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Autoimmune diseases, vitamins and vaccines!

The Autoimmune Revolution is almost here!

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Autoimmune diseases--and the physical, chemical and emotional pain they create--impact millions around the world. The primary way doctors treat them is to prescribe immune suppressing drugs. Unfortunately, this approach has failed to achieve a meaningful outcome and has created an even greater health crisis--what Dr. Osborne calls "The Prescription Pain Trap"--which you will learn more about during The Autoimmune Revolution, online and free from January 30 - February 6, 2017!

During The Autoimmune Revolution, you'll learn about:

  • Conquering chronic pain and autoimmune conditions
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  • 6 diet and behavior changes you need to make to radically improve health
  • Breaking the cycle of medications and dependency on allopathic treatments

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The Autoimmune Revolution

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Kissy's: Charcoal

Kissy's: Charcoal: Published on 19 Apr 2016 This is Charcoal tonight. Big difference from the brink of death! JOY JUICE!  ~Kissy    Charcoal's human mom calls Liquid Chlorophyll Joy Juice....


So my baby girl wants to get into all health, affiliate, arts, music and blogging action too.  Since she needed help setting it up, she had to make me a co-author/admin to help get the widgets, help with posting, etc...

She uses a smartphone for internet instead of a computer, so bear with her.

She'll probably mostly blog about her fantastic professional chef hubby and about all of her cat antics. Her nickname is obviously Kissy Kiss!

So if all of y'all could follow her blog, we'd so appreciate it.

Vaccines: Blessing? or Curse! - Ingri Cassel

She looks extra nice in that dress and skirt I gave her as a gift several years ago.  :)


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Vaccines Revealed Is Replaying All 9 Episodes This Weekend!

Have you missed out on episodes of Vaccines Revealed?

Then, great news!

Literally hundreds of people emailed asking them to replay some of the episodes. (The Robert Kennedy Jr episode with the most requests...)

Well, you’ve got it.

Vaccines Revealed Is Replaying All 9 Episodes This Weekend!
And, Episode 9 is available Until 6pm PST.


Starting at 8:00 am on Saturday, you can pick and choose from the entire 9 days of content and watch whatever you want, but only till midnight Sunday.

After that, the series is going to be taken down.

(And yes, the replay includes the full movie Trace Amounts, the 20 minute version of Vaxxed, and the astounding full movie Vaccine Syndrome.)

Enjoy, and please let your friends in on this!

Because of such high demand Vaccines Revealed is leaving Episode 9 up for one more day, until 6pm Friday! And, get this, you will be able to watch all 9 episodes of this amazing docu-series starting at 6pm PST Friday January 20th until 9pm PST Sunday January 22nd.

Twenty four experts discuss a wide range of topics including how and why vaccines are dangerous and even fatal to our health, why vaccines don't offer the "protection" they are claimed to offer, the politics of lying about their so-called efficacy and safety, how to detoxify from them, and how we can live very healthfully without them. This is a must see series for any parent wondering whether or not to vaccinate their precious child! Watch them for free, take notes and become educated! Register now to gain weekend access!

Spread the word and piss off TPTB!  Become an affiliate!
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P.S. Have you read the comments online about Vaccines Revealed? It’s a hit, people are loving this!

Message from Patrick Gentempo...

IMPORTANT - You are making a difference

Hi _______,

Episode 9 is still live for a few more hours - but first, 

The outpouring of gratitude, appreciation and support is humbling.

Literally thousands of you have written to us here at Vaccines Revealed, thanking us for creating and putting this docuseries out for free.

Now, it is our turn to thank you.

Without you - we wouldn’t have been able to spread the word. Because you engaged, watched and shared - the Vaccines Revealed mission is flourishing.

Thank you for caring enough to own Vaccines Revealed and supporting our cause.

We have been humbled as you have joined in and carried this message to those who need to hear it.

You are the the difference in this movement.

You are making this happen.

You are rescuing children, parents, and families from distress and anguish.

Vaccines Revealed must continue to grow, must continue to be shared. Do not underestimate the power of this program, it’s message and how badly it is needed in the world.

Imagine how different our world would be if everyone in your community knew what you now know about vaccines.

When you take action now, and choose to own Vaccines Revealed; we’re adding the BONUS Q&A session with Dr. Patrick Gentempo. And that’s in addition to all the other bonuses included in the Silver and Gold Packages.

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Dr. Patrick Gentempo

P.S. - This is exciting!

Episode 9 is till up until 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm PST.

Then - we will begin a replay weekend of the entire 9 part Vaccines Revealed docuseries. You’ll have access to every one of the 9 episodes so you can catch the episodes that you’ve missed and been wanting to watch.

Enjoy the replay weekend with your family, friends, and loved ones!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: IMPORTANT - Episode 9 extended - still up

Hi ,

We heard you.

So many of you have written in worried about missing the final episode - episode 9. The episode that brings everything together.

Well, We’re keeping it up one more day! - So, you have a few more hours to catch that important episode information.

So, CLICK HERE NOW to watch Episode 9.

And learn powerful ways to move forward with your health after the damaging effects of vaccines.

Now, this is significant:

For those of you that have chosen to support the Vaccines Revealed Cause - here's’ some exciting news!

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If you’re still considering supporting Vaccines Revealed in our Mission,


The final episode is here, we’re ready to end the broadcast. So you have a short window of opportunity to own Vaccines Revealed and the incredible Q & A bonus episode!

And, you’re still able to get the 50% discount while the series is still live. So, to get all the episodes to own permanently and all of the incredible bonuses, click here:

NOW, how many lives could you save by having this information to share with family and loved ones?

How many parents are agonizing over the choice of whether or not to vaccinate their children - that you can empower with this information in your library?

How many parents are there that have decided not to vaccinate their children that are bullied by their doctor or emergency room staff - that you can help support in their courageous decision?


Dr. Patrick Gentempo

P.S. What are we hearing?

You guys are heroes and I am so blessed to have your work as a reference moving forward with my family planning. I have been falling down the dark rabbit hole for years now, researching vaccines as I am a health coach and early childhood educator. It has been impossible to discuss this subject with my husband and many family members. Your work may be the key to our future family.

Anastasia P.

Regardless of personal views on this topic, the overriding concern is the pressure on individuals to universally comply to vaccination regulations, regardless of vulnerability and preferences. What is at stake now, in this historical time, is the right we have to choose, where we can, what our bodies are exposed to. This extended documentary explicitly uncovers what is at stake for us all if our collective voice is stifled and ignored.

Colleen S.

I'm sure you are receiving lots of emails on your series, but I just wanted to add one more THANK YOU! I have two little boys, 4 and 1 and they are not vaccinated. I was unsure if I would keep them this way forever, but after watching your series, there is no way I will ever allow them to be vaccinated. I am so glad I have listened to my inner Mom voice and not my Mom's voice and have kept my boys healthy. My boys are healthier than all their friends and family members and when they do get sick, they are sick for much less time than their vaccinated friends. I feel so terrible for the families ripped apart by vaccine injuries and and thankful there are brave people out there like you and your guests who are helping to spread the word about something not many people want to hear but need to.

Valerie M.


HS teacher's assignment on vaccine mandates

HS teacher's assignment on vaccine mandates
From: Gary Krasner
To: cfic
Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 4:26 pm

(permission is given to post or distribute)

A good lesson on dealing with school bureaucrats. Rule #1, always transact in writing.


I'm frequently asked to compose letters for parents who refuse various demands or requirements that are outside or against administrative codes. It usually pertains to how they enforce the rules governing religious exemption. But I never encountered this requirement.

The teacher didn't back down when parents verbally cited vague "religious reasons." She dismissed them. But she did back down after this letter I drafted for parents.

STRATEGY (no guarantees):

It's best to flood the zone by presenting your full case up front. Time is not on your side to go 20 rounds of emails. You have one shot, so don't expect to go tit for tat with an administrator with the power to pull the plug and issue final decision on the matter. (There are exceptions to the rule.)

You also want to align yourself with powerful groups if they exist. Bureaucrats ultimately make decisions based on power assessment. What they think they can get away with. If you're perceived as weak, they will consider you road kill. Exempt parents are in the minority, and are vilified in the media as pariahs, spreading disease etc.

So in this example, I made it appear this wasn't just an exempt parent, but someone part of a larger movement. Conservatives have power now. I chose them because they dominate the executive branch and congress and the state houses. Just hinting at the end that the parents may want to publish this letter might be an incentive for teacher to back down. Again, because bureaucrats only see power relationships and respond accordingly.

And of course, copy all supervisory staff. i.e. the principal.


1. well-informed
2. outraged
3. passive-aggressive (leave no question who the victim is)
4. reasonable (by way of your arguments)
5. motivated to take legal or political action


Dear Principal Bitchi Bitcherson,

Sorry I wasn't completely forthcoming with you in our first encounter on this matter. I didn't wish to appear to insult you by explaining how your writing assignment was ill-considered. I will do so now. Not to insult you, but because you have a right to know. And I hope you'll be as proud of me in honstly expressing MY views as you say you are when students do that.

First, I do not object to the idea of having students learn about controversial subjects per se . It's a great way to motivate them to learn history and current events. In fact, my concern has nothing to do with controversial subject.

And it has nothing to do with educators injecting their bias on matters having to do with politics, and social/religious values. As you probably know, social and political conservatives vigorously object to many instances in which educators are indoctrinating their children into the radical left "progressive" views to distrust the police, or to blame America for the world's ills.

In fact, some schools (and colleges!!) are banning the works of Mark Twain (because words like "nigger" is used) and replacing it with historically inaccurate polemics, like Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States."

So parents have a right to object to what schools are doing. I mention those examples because while these pathologies exist in schools predominantly run by the totalitarian-mindset of transnational progressives, I am not accusing you of that. So don't confuse my criticism of your assignment with the aforementioned political war going on now, resulting in the rise in homeschooling. In fact, I wouldn't mind if you educated your student about the controversial issue of schools and colleges pushing their progressive agenda.

But I will tell you why your assignment needs to be reconsidered. You write:

The assignment was framed around whether or not students agree with mandatory vaccination. Therefore, it is fine to not agree with it. The topic of vaccination is outlined in the Living Environment curriculum guide and has been a topic covered on the regents exam in June.

There is no reason why Daniel should not be able to express his opinion about vaccination; I am actually proud to have students honestly express their views. This is a skill needed as they progress through their high school and college career as well as everyday life.

FIRST, you are asking students to take a position for or against something. You didn't consider that a student could research an issue and remain undecided. I know ADULTS who are undecided on abortion, jihad, gay marriage, climate change, immigration (etc.)! If you teach students the virtues of honesty and truth, and force them to express a view that they don't possess, then you are teaching them to be dishonest and untruthful.

You cannot tell students to "honestly express their views" for or against an issue, if they have not resolved the issue in their own mind. It has taken me years to resolve controversial issues, and some I have yet to resolve. And you want students to resolve them in a few days?! What you'll get are simple, cookie-cutter responses, usually siding with the majority consensus (they're just high school students, don't forget). Is that what you want?

I think what you want to teach students is the mechanics of effective advocacy. Most of that can be done in speech class.

SECOND, I don't think you appreciate the dangers of your request for students to be outspoken on controversial issues generally, and vaccination issue specifically. You write that you're "proud to have students honestly express their views." Will you help them deal with the fallout afterwards?

The political environment for adults has never been as corrosive and vitriolic as it is today. Trump isn't even president yet and half the country is going insane. Pro "Black Lives Matter" advocates are torturing and killing whites SUSPECTED of being pro Trump.

Even before the campaign for president, you could take your life in your hands for honestly express your views. A professor quietly donated to a fund that opposed gay marriage. Through a FOI request, the names on that list was given to liberal activists, who in turn, publicly "shamed" the contributors, and lobbied in ways that caused them great hardships. The professor was forced to resign, as well as the CEO and founder of Mozilla. Another professor---in the news last week---was forced to resign her college post because she dissented from Global Warming theory. US Senator Whitehouse introduced a bill to criminalize dissenters, if they work as scientists and openly express their dissenting views on what they claim is the prevailing view. Some of his colleagues have suggested making it a crime to advocate that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

You write that, This skill, "to honestly express their views", is "needed as they progress through their high school and college career as well as everyday life." HAVE YOU VISITED A COLLEGE CAMPUS OR CLASSROOM IN THE LAST 10 YEARS?!!

Liberal totalitarianism on college campuses is worse. Intolerance and conformity to uniformity is mercilessly enforced by students, and cowardly upheld by faculty. When your students enter college, their "honestly expressed their views" will not be tolerated unless they're pro Palestinian, abortion, illegal immigration, global warming, Islamist, and anti police. They will encounter safe spaces and speech codes that are as silly as they are igorously enforced to silence honestly expressed opinions.

The penalties are organized shaming, harassment, and isolation. They will not receive a thoughtful counter-argument. Instead, they will be tainted with the labels which Hillary made famous: homophobe, islamophobe, zenophobe, nativist, racist, misogynist, capitalist! Palestinians and Muslims are more direct: They will assault you for promoting hate (i.e. supporting Israel)!

Since the election, the Alinsky rules for radicals has been applied to Trump by liberals everywhere: Isolate him, then demonize him with labels and personal allegations, in order to render him radioactive so that no Democrat lawmaker will vote for his legislation. Not through open debate----which you're teaching your students is pivotal to advocacy----but through the tactics of personal destruction. Any Democrat legislator who agrees with the merits of a Trump public policy provision, and votes in favor of it, will then be painted a racist, misogynistic, zenophobe etc. Even if it's a bill to fund highway construction!

Perhaps you might want to teach your students the risks of guilt by association, as a reward for honestly expressing their views.

With respect to vaccination:

Vaccination mandates have also been made radioactive for anyone to "honestly express their views." This week, President-elect Trump met with RFK Jr. this week and afterward, "honestly expressed" his view that too many doses are given too early in an infant's life. He was immediately chastised by media and "experts", and declared a "one-man public health threat", as if homophobe, islamophobe, zenophobe, nativist, racist, and misogynist, weren't sufficient labels to destroy him.

The president merely commented on the amount of doses given to newborns. Your assignment is for students to take a position on whether vaccines themselves should be mandatory. And you insist that "[T]here is no reason why Daniel should not be able to express his opinion about vaccination"?!

I read various parenting and mothering blogs and discussion lists. Their personal experiences are not included in your "Living Environment" curriculum guide, so allow me to educate you in real-world ostracism and hardship for expressing your views about vaccines.

We cannot cite doctors' opinions, because those who are outspoken against vaccines are portrayed as pariahs, and made examples of, by targeting them for license suspension. Any patient complaint will do to set them up, just like any defamatory label pinned on conservatives will do.

(Silencing physicians who question vaccines.)
(Cleveland Medical Director Attacked for Questioning Vaccine Safety)

Parents will also be penalized for honestly expressing their views. Around 2003, in LIC, Queens, Rolando Bini answered a fellow parent's question at a PTA meeting. He announced that exemptions from vaccines are possible and that he had a religious exemption. The school nurse was present and took exception to that. But she did not openly express her views in a way that would have made you proud, Mr. Titus. Instead, she reported Bini to Children's Services!

It doesn't matter what the allegation was (it turned out to be a lie). Like the labeling of people which liberals don't like, any allegation will do. It happens that the nurse made a false allegation. But Children's Services have a mandate to turn you life upside down based upon any allegation----true or false---because the investigation doesn't end once the allegation is quickly shown to be false. Because they're mission is not to investigate the allegation. It's to investigate YOU. YOU become suspect of neglect or maltreatment of a minor.

Mr. Bini, like all subjects of these "investigations", was guilty until proven innocent. He unlike most other parents, didn't plead out by agreeing to go to parenting class and be on the intrussive Children's Services watch list. He made his case public and fought it. Because he fought it, the guilty until innocent Mr. Bini lost custody of his son. Family court returned custody 6 months later when he won his case. Today, his son attends college and Rolando is a renowned family advocate.

There are many similar stories like that one. Some don't end well for parents. Anyone can report anyone to Children's Services----our modern-day Gestapo. A universally incompetent agency that cannot distinguish between a child who is physically abused and starved, and the parents of a child who are exercising freedom of speech. Like any predator, to that agency, meat is meat.

There are also many instances in which a parent's religious exemption is not kept confidential by school administration. Some schools don't appreciate the consequences of that negligence. Have you ever had parents knock on your door by parents shouting at you to keep your unvaccinated children away from their children? Do you honestly think that an open and honest debate be conducted in the current atmosphere of fear and ignorence? Mr. Titus, why don't you get back to me when our society and laws do not have it's heavy foot pressing on my neck! I will decide then how important it is for you to be proud of my son for "honestly expressing [his] views" on controversial subject.

As you can fathom, I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I'm an adult, with access to a megaphone and a good lawyer. He can explain to you how this drama will end should you keep pressing me on this matter. May I suggest another topic for your students? "Why there isn't freedom of speech on certain topics and venues."

You may not know this, but my son is forbidden from speaking honestly on vaccination mandates. Because school administrative codes require principals to deny or rescind religious waivers if parents possess one scintilla of secular thoughts about vaccination. Should Daniel's research lead him to determine, for example, that vaccines are not very effective, the principal can allege he was influenced by my views, and have grounds to rescind our waiver.

Again, you wrote, "There is no reason why Daniel should not be able to express his opinion about vaccination." I gave you plenty of reasons.

I would like your permission to post this response to your message on the internet with your real name. If you deny me that permission, may I conclude that I convinced you that open and honest debate in the current climate of intolerance is dead, and can invite serious consequences?

Katie Kickass

copyright 2017 Gary Krasner, CFIC


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: [video] IT’S HERE! Episode 9

Episode 8 We Learned About the Cause of Autism. - in the Worldwide Online Free Premiere of TRACE AMOUNTS

Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet - much more toxic than lead.

Mercury at 200 parts per billion is the level in liquid that EPA classifies as hazardous waste.

50,000 - FIFTY THOUSAND parts per billion is the concentration of mercury in most thimerosal containing vaccines.

Society has put in place several institutions to take care of children:

FIRST is the FDA. It is their job to license vaccines and to affirmatively prove they are safe.

...They have failed.

SECOND - the CDC is supposed to mandate vaccines based on safety and need.

...They have failed.

The THIRD group to protect kids is the doctors; The American Academy of Pediatrics.

...They have failed.

The FOURTH group - industry; they’re normally responsible for ensuring safety because they can be sued if they make an unsafe product.

...They have failed. And, they’re off the hook.

Some people have said they absolutely don’t believe this is going on in our world.

Episode 8 is is now expired until the next re-launch.  However the good news is that TRACE AMOUNTS is up on YouTube!

Vaccines Revealed: [video] IT’S HERE! Episode 9

You will have the treat of hearing from Sayer Ji again! Make sure and catch what he says about “hazmat suits” in doctors offices in the first 5 minutes.


What about the most controversial vaccine of all time… Gardasil.

You’ll be appalled when you hear what Brian Hooker (quickly becoming a watcher favorite) has to say about that @ 22:32 in this episode.

And tonight - what a treat: I have the honor of introducing you to Dr. Heather Wolfson. Interestingly, Heather is married to Dr. Jack Wolfson - a Board-Certified Cardiologist.

Dr. Heather Wolfson has a view on health and healing that will really reel you in and wait until you hear how Dr. Jack Wolfson was vilified for his atypical views on medicine @ 49:14.

As a parent, you’ll connect with the message.


And, this is what you’ve overwhelmingly been clamoring for.

I can’t even count the number of messages, emails and reaching out that you’ve done, with this singular question:

Dr. Gentempo - “So what do I do now?”

Well, you are in for a real treat. Dr. Dan Pompa - a Cellular Detox Expert will be talking expressly about this issue - for those of you who’ve had those questions.

You’ll be leaning in for this one.


Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Please consider supporting our mission by owning Vaccines Revealed. Our Special Early Discount of 50% on ALL packages is still in place.

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P.S. Affiliate Registrations are still very important, as there WILL be a re-launch of Vaccines Revealed Docu-series soon.

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Ad For Crisis Actors

BEWARE!  Sounds like False Flag and Mayhem Planned...


Human Domain Solutions, LLC

January 15 at 1:55am

Human Domain Solutions is seeking paid Casualty Role Players (CRP) to participate in an Emergency Response exercise by the Florida National Guard from 23-25 January 2017 at Camp Blanding, near Starke, Florida. The 3-day exercise (Monday through Wednesday) will be an Army National Guard emergency response to a man-made or natural disaster including a structure collapse and nuclear, biological or chemical incident.

Apply Today -

CRPs will be moulaged (injury make-up and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional conditions and go through triage, decontamination, and medical treatment lines at least 3 times during each day of the exercise. Arrival time will be early morning each day with an 8-12 hour work day. CRPs will be provided cut-away prop clothing and will be moulaged in order for the military first responders to evaluate and handle each patient, and CRPs will be washed in decontamination lines to simulate cleaning off chemical components.

PAY for the exercise is $315 for all three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), $210 for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), and $115 for one day on Wednesday, 25 January. Bonuses are paid for overtime (over 10 hours), team leaders, and referrals. Food and water/soft drinks will also be provided.

ELIGIBILITY: There is no security clearance requirement, so it is open to all, but criminal background and U.S. employment eligibility checks will be accomplished. Priority will be given to those with previous role playing, acting, military/wounded warrior, or EMT/first responder/disaster response experience. We are also looking for diversity among our CRPs, including gender, ethnicity, age, body types, disabilities, and foreign language abilities. American Sign Language speakers are also desired. Due to the potentially stressful medical/decontamination processes and possible high fall temperatures, CRPs may not have a life-threatening or serious medical condition. By signing up for this support, CRPs agree to the possibility of random drug testing.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested individuals may apply at If you have worked for HDS in the past 12 months as a CRP – or have applied to work as a CRP - and wish to participate visit


Keep an eye on your local Craigslist Folks!

Vaccines Revealed: Worldwide Online Free Premiere of Trace Amounts

On Episode 8...

Tonight we are airing something incredibly special. We are showing, for the first time ever, the digital World Wide FREE Premiere of Trace Amounts!

We have arranged for you to watch the Worldwide Online Free Premiere of Trace Amounts!

One of the worst health crisis in American history!

Over the past 2 decades, the incidence of autism in children has catapulted from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68, ONE in SIXTY EIGHT! … and so called “science” isn’t even close to determining cause.

Trace Amounts is the true story of the mercury poisoning of Eric Gladen - and his painful journey.

We will follow his quest for the scientific truth about the role of mercury poisoning in the current Autism Epidemic.

Time and time again, we have suffered the debilitating neurological and physical damage that mercury can cause.

Then why and how did it end up in our childhood vaccines?

Enjoy tonight’s Worldwide Free Premiere of TRACE AMOUNTS


The second part of the shocking interview with Brian Hooker. - This one is head shaking.

He continues telling of his encounters with Dr. Thompson. Thompson’s study showed a significant statistical correlation between thimerosal/mercury in vaccines and tics in boys. And a chief CDC official came down on Thompson and said “you will not publish this result…”

“The CDC site states that thimerosal is safe and exposure has no risk. Nothing could be further from the truth”


And make sure to catch episode 8 tonight featuring TRACE AMOUNTS

It’s only up for 24 hours.




After our interview with Robert Kennedy Jr went viral this past week we wanted to do even more.

The team over at World Mercury Project were so gracious that they are allowing Vaccine Revealed to air, in entirety this powerful documentary.

Tonight's amazing!

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your outreach in your communities



PS: Please consider supporting the mission by owning the series. So many of you have responded and posted your gratitude for this series, and for us providing it for free viewing.

When you select the Gold or Silver package you’ll be supporting the mission and educating parents of children who could avoid vaccine injury.

Together we’ll turn the tide for vaccine injuries.

Click here to learn more about OWNING Vaccines Revealed.


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Vaccines Revealed: Episode 6 & Tonight is Episode 7

HAPPENING NOW! Scott Miller's documentary "Vaccine Syndrome" about the military vaccination program and anthrax and also part 2 of Dr. Brian Hooker's interview! This is episode 6 of a FREE 9-part docu-series on vaccines and their destructive role in our health and well being. Each episode is available to watch for 24 hours. And, the entire series can be purchased!

REGISTER HERE to gain access: - Be sure to check your spam filter and promotions filter for the confirmation email if it doesn't show right away!!!

They're destroying our military through vaccines. Especially the Anthrax vaccine.  VAERS is NOT an option for military personal destroyed by vaccines!


The documentary, VACCINE SYNDROME, is playing right now on Vaccines Revealed, a 9-part docu-series. You can sign up and then watch each episode for 24 hours for free, starting at 6pm PST.


The entire 9-part series can also be purchased!

From the Anthrax vaccine! They are destroying our children and our military! Your blood will boil if you watch this documentary!  SIGN UP HERE

Vaccination: the best way to destroy a country from within. ~ Larry Cook

Episode 7:

Live tonight Stay tuned...


Can I make the choice as to what happens to my body or my child’s body?


Can I be compelled to have to put things into my body against my will, or do it unwittingly because it’s not labeled?

Ultimately this is about personal space - this is about Human Rights. This is about some of the most fundamental issues that affect human beings To compel vaccinations against one’s will is against individual rights and your health freedom.

“I believe in individual rights.”

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

I began looking into autism and vaccines and any kind of a link that there might be. I used a lot of statistical and research tools that I used when I was getting my Ph.D., and applied it to the area of epidemiological studies.

I looked and realized that every time they got vaccinated they did get worse...

“I began looking into vaccine safety when I realized that my two daughters were injured by vaccines”

Gayle Delong Ph.D.

I’m afraid that too many doctors have become “glorified drug reps”

If you asked your doctor, “name 3 ingredients in that syringe”, most doctors wouldn’t be able to tell you. I feel it’s our responsibility as doctors to stand up for patients and stop stuffing them full of drugs.

Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.

This is a must see night.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

PS: Please consider supporting our mission by owning the series. So many of you have responded and posted your gratitude for this series, and for us providing it for free viewing.

When you select the Gold or Silver package you’ll be supporting the mission and educating parents of children who could avoid vaccine injury.

Together we’ll turn the tide for vaccine injuries.

Click here to learn more about OWNING Vaccines Revealed.

Help us spread the word by becoming an affiliate. It will also help you to earn enough to get your own package if so desired.


Homeless Mother of 3 In California Needs Help

Please help! So im homeless, living in a motel and I've been frantically searching for a homeless shelter but am being turned because my3 kids are not vaccinated! Ive spent my entire savings and have to be out by the 20 th of January. The excuse I keep getting is they are government funded or licensed day care providers. Im very upset, angry, and hopeless. ~ Sarah Drews

Sarah Drews is homeless with three unvaccinated children and can't find a place to stay - a shelter - because they are not vaccinated. She has asked for help in this group with possible options on where to stay. You can search her name to find her original post. She also has a crowd funding page setup to help. I just donated $100. I hope you'll consider helping her financially or with good ideas on where to stay. She is in Orange County, CA. Also, I saw some rude comments on her post. I am booting people who direct hostile energy at her or her situation, FYI. ~Larry Cook


Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Horrible Truth About Vaccines -- Greg Wyatt

Our prayers are with this family.


Donald Trump never had the flu - @OpieRadio @JimNorton

Trump - Flu - Flu Vaccine    

Because he knows.


VaxXed Tour: Marcella on RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION

We Are Vaxxed

Ever wonder WHY we NEED a religious exemption from vaccines?

Are you aware that some vaccines are made from ABORTIONS?

Marcella Piper-Terry explains in detail how abortions are used in vaccine manufacturing and the implications of that.

Interview by Polly Tommey and camera by Joshua Coleman and Anu Vaidya with editing by Joshua Coleman.

#RFKCommission #Vaxxed

Excipient List....

Appendix B
Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary
Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

Learn more about this kind of information and teach others by sharing Vaccines Revealed:

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Published on 13 Jan 2017
The Vaxxed bus makes a special stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana to talk to Independent Researcher Marcella Piper-Terry about religious exemptions from vaccines and aborted fetal cells. Interview by Polly Tommey and camera by Joshua Coleman and Anu Vaidya with editing by Joshua Coleman.


Vaccines Revealed: Episode 6 Tonight

Powerful Episode 5 expires tonight - Watch it now before we take it down to make room for episode 6. 

Tonight, as a part of Vaccines Revealed docu-series, you can see the World Premier of the film, Vaccine Syndrome, from Oscar nominated filmmaker Scott Miller. It will only be available to see for 24 hours, starting tonight.

The weight on his shoulders was immense.... talking about Brian Hooker. You'll get the 2nd part of his interview tonight.

He had proof that the 5 scientists at the CDC knew that there was a link between the MMR Vaccine and Autism - and they colluded to cover up the results of the tests, while children were damaged every day.

How many lives and families could have been saved?

Catch the details in tonight's episode.


The Worldwide Premier of VACCINE SYNDROME

When I watched this for the first time, I was stunned to silence. Our soldiers facing an order that they determined was illegal and immoral.

Witness the horror of human experimentation, all the while repeating; "This Vaccine is Safe"

"If we ignore this, perhaps we are all guilty of terrorism"

It will show you what we are doing with our dangerous, untested vaccine program making lab rats of our military.

If you know ANYONE in the military - please don't let them miss this episode tonight!!

Please share this link with anyone you know who cares about truth, and our military.


Vaccines Revealed Affiliate:

This is day 6 of the docu-series Vaccines Revealed, with just a few more days to go. Make sure you are tuning in, there is no cost to you and it all goes away this week.


See what is being said about Vaccines Revealed:

OMG! EVERYONE MUST SEE THESE - particularly the episode with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I know this story, and yet, I am still so incredibly stirred by this. Please, everyone - spread this far and wide and let's wake up our society before more children are injured, and those of their families.

-K Lyons

I've been self educating on the issue of vaccines for over a year now. I don't have children but I see all children as my responsibility. What happens to them...what happens to my elders and my peers affects me (directly or indirectly). I am my brother's and sister's keeper. THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO STEM THE EVIL THAT CORPORATIONS AND THE RICH WHO OWN/CONTROL THEM DO. Capitalism will destroy everything if we don't stop it. We need to live with others and other species with respect for our planet.

-S. Sanders

The vaccination schedule constitutes child abuse of the worst order. Scarring them intellectually, physically and as a consequence, spiritually. Maiming each child causes collateral damage to the rest of the family and close relations and friends and peers.

-E. Lye

Wow, these episodes keep getting better. Stunned by what Robert Kennedy Jr had to say. This is important work to support.

-M. A. Lynch

The rampant evil blows my mind. I have grandchildren I'm scared to death for. I have a son on the spectrum now, but is high functioning. I would hate my grandkids to be damaged due to this unethical and immoral practice of shooting poisons into our children.

-M. Dilling

Working on my M.S. in Clinical Psychology, working at my practicum site i now have to address the truth with parents on how their beautiful child now has autism. prevention is the only way out and i will continue to look for a cure. thank you to everyone who is is getting this information out!

-S. Armstrong

Day 3 the fire in my belly grows. I cried, I got angry. My focus has been the children. Thank you for reminding me about our soldiers. Enough is enough. We need be change everywhere.

-L. Monaco

...absolutely incredible information from all these doctors and participants! It's TIME for the Truth to come out in public!

-K. DeRose

...unfortunately there's nothing here that can stop the vaccinations from happening . So what are we suppose to do. I have two week old granddaughter , if we don't vaccinate they can take her away From her mother. This is insane.

-M. Sims

We are getting great video quality here in New Zealand. I sincerely hope that President Elect Donald Trump continues with the fortitude he demonstrates to 'own' the information that Robert Kennedy Jr and others will impart and that he brings the hammer down heavy on these corrupt people and this pharmaceutical 'poison' that is being inflicted on those have trusted a system to 'care' for them. It is heartbreaking to watch the suffering. - - parents of 6 unvaccinated children.

-Dr. B. Rushton</

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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