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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SB18 California

First came AB2109, and people were apathetic, and it became law - designed to destroy free thinking. Then came SB277 and SB792, and everyone thought surely those won't pass, but both became law - designed to destroy children. Now there's SB18, which sounds so pretty and sweet - yet is designed to destroy the family unit. How far down the fascist road will we go before it's too late to galvanize and stop an out-of-control tyrannical government?

Via Dani Valdivia

I didn't think sb277 would pass but it did. I need Cali parents to be aware this new bill is terrifying. Please feel free to tag anyone and help make them aware. If this passes I'm done with Cali. Looking at Texas and Idaho still!

I keep bringing up sb18 to parents and so many don't know what I'm talking about. So here it is....
There's a new bill that threatens parental rights in California (and the rest of the USA if it passes) called SB18. Some highlights:

• Law states that child’s expectant mother must access “appropriate pre-natal care” and parental training (what does that mean? Must be in a hospital? Not defined)

• Law states that child’s parents access evidence-based “voluntary” home visitation programs to support “positive parenting” which includes “improvements in the coordination and referrals for other community support”

• Law states that child has the right to access high-quality education (MANY more lines defining what this means, all of which could be construed as anti-homeschool)

• Law states that child has the right to “appropriate medical screening services” including comprehensive medical history, blood tests, and “health education”

• Law states that child has the right to “dental, medical, and mental health services” administered by a qualified physician (read: AMA approved, not naturopath) and drugs/treatments that they prescribe

• Law states that these health services will be offered within the school system (so you won’t be there, as a parent, when they are administered)

• Law states that the CHILD (not the parents) will have access to appropriate legal representation in legal proceedings to represent the interest of the child

• Law states that parents/other adults consider the effect that their decision making will have on their care and community

• Law states that the parents must obtain employment opportunities that promote a healthy work/life balance (WTF? Who defines what this is? How do you enforce it?)

• Law states that child has the right to be with his parents *if appropriately cared for as defined by this law*

• Law states that child has the right to be with his parents *except when authorities determine separation is in the best interest of the child*

• Law states that the state will take custody if the parents *do not adopt the responsibility for upholding the rights defined in this law*


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