Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Look What President Trump Has Just Tweeted!!

Still hate the government system overall, but We SO LOVE our President!!

Satanic Group in Washington Orders Oklahoma East Central University to Remove Cross from Chapel

East Central University Chapel Cross is ordered to be removed along with Bibles.

Video by The GOSPEL STATION Network...

University to remove cross and Bibles from campus chapel

Oklahoma college reverses decision to remove crosses, Bibles from campus chapel

To the satanic libtards in Washington...

Interpreting Your Genetics Summit Day 3: Health issues for which genetic testing could produce massive improvement!

DAY 3 (August 23, after 10am US eastern)

There are several hot button health issues for which the increased use of genetic testing could mean massive improvements. From brain diseases of the aged to chronic pediatric health and everything in between, knowing the facts can empower you to better health! Start learning today!

Registration Link:

Your host of The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit, James Maskell, has gathered world-renowned leaders from genetics, genomics and functional medicine. These pioneering experts are on the front lines interpreting data to create improved health in patients around the globe. He’ll share that wisdom with you during The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit, August 21-28, 2017. It’s time to join the movement to know who you are, and use that information to improve your health!

[LEARN TODAY] Health issues for which #genetictesting could produce massive improvement!



David Perlmutter, MD

Neuroplasticity and Optimizing Brain Function

What You'll Learn -

Incredible insights from recent events
Neurological disease in context of the whole body
Steps for variants that predispose to Alzheimer’s

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Kendra Becker-Musante ND, APRN, BC

Can You Predict a Vaccine Reaction?

What You'll Learn -

Learning from the science of “adversomics”
Most vulnerable genetic subtypes
Vision for a personalized, preventive health system

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The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV):

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Vaccines Revealed:

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Paul Beaver, PhD

Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Your Genes

What You'll Learn -

Causes of oxidative stress and inflammation
When genetics obstruct weight loss
Simple steps to improve your gene expression

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Bryan Glick, DO

Are Your Medications Right for Your Genetics?

What You'll Learn -

“Pharmacogenomics” (what you need to know!)
Implications of medications that don’t match your genes
Steps to make sure your medication is optimal

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Thoughts and Commentary:

No time for individual commentary. Because there are THREE docu-series / summits going on right now. My only comment is this:  All of these have pretty much the same group os speakers. You could time these events a little better, because the average individual will be spread too thin, with all going on at once.  We need the info in all of them, but it's too much going on at one time. You hosts should all consider this.  You're stepping on each others' toes here.

So here all is what's happening right now...

Day 7 of The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) re-launch

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GMOs Revealed Episode 2 airs tonight.

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Watching all of this educational goodness is taking quite a while each day.


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Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

The Daily Messenger: Stars and orbs are the same things...bodies of spiritual beings. Bible was telling the truth, stars are angels...

The Daily Messenger: Stars and orbs are the same things...bodies of spiritual beings. Bible was telling the truth, stars are angels...

Published on 23 Aug 2017

Stars and orbs are the same things...bodies of spiritual beings. Bible was telling the truth. It's plain to see. there ARE NO PLANETS. That's a NASA LIE. Trust in YHVH and YESHUA.

I am not saying that orbs are angels - they are not. In my observation of the matter, they are DEMONIC SPIRITS.

The point I am making is both are using similar light bodies. Dad is a great designer, let's face it.