Monday, September 11, 2017

The Parasite Summit Day 1

DAY 1 (September 11, after 10am US eastern)

The Parasite Summit started today! Don’t miss these amazing experts helping you determine if parasites are silently impacting your health--they’re far more common than you think! Fortunately, with awareness and appropriate care, parasites can be prevented and treated, once detected. Learn with me today online for free!

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Are parasites silently preventing you from overcoming your health challenges? It’s imperative to find out! You’re likely hosting one or more parasites--which can enter your body through food, drink, contact with infected persons--and can live within you for years

Are #parasites silently preventing you from overcoming your health challenges? Find out!



Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

The Trio of Parasites, Heavy Metals and Lyme

What You'll Learn -

Why parasites MUST be addressed first
Importance of the liver bile duct area
All about pinworms

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Raphael d’Angelo MD, MT (AAB)

The Amazing World of Parasites

What You'll Learn -

Most common parasites found in testing
Myths perpetrated in the USA
Parasite and cancer relationship

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Evan Brand BCHN, CFMP, NTP

Parasites, Bacterial Infections and Hashimoto’s

What You'll Learn -

Sources of parasite exposure
Favorite parasite test
Importance of healthy stomach acid

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Connie Strasheim
Medical researcher, Author

Role of Parasites in Chronic Illness

What You'll Learn -

Tips to prevent parasites
Giardia in tap water
Parasite treatment

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Thoughts and Commentary:


If you only have time to listen to one summit today i would consider Dr d'Angelo's which i found very informative. He also gets into how to treat parasites with EO's (essential oils) that some may be interested in. See below, enjoy!

Raphael d’Angelo MD, MT (AAB)
The Amazing World of Parasites

-thoughts that parasites are rare in US is big myth
-perpetuated by conventional med bc tests not sensitive and constantly negative
-water treatment will not eliminate parasites - chlorination and freezing water will not eliminate them
-parasites may block areas of body - roundworm block bile
-protozoans can cause malabsorption and weight loss
-90% of patients positive, for him to say negative need 3 negative stool samples

-Docs inadequate trained and also dont spend time in lab to look at each slide completely (ex need go through 20 samples in an hour impossible to do with accuracy)
-not much detective work in US
-animals poop and parasites all over nature will tend to run into water supply somehow

-some people have no symptoms
-those chronic ill - bloating, gas, IBS, abdominal cramp, diarrhea/constipation,
-systemic - fatigue, allergies, headaches

Top Bugs he sees
-Blastocystis Homnis - Nitric Oxide NO is antibiotic in gut and can kill blasto, blasto eats up all NO so that we can’t kill it, then messes with our blood vessel control. Blasto the most common
-Dientamoeba Fragilis -piggy back in sometimes on roundworms, also from veges and soil

-worms and flukes
-sees roundworms - ascaris, hookworm, pinworm, tape, flukes rare
-looks for yeast, when its in excess it creates mycotoxins that impare tissue reactions and interfere with body function
-yeast not supposed to see in stool, if see it in stool have excess yeast
-has done test on people who take sac boulardie in large amount and doesnt see it in test
-yeast can be in different forms
-food source for protozoa are good bacteria
-arginine supplementation to increase NO to kill blasto is good idea he believes

-he feels over the counter cleanses are way too weak and you cannot wash parasites out (with lots of water)
-parasites are predominantly water - they swell up as the moon becomes more and more full treat during moon cycles
-treat from new moon to full moon, get lots more results when treating, when treat during dark phase of moon, bugs usually dormant and not active
-when bugs swell up become more irritable and eat whatever you are giving them
-When he treats protozoa start when moon is half full and go for 20 days (will go through full moon and some days later). When treat worms, will be weakened by protozoan treatment, he gives 3 days right around full moon with a significant dose to knock them out
-stronger shorter time period and higher dosing as opposed to long and weak dosing
-careful with Rx must think about toxicity - not all bugs killed off they come back then patients come to him to deal with and starts from beginning


-he uses Essential Oils, Silver compounds and herbs to treat
-chronic inflammation is foundation for neuro disease, which parasites can cause
-schistosomes associated with bladder cancer - he looks at urine samples (will never find those in stool sample)
-parasites in liver/gb - cancer can start there in organ, so feels can contribute
-parasite load in gut is tying up immune system when immunity could be fighting off the cancer
-cancer and parasite infections are connected

Case Example
-20 yrs of bowel problems and bowel obstructions
-he found roundworm first slide, after second month she passed 5 inch dead roundworm
-he uses formula of EO that he mixes together in capsules and uses for 20 days then combined with other EO (tea trea, clove bud, balsam fir)
-EO dissolve biofilm
-Berberine potent against protozoa, oregon grape, goldenseal
-OTC herb doses are very very low, only get partial effects, so better practitioner to dose you
-top picks EO and silver
-when do treating during full moon can use less dose and get big results


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