The Truth About Cancer (TTAC)

Affiliate Programs To Join

There are many affiliate programs to choose from.  Each uses either different or similar software.

We would rather avoid the third party ones such as Commission Junction, etc...

The in house ones are better which are provided by the sites themselves.

Listing what I know are the best ones.  Pay on time, have tier options, best products, easy to use, etc...

They are sort of like MLM, but without all the MLM requirements of monthly quotas, over-priced kits, fees, frontloading, etc...  There are never any requirements to buy in order to get paid, like MLMs.

These are some of my favs...


The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV):

Why Promote?

All of their promotions are filled with a mission and a powerful message, so the topic of Vaccines is no exception. In fact, the stakes are higher since there are children's lives on the line.

With all that said, there is a significant financial opportunity as an affiliate. Since they (The Truth About Cancer TTAC) started in May, 2014, they’ve launched 6 super successful docu-series launches...reaching over 20 million visitors with over 2 million+ people opting in to watch the episodes.

TTAC have had an overage opt-in rate of over 50% across the board and our affiliates have consistently earned an average of over $2+ per click.

Their affiliate partners have been paid more than $10 million dollars for sharing the events with their audiences through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As an affiliate, you get to...

  • Provide your followers with free, super high quality content. You’ll never send a sales email to them for our promotion.
  • Make it simple and easy for you. They will send you extensive email and social media swipes that you can easily copy and paste or make slight tweaks to.
  • Confidence in their conversions since they’ve perfected this model over 3 years with more than $10 million dollars paid to their affiliates using this exact launch model.
  • Receive 100% of your commissions within 40 days from when the promotion ends.
  • Earn up to $60,000 dollars in cash affiliate contest prizes
  • Receive lifetime commissions for every sale from the clickers as well as the leads you send them
  • Help save babies' lives! Daily they receive personal letters/emails from people saying “I (or a loved one) am alive today because of your event.”

Sign Up as an Affiliate (Us) URL:
Affiliate Info:
Affiliate Signup Form:

Sign Up as an Affiliate (Kristen) URL:
Affiliate Info:
Affiliate Signup Form:

At this point, we would prefer all signing up with Kristen, as we have plenty of our own.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you were already signed up under The Truth About Cancer (TTAC), then you are automatically grandfathered into The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV).
Contact Jamie Martorano: TTAC Affiliate Manager at for the TTAV login info and link to affiliate back office site.


JJ Virgin Partners - Miracle Mindset

Join us — this is the start of something BIG!

Every once in awhile, something comes along that you can tell has the potential to change lives for everyone involved. I’m supporting an incredible new launch, and I’d love to invite you to support it as well.

I don’t know if you’ve met or heard of JJ Virgin. She’s best known for her work in health and weight loss, with 4 NY Times bestsellers and two hit diet programs. However, you may not know what’s been going on behind the scenes during that same time.

In 2012, just as she launched her first book, her 16-year-old son was the victim of a hit-and-run accident and left for dead in the street. His injuries were so severe that doctors told JJ to let him die. She decided to fight instead, and that’s when her work really started.

JJ will tell you that the past four years have been both the worst and the best years of her life. Her son is alive and thriving, but he also still battles the effects of the accident on a daily basis. As it all unfolded, JJ was hesitant to talk about it – in part because it’s so personal, and in part because she didn’t see how any good could come from sharing their struggles.

However, as the years went on and more people heard the story, the question they invariably asked was, “How did you do it?” As JJ looked back, she realized that what ultimately saved her son (and JJ herself) was her mindset. And she also realized that sharing how to build that mindset could actually do a LOT of good. That’s when she decided to write Miracle Mindset.

Miracle Mindset is a moving, uplifting book about leaning into fear, taking imperfect action, and turning challenges into massive opportunities. It shows you that you are stronger than you think and that you can harness this strength to live the life of your dreams.

I believe this story and its message can change lives, and I’ve committed to helping get the word out. I would love for you to join me. JJ is launching her memoir Miracle Mindset, a powerful movie inspired by the book, and the Miracle Mindset Academy on February 8-20, in an exclusive free online movie premiere. She’ll also be hosting a live online training on February 23 and February 25-26, along with a live coaching session on February 26.

Here are the official details so you can join us:

Sign up here

You’ll receive 50% commissions on any sales you generate. There is also an opt-in contest and a sales contest. JJ is giving away some super cool stuff, including MEVOs, tickets to her annual Epic Wine Mastermind, a TESLA Model 3, and cash. (You can get all of the details in the affiliate center.)

Thank you so much for joining me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and if you have any questions for JJ’s team, please reach out to her affiliate manager, Brandy, at

In gratitude,


Vaccines Revealed:

Choices to sign up with us or our daughter.  You choose...

Sign up with Kristen:
Sign up with Us:


The Heart Revolution Summit:

The Heart Revolution  |  Sign Up other Affiliates (Kristen) URL |

The Heart Revolution  |  Sign Up other Affiliates (Us) URL |


Thrive Market - Buy healthy food from top-selling, organic brands at wholesale prices. Shop for gluten-free, non-gmo, non-toxic products for a wide range of diets.
Track commissions generated from your referred users.
Refer new affiliates to the network and receive a commission. Your referral link is : -
To Join as a member to buy food only:


Would You Like to Help People Live More Sustainably on the Planet While Also Receiving Generous Compensation for Your Support?  

Help Share the Self Reliance Summit Video Series and The Unify Summit, with Your Communities and When People Buy any Products, DVDs, or Digital Videos During or After the Series Through Your Affiliate Link, You Will Receive 50% Commissions for Helping Awaken Humanity with this Critically Important Information.

Register Below to Become an Affiliate Partner and Help Make a Global Difference and Positive Impact Today. (Self Reliance) 2nd Tier Affiliate Referral


Profit While Making A Difference In The World By Helping Us Deliver The Most Powerful Ancient Healing Plants To Those In Need.

Dear Potential Partner,

We’re excited to have you promote our SOL✿CBD products.


✿ Ambassadors with an authority presence in health, wellness, diet, medical, pain/ailment, and any other niche where your people would BENEFIT from feeling better.

SOL✿CBD is a cutting edge health technology company providing the highest quality CBD to the marketplace.

We are feeling incredibly excited to deliver a product that is…

Effective and  100% Bioavailable.
Safe.  We make sure our products are lab tested.
Affordable.  We do our best to make our products available at the most competitive prices.

TOP AMBASSADOR PAYOUTS: You will earn 20% commission on each sale. Plus you will get 15% on all autoship orders. We also have a 5% commission on second tier. Your people are cookied for life which means you will make money on future sales of other products we will sell them.

If you're ready to sign up, go ahead and click here.


Cardio For Life Affiliate
Simply create your account, place your linking code into your website and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers. The CardioForLife Affiliate Program was designed to reward you for spreading the word about this great cardiovascular product.

    * No Start Up Fees
    * No Hidden Cost
    * No Purchase Requirement
    * No Charge for the Back Office to track your sales and commissions
    * Autoship Program saves you $5 off every order.
    * Instant Savings: You purchase product from your personal Affiliate website and receive an instant 15% discount on your total order.
    * No Sales Quotas
    * No Set Up Charge or Monthly Charge for the Website: Use it to promote and develop your own personal customers and other potential affiliates.

Now this one, you will STILL need to choose the name from the drop-down menu on the affiliate signup page.  Hopefully, they'll change that in the future.  Be sure to choose "Roberto Carrillo" as the affiliate name you're signing up under...

Cardio For Life Affiliate Info
Cardio For Life Affiliate Signup

Better yet, go here to sign up as an affiliate, which is the main page, & click on the affiliate at the top, it will land on the right name.

6 Weeks No Wheat Challenge - What's With Wheat
Ready to make a change? Get Started Now Suffering from headaches, bloating, foggy brain? Are you thinking this is normal? Are you “sleep walking/stumbling” through life? Confused as to what is “normal health”? Trying to “prevent” diseases? Or Do you just want to be healthier?
Two-tier program, and pay commissions via Pay Pal.


Life Enthusiast
Sell mostly health related products, supplements, equipment, etc...
Is a two-tier program.  They have a be paid by PayPal Option.
* Some of their encapsulated products use cellulose in the capsules, you can empty out & put in gelatin caps.


Good Health Affiliate
Known for their strong serrapeptase enzyme products.  Have many other supplements too, including some of the LL's Magnetic Clay Baths.
Two-tier program, and pay commissions via Pay Pal.
When asked who referred you, please put  ID# 1448
* Some of their encapsulated products use cellulose in the capsules, you can empty out & put in gelatin caps. That's what I do with the serrapeptase enzymes


Lost Empire Herbs (formerly Superman Herbs)
Two-tier and pay commissions vis pay pal.


The Truth About Cancer™
“Quite Possibly The Most Important 
Most Profitable Promotion You’ll Do All Year”
—Ty Bollinger
Become an Affiliate Today (Us)
Become an Affiliate Today (Kristen)


Stop All Tickets In The Mail !  PhotoBlocker Spray and Phantom Plate.
Join here:
Multi-Tier Affiliate Options
How Can I Earn More Money? - By promoting our Affiliate Program you can earn second tier commissions. For each Affiliate that joins under your name, you get a second tier commission off of all their sales. As an example, suppose you promote our affiliate program by displaying a link on your web site. Suppose Jennifer comes along, follows your link and joins our affiliate program. Because Jennifer came from your site, you will now get Tier 2 commissions off of all sales made from Jennifer's site!

Summary of Your Commission Rates

Per Sale Commissions
Tier 1 80.00%
Tier 2 2.50%
Tier 3 1.50%
Tier 4 1.00%

Per Click Commissions
Tier 1 $0.05
Tier 2 $0.00
Tier 3 $0.00
Tier 4 $0.00


Pure Effects Water Filters:

Become an Affiliate & Earn $$ -  It's Free to Join.


O2 Drops and EPX Body

EPX and affiliated program (these are actually network marketing, not affiliate programs, per se.
To join as a distributor website to earn money as you help people. $44.95 is all that you pay for the product.
- When page loads click on "Member Log In" to access back office. Affiliated with EPXBody.
People can buy retail here. You can buy 2 get one free.
We got grandfathered in since we were already with EPX.  But now one has to join each separately. Their top product is EPXBody Cardio, the l-arginine product with the B-12 METHYCOBALAMIN


Armor Concepts Affiliate Team
How easy is it to kick in your front door? Doors provide convenient methods for you to gain access to your home. Unfortunately, most offer just as much security as a "post it" note that politely asks a would be criminal not to break in.

Referral Partner Sign up
Join our referral program and maximize your income with the global leader.

It's free
There's no charge to join our referral program.

Get started easily
We supply all the tools for you and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, shipment, billing and support. All you have to do is to refer customer to us - and make money.

Commission rates
You will earn 10% of all sales you refer to us

Referral Commissions
If you refer someone that joins our program, you will earn a 5% commission on everything that they sell. If you refer enough people, you can just sit back and let the money roll in.

We pay our affiliates always on 15th day of the month for sales referred in last month. Minimum payout is $50. Accepted are also self-purchases!

Frequently asked questions

Can foreign affiliates apply?
All affiliates are welcome in our referral program.

Why should I become a referral partner?
Do you have a web site with relevant traffic to our products? Or, would you like to share our great products with your friends & family or through social media such as Facebook? We can help you to monetize your traffic and turn it into profit.


Quality Unit affiliate program
(affiliate marketing software for companies to offer an affiliate program.)  Signup New Affiliates
Refer other partners directly to our signup form using the link below


What Is Health Experts Academy?

Our premier event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on January 20th-21st.
Event capacity is 500 people.

We have brought together the top entrepreneurial minded doctors and health professionals to share new cutting-edge health technologies, clinical solutions and marketing strategies for more freedom, money, and impact.

Event Pricing Is As Follows:

$497 Super Early Bird In November
$797 Early Bird In December
$997 January

$1497 Super Early Bird November
$1797 Early Bird December
$1997 January

Commissions Are 50% On All Tiers
Become An Affiliate Now

Click Here To See The Event Registration Page

Join Us As We Design The Future Of Healthcare
...Become An Affiliate & Make Money While Transforming
The Health & Lives Of Others

Here's Why You Want To Promote This Event:

#1 - We are bringing together under one roof the highest paid health experts that have the “dream businesses” (both virtual and brick and mortar) that every doctor wants.

#2 - This is our 4th event and we have optimized the funnel and back end systems to make sure the most value is added and the experience for each attendee is first class.  Additionally, everything is designed for optimum conversions.

#3 - Yes you’ll make money by promoting…but more importantly consider:

1:2 kids will have autism by the year 2032
1:2 kids born after 2004 will get diabetes in their lifetime.
2:3 people are dying early from cancer or heart disease and neurological conditions are skyrocketing.

We want to spoon feed your audience all of the systems, technologies and strategies to maximize their impact, freedom and income so we can all work together to finally see these numbers reverse.
Let's Get Started!


Other Health Talks Online summit affiliate links and programs...
Health Talks Online: UPCOMING SUMMIT EVENTS (and affiliate registration links)

Beginning in 2017, Health Talks Online (HTO) will be moving to a new platform. The InfusionSoft qt247 will still be operational for at least 3 more months, as it will be a slow transition.
Go here to register as an affiliate on HTO's new platform...


Some of these work very well marketing on Pinterest.  Some work better than others, depending on who sees the pins, and what they are looking for.

I will be adding more links to programs little by little.

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