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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Juicing and Raw Foods: EDTA

Juicing and Raw Foods: EDTA: considered extremely safe and there are no health warnings against the usual use of EDTA. The usual use of EDTA would be to dissolve some in water and spray this water on the vegetables and fruits in your supermarket...


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And a big YES on the NAC. I have already posted the many benefits of NAC.  I like the one from BulkSupplements and they already put into gelatin capsules, plus NO "Other Ingredients". They have the powder in bulk too.

NO Nasty Fillers nor Excipients!
From Amazon:

NAC Saves Lives

The Overlooked Compound That Saves Lives

NAC helps with mucin deposits/buildup...

how to shift myxedema

And we have this EDTA by Arizona Natural:
Saw it on one of William Mount's video, but he said he only takes it once a week, like on Saturday.

BulkSupplements has it in bulk form powder. So after running out, we can just get the bulk from them and use the capsule machine and make our own, clean and free of unneeded junk fillers.

Medically Kidnapped Baby Scheduled for Execution TODAY!

Medical Kidnapping and Public Execution was planned, but a judge's orders forces the hospital to keep baby on life support.

I pray God smites ALL responsible for this.

Medically Kidnapped Baby Scheduled for Execution TODAY!

Doctors at Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee want to take a baby off of life support Tuesday, May 30. His family is fighting for his very life. They believe that there is still hope for 7 month old Steffen Rivenburg Jr., who was born with heart defects but was not sick until after Child Protective Services seized custody of him and his older sister on February 2.

His mother Patricia Tornberg told Health Impact News that, even though he is very sick now:

I feel like he can make a turn-around. My husband and I want to give him a chance by keeping him on life support.

After baby Steffen was taken from his parents and placed into foster care, he caught a very serious viral infection on February 17 which caused damage to his heart. A heart surgery that the parents were told would not be needed until he was 6 months old became necessary on February 23. That was followed by 3 more heart surgeries and other procedures on his tiny body.

Patricia and Steffen Rivenburg Sr. have told the hospital and the Department of Children's Services (DCS) that they refuse to consent to taking their son off of life support, but the doctors reportedly plan to unplug him by noon on Tuesday, May 30th.

The family is requesting that everyone call the Governor of Tennessee today to prevent this from happening.