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Monday, March 6, 2017

A Dozen New Vaccines The World Health Organization Will Be Recommending For Your Children In The Next Few Years

Here is a dozen new vaccines the World Health Organization will be recommending for your children in the next few years. Soon they will change the name from vaccinations to genetically medicated injections. Depression and anxiety vaccines are already being developed.

So does this mean depression is either a virus or a bacteria? Remember immunization theory involves one of the two. They are changing medications into vaccinations. Vaccine are protected from law suits via the vaccine court. Soon all medications will be called a vaccine.

In addition to the current 100 plus #vaccine shots children get here is a list of a dozen more #vaccines the WHO plans on recommending.



ABC: Holistic Dr. Found Dead In His Natural Health Clinic, Police Investigate as Homicide

This time they ruled it a homicide

Hopefully, a bunch of folks will post this and the others on Trump's Facebook and Twitter.

This has to STOP.  EVERYONE needs to gather in prayer to find the perps and for those responsible to be punished and brought to justice.

The Thyroid Secret Docu-series Episode 6 Trailer

1. Stress and your adrenals… what you MUST know…
2. What do stress, trauma, and autoimmune disease have in common?
3. The real effects of stress on your body
4. Episode #6 reveals the triggers you need to know

Wow… time is literally flying!

It seems like just yesterday The Thyroid Secret was having its premier and here we are way up to Episode #6!

To say this episode is JAM PACKED would be a ridiculous understatement.

Tonight The Thyroid Secret team is bringing in the BIG guns with 26 (yes, I said 26!) different experts in autoimmune disease.

They’re going to connect the dots starting with stress and trauma leading to the diagnosis of thyroid disease and other autoimmune conditions.

I find this particular episode inspiring because we learn the triggers that could be causing disease. And unfortunately, it’s sometimes things that conventional medicine may not be telling you.

In our 21st century “hamster wheel” almost all of us are running from one stressful situation to another, so this episode is really going to hit home for you and most people in your life.

I’m sure you know at least a couple of people who would really appreciate having access to this information, and you’re welcome to share it with them using this special link right here.

Give them this gift of knowledge so they can learn how to recover their health like you’re doing.

Don’t miss this powerful episode!

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