Friday, July 28, 2017

Immune Defense Summit Day 5: Advanced Therapies for Immune Support

DAY 5 (July 28, after 10am US eastern)

This incredible day at The Immune Defense Summit will teach you advanced therapies for immune support! Find out how to properly test the immune system, lower your chronic disease temperature, use energy medicine for accelerated healing and discover the “master key” to immune health. Plus, most importantly, how to correct immune system problems!

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The Immune Defense Summit began on July 24th, and tens of thousands are still learning from the expert wisdom so important to rejuvenating their immune systems and neutralizing the threat of superbugs, pandemics, viruses and other chronic infections.

[LEARN TODAY] Advanced therapies for immune support (& how to fix problems)!



Raphael Kellman, MD

The Master Key to Immune Health

What You'll Learn -

How the microbiome influences immunity
Overcoming autoimmune disorders
Important advice for all healthcare providers

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Thomas J. Lewis, PhD

Lower Your Chronic Disease Temperature

What You'll Learn -

4 pillars of immune health
Ways to correct immune deficiencies
How to avoid future health problems

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Peter Osborne DACBN, PScD

Vital Tools to Correct Immune Problems

What You'll Learn -

#1 choice to boost immunity
Specific lab tests to measure immunity
Common health mistakes to avoid

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John Dempster, ND, FAAFM

Testing Immune Strength: A Functional Approach

What You'll Learn -

Holistic view of immune health
How the gut, stress and diet affect immunity
Best functional medicine tests to perform

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Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM

Energy Medicine: Miracle Cures Exposed

What You'll Learn -

How energy medicine beats Western medicine
Special message for cancer patients
Miracle cures revealed

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