn, NY to challenge a mandate overriding lawful religious exemptions.

I will challenge this repeal legislation in court. I am assembling a team of top flight attorneys to challenge this ill-conceived law on many grounds. While it is premature to spell out the CHD plan of attack, please know that I will help to bring the best legal talent available anywhere to overturn this unjust law.

You can help. Please contribute to CHD to challenge the NYS repeal. Doing so is not only essential for the 26,000 children in New York affected by this draconian measure, it is critical to the country. With California and New York having harsh, punitive laws in place, it is truly just a question of time before other states take a page out of New York’s book and ram through rights-stripping laws. We can fight this and win, but we need your help.

Thank you for your generosity.

~Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

THIS is why....

Folks, if you absolutely can not homeschool your children, then don't have them.  Please take precautions. NO human soul wants to come here and get birth bumped into a vaccine damaged body because the parents don't know better or wherever they happen to be born is worse than Nazi Germany.   We have SO MANY vaccine damaged children and ruined lives.

This is happening one state after another, and already in other countries.

At the very least, have the children at home, and with NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE or RECORD.  What doesn't exist on paper, doesn't exist in the eyes of the CORPORATE STATE.  Hello?!


Our Spiritual World: Happy Father's Day, Father

Our Spiritual World: Happy Father's Day, Father: The Daily Messenger: Happy Father's Day, Father : I am grateful, Dad, for all you have ever done and will do, for us all. Your son...Don...

I am grateful, Dad, for all you have ever done and will do, for us all. Your son...Don.


Happy Father's Day to you too, and to all the fathers out there, including the ones no longer with us.

This is my what my earthly father looked like.

What both parental units looked like as young ones.

Nope.  I do not look like either one.

Happy Father's Day guys!

And Happy Father's Day to the best Father of ALL.  Our Father Which Art In Heaven,

[STARTS MONDAY] The Anti-Cancer Revolution: These experts could save you from cancer!

[STARTS MONDAY] These experts could save you from cancer!

Health Talks Online has teamed up with Ryan Sternagel for The Anti-Cancer Revolution, starts THIS Monday --> Register for free now!

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Cutting-edge cancer testing (to avoid relapse!)
And more!

When diagnosed with cancer, most people ONLY CHOOSE chemotherapy and radiation to fight it. MAKE SURE you also understand what naturopathic oncologists and integrative doctors are doing to fight cancer — because it’s time for an anti-cancer revolution!

When diagnosed with #cancer, most ONLY CHOOSE #chemotherapy and #radiation to fight it. #anticancerrevolution

Join us to learn from the world's top natural healing (and living) experts, integrative doctors and naturopathic oncologists. They'll share natural ways to support your fight against cancer using nutrition, oils, homeopathy, cellular detox, fasting, ozone therapy, botanical chemo, hyperbarics, epigenetics and more!

The Anti-Cancer Revolution is for YOU, if you want to:

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These are the speakers you definitely want to watch on Monday!

+ Jonathan Landsman, Oral Health-Cancer Link
+ Robert G. Wright, NDCS, GOH, POT, BSE, Turning Epigenetics in Your Favor
+ Daniel Pompa, PSc.D, Anti-Cancer Cellular Detox
+ Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, Environmental Toxicity and Cancer
+ Jason Prall, Lifestyle Medicine for Cancer

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Your host, Ryan Sternagel, received devastating news for his son's first birthday: stage IV cancer. His family was already living what they considered a "healthier than average" life: good food, active, happy.

Ryan Sternagel, along with his wife Teddy, is the founder of The Stern Method, a platform informing and inspiring families going through cancer to succeed on all fronts. He also hosts the Integrative Answers to Cancer podcast, and hosted The Toxic Home Transformation Summit that showed over 100,000 families how to rid their homes of all physical and energetic environmental toxicity.

Ryan deeply researched the disease and how to protect his son from the damage of conventional treatments. Ultimately, they shifted every aspect of their lives to remove the cause. Now, he'll share what he has learned (and continues to learn) from the world's natural health and healing community!


Anti-Cancer Revolution

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Daily Messenger: a moment of gratitude to those who serve you, by helping me...

The Daily Messenger: a moment of gratitude to those who serve you, by helping me...: In respecting their privacy, I must use initials. But these angels from our Father have always been there, and for years. Sometimes a little, many times alot. And always when needed the most.

A glow of Love between us...always ~ Don Bradley (The Daily Messenger)

Oh Happy Day!

Our Spiritual World: Book of Jubilees, CH 2: How you can know this information is true and correct...

Our Spiritual World: Book of Jubilees, CH 2: How you can know this information is true and correct...: And not a bunch of demonic ballyhoo as so many my christian detractors claim it is. (And be advised, I've been with Dad and Yeshua since December 16, 1975. The day I met Yeshua...and he filled me with LOVE. Pretty awesome.)...

the last blood moon, yet another scriptural sign ~ Don Bradley (Our Spiritual World)


Around age 9 or 10 for me, led in prayer by Rev. Amos Adams.

See my post before this one, for a couple of pics of the pastor.  :)

This is the church we all went to as children, and where I accepted Yeshua.
A great and wonderful day to remember, for sure!


Our Spiritual World: YAHSHUA MESSIAH Is His NAME The Hope Of YHVH's Yeshua...

Our Spiritual World: YAHSHUA MESSIAH Is His NAME The Hope Of YHVH's Yeshua...:  Here are the REAL names and pronunciations of both our Father and His Son. FATHER: YHVH, pronounced phonetically YA WHO WAH SON: YAHSHUA, pronounced phonetically YEAH SHOO UH...


I accepted Yeshua around age 9 or 10 at Lakeview Baptist Church in GA, led in prayer by Rev. Amos Adams.

About 10 years later...

Years later... Rev. Amos Adams officiating the marriage ceremony of one of my sisters.
She is in the blue dress.  I am the bridesmaid in the cream dress holding the bouquet of flowers.

A frontal view of everyone. Rev. Amos Adams in the glasses in between my sister and husband.
I'll always remember Rev. Amos Adams & his sermon leading me to Yeshua, as a little girl.
This marriage ceremony was on March 4th, 1976. I was 18

These two photos are the only pics of me that I've ever really liked.  I felt and looked wonderful that day.  There is just something about me that day and I really can't put my finger on it.  I just had this glow and I couldn't figure it out why, and why that day.  It was my sister's marriage, not mine.  I just liked the way I looked and felt that day that I did not want to even go to sleep that night.


Our Spiritual World: Happy 18th Birthday Randy, I love you

Our Spiritual World: Happy 18th Birthday Randy, I love you: My youngest boy Randy turns 18 today. A great Father's day gift on the Sabbath. at 15, eyes always filled with love A true blessing to any father. Thank you Dad for bringing this soul into my collection of four boys. You have blessed with me with good men, virtuous, true and strong in spirit. ...

Happy Blessed Birthday Randy!  Love & Blessings to you all!

Is that Tink, he's holding?


200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate – FREE Research PDF Download!

200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate – FREE Research PDF Download!

Over 300 pages of study abstracts culled directly from the National Library of Medicine’s database on the adverse health effects linked to vaccines in today’s schedule, over 200 distinct adverse effects, including death, as well as numerous studies related to vaccine contamination, and vaccine failure in highly vaccine compliant populations.

Friday, June 14, 2019

[DIY Detox Summit]: 42 detox expert talks -- unlocked all weekend!

[Encore] Learn to detox… in ONE weekend!

The DIY Detox Summit encore weekend is underway -- all talks are unlocked NOW through Monday at 10am U.S. eastern (New York time)!

If you missed the summit, then you missed that there’s detox, and then there’s do-it-yourself detox! Learn the at-home tips, tricks and strategies to deal with the more than 80,000 registered chemicals in the world!

The topic of detox may sound overwhelming and complicated but, actually, most of it is under your control. Learn how to avoid toxins in your home and gently remove them from your body through food and lifestyle.

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Find a few minutes to learn from the “FAN FAVORITE” talks:

+ Best Supplements for Detox, Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP
+ 3 Golden Nuggets of Detox, Jay Davidson, DC, PScD
+ How to Detox Your Mouth, Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA
+ Restore Your Gut Microbiome, Kiran Krishnan
+ Essential Oils for Hormones and Detoxification, Mariza Snyder, DC
+ And more!

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We hope you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to learn… for free!

P.S. We encourage you to find time in your schedule to catch 2-3 of the “featured” talks -- you’ll see how incredible this event truly is!

Join us in promoting The DIY Detox Summit, taking place June 3-9, 2019!

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DIY Detox Summit

The Daily Messenger: The chemtrail Issue

The Daily Messenger: The chemtrail Issue:

It becomes what we call THE WHITE CLOUD OF DEATH

The chemtrail Issue

By Don Bradley

CTs have been around since the 60s. You can see them in PATTON (1970), CHARLEY VARRICK (1973), etc. Not since the late 90s, that's only when we started reporting it. I was there, part of the original crew putting up pics and information and everyone laughed at us. One of my sons, some ten years ago asked his 8th grade class, who knew what chemtrails were? The whole class raised their hand. That's when I backed off reporting on it - we had reached critical mass. Now FE are using the same argument, why can't every one see this? ...