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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[Tonight] Christ Revealed Episode 8 – the #1 Documentary Series of 2017

Episode 8 is Live!

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We are so grateful that you’ve joined us in this mission to see the truth about Jesus shared in homes everywhere!

And we can’t wait for you to see Episode 8 ...up and running now.

We’re happy to introduce you to Dr. Gabriel Barkay, an experienced archaeologist who specializes in sites in the Holy Land.

“Gabi” shares Biblical sites in and around Jerusalem, one of the most sacred cities known to mankind. His obvious genius shines as he provides fascinating details that will bring these Christian sites to life vividly!

Dr. Barkay and our team visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Walking into this building is an experience you’ll never forget. The sight is nothing short of stunning! The moment you approach, you know that you are in a VERY holy place.

In fact, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is built on the very site of the crucifixion. The power and magnitude of what this site represents will come alive in this segment.

Kim Dorr-Tilly is an associate pastor at the Bel Air church in Los Angeles.

Kim worked for years in the entertainment industry, including time spent working as a talent agent. Hollywood is well-known for being a place in need of truth, and Kim found her true calling when she left the entertainment industry and devoted her life to bringing soul-saving truth to one of the places that in her words “needs it most”.


We’re almost at the end of this journey. Tomorrow’s episode is the very last! But, you still have time to own the whole series…in DVD or Digital format…and be able to refer back to your favorite episodes, any time you want. For a limited time, you can get them at a “Family and Friends” discount—


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As a treat to everyone, here is Episode 1 (YouTube) that can be watched without registration.



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Observed Impulse: Myofascial Release for the Nasopharynx, and Soft Palate

Observed Impulse: Myofascial Release for the Nasopharynx, and Soft Palate: The Tension Behind Your Face You have a large muscular knot behind your face. This knot becomes tighter every time you feel stressed. It also becomes tighter when you are in social situations. It makes you wince and grimace and it gets worse every day because it is never touched, massaged or released. Worse yet, the tension accumulated from years of misuse makes the muscles ache, sending pain and panic signals to your brain. Ischemic compression, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release are very popular remedies now. Here I am advocating that you perform this specifically for your nasopharynx. It is painful at first but it is easier every time and it only takes a few weeks to completely get rid of the pain. Afterwards your face feels amazing, you feel much calmer and have much more social composure. Here, I will explain how to provide myofascial release for the tonsils, the uvula, the palatopharyngeal sphincter, and the nasopharynx....

Pro Vaccine Ads, etc... Seen in November

Posts and pictures of various pro-vax ads, bulletin boards, store signs, all kinds of bribery, threats, guilt trips, and more...

Look at this photo taken yesterday...... unreal the steps they will take 😳😩


Sorry, I saw this up on a wall --- it contains NO side-effect warnings or list of possible injuries so I found it IMMORAL --- and I had to tear it down! NOW ITS IN THE TRASH!


Noticed this as I was leaving out the doctor's office. Wow!


Now . You don’t do it for yourself but you get the flu shot to feed starving kids in America.




FINALLY!  Some truthful advertising!

Some brave chiropractor telling the truth!


Another one...


Children... They KNOW!


Breaking: Prominent Holistic Doctor and entire family found shot dead in AZ home

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the death of holistic doctor Annie Fairbanks, 39, husband Jason Fairbanks, 39 and their 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son.

Prominent holistic doctor and entire family shot dead in Arizona home Friday afternoon. 😩 link >>

This is the 77th doctor to die in my unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series. You can read about the first 76 in detail with a timeline and photos by clicking here.