Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nasty Pro-Vaccine Billboard

Satan's evil work coming through in the form of a happy baby and a loving hug. Too bad satan, MANY of God's children have awoken and no longer believe this lie. I guarantee this will not be up for long, Texans don't play! 
Ps. Lovely sky scenery in the backfield be your last hug..notice the chemtrail filled sky
- Natalie Renee Steffen

could be your last hug..notice the chemtrail filled sky
- Christina Allain

Vaccines Are NOTHING Like Hugs!  No Comparison Whatsoever! What evil idiot even thought of such an absurd comparison anyway?

Christina's remix...

I'm praying a truck will destroy it, like what happened to the one that said No Kisses.

Or any these...


The Diabetes Summit 2017 Day 4: Blazing new trails in blood sugar care [Day Four]

Hello friends!

This has already been an amazing journey, and we're not quite half way through!

In the last three days, you've seen nearly 10  hours of life-changing information about diabetes and health! When's the last time you spent that much time over a few days focused on your health?
Well, let me just tell you... nice job!

It's Time For Day Four!

Access Today’s Talks by Clicking HERE To Sign up for this Free Online Event!

Today is Day Four, so once you get through today, you'll be halfway through the Diabetes Summit. I know it's a huge commitment to find the time to watch every day, but I also know how important it is to learn about your health and how solve blood sugar problems.

So, keep up the good work!

Here's what we have in store for you today:


Niki Gratrix
The mind-body energy connection to metabolic health
  • How to tap into your internal abundance of energy
  • Understand ACE score and how childhood events impact health
  • Natural techniques and strategies to let go of limits
Dr. Robert Rakowski
Exploring the causes and solution for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
  • How the gut microbiome effects metabolism and blood sugar
  • What the latest research shows about natural strategies
  • Sleep and other lifestyle factors and their effect on diabetes
Dr. BJ Hardick
Sugar, detox, and the brain: natural strategies for healing
  • Understanding damaging foods and how to remove them
  • How to properly structure a detoxification program
  • Type 3 diabetes and how dysglycemia effects the brain
Joel Kahn, MD
A plant-based approach to blood sugar health
  • Sorting throught the confusion about dietary strategies
  • Understanding the importance of plant-based foods
  • Key nutrients and supplement for blood sugar health


Thoughts & Commentary:

Have a great day, watching these revolutionary thinkers.


Affiliate Opportunity:

Affiliates are always welcome, as we can always use the help in spreading the information and education about these important events.

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Anti-Nano Triangle

Like the anti-nano bucket, this, too, helps to disable all that nano tech from vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, glyphosates, supplements and food. This ongoing problem is why I'm so EXTREMELY particular and anal about everything. This is also an important part of a detoxification program.

You can get your anti-nano bucket from George Christoff of

Finally got one.

For more info on nano and the effects on your genome and DNA go to

The National Nanotechnology Initiative amendment
Especially page 41. They know the Heath and environmental risk.


New Exemption Forms for Various States

Every now and then, I'll go on a search spree, and find updated and/or new exemption forms online.

These are to share with Vac Lib to put on the exemption pages there, and also to share with Kenny Valenzuela for his exemption pages at Experimental Vaccines site.

So as I find them, going to start sharing here as well.  Only getting the NON incriminating ones.

Share these widely, and even better yet, DOWNLOAD them to your computers, in case they disappear.  Sometimes links change, forms are pulled offline, etc..


For the longest time, Oklahoma always had this crappy scanned pdf online from various sites and we have always wanted a good original one.  Well, I finally found the original that the state had finally put up on their website.

[PDF] certificate of exemption - State of Oklahoma

I also have current updated links for Maine and Delaware...  I've been making groups for each state and adding the non incriminating files in the files section of each state's group.


Exemptions:  Statute 14: 131 (no date available) allows exemption from immunization requirements under the following circumstances: (1) Presentation of a written statement from a physician, i.e., medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy, stating that the student should not receive the prescribed immunizations because of the reasonable certainty of a reaction detrimental to that person (history of clinical illness of measles or rubella not acceptable as cause for exemption), or (2) Presentation of a notarized Affidavit of Religious Belief (outlined in statute) that states that the parents or legal guardians of the student reject the concept of immunization because of individual religious beliefs.  In the case of a vaccine preventable epidemic, any child enrolled in school who is exempt from the immunization program shall be temporarily excused from attendance at public school.


[PDF] affidavit of religious belief - State of Delaware

[PDF] Notarized Affidavit of Religious Belief

[PDF] Affidavit for Religious Exemption from Vaccination Requirement

[PDF] Affidavit for Religious Exemption from Lead Testing Requirement

[PDF] Delaware Religious Belief Affidavit Vaccine Exemption Form

[PDF] Immunization - School Vaccination Medical Exemption Form

[PDF] University of Delaware Immunization and History Form


Maine Religious and Philosophical Belief Exemption Form

Maine Regional School Unit 21
Arundel, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport , Maine
Immunization Exemption Form

RSU No. 5
Durham – Freeport - Pownal
Maine Immunization Exemption

Fairfield - Albion - Benton - Clinton
District Medical Immunization Exemption Form

Fairfield - Albion - Benton - Clinton
District Medical Philosophical and Religious Immunization Exemption Form

P. O. BOX 370
An annual signed exemption due to religious or philosophical reasons
Exemption Form [PDF]

University of Southern Maine
If you have not been vaccinated and therefore can not provide proof of immunizations due to moral, political or religious beliefs.
In this case, you may download our "Objection Letter" and submit that in place of the records.

University of Maine at Augusta Vaccine Waiver Form

[DOC] My SMCC - Southern Maine Community College

[PDF] Immunization Waiver Form - University of Maine at Augusta


Immunization Non-Medical Exemption Form (Religious and Personal Belief)

Immunization Medical Exemption Form

Other Languages Here: