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Monday, November 13, 2017

[Tonight] Christ Revealed Episode 7 – the #1 Documentary Series of 2017

Introducing Episode 7

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Tonight, we’ll take you to meet Peter Tsukahira.

Peter has lived in Israel for more than 25 years. A graduate of CNFI and Tufts University, he holds a Masters of Divinity degree and has devoted his life to establishing the Mount Carmel School of Ministry.

Then, we’ll conclude the amazing 3-part interview with Greg Koukl that we begin back in Episode 5.

Do not miss meeting the dynamic Hermana Viljoen. Originally from South Africa, Ms. Viljoen shares her deep insights into the excavation in Magdala and the First-Century synagogue that’s being unearthed at this important site.

Understand more about the Magdala Stone, and exactly why it’s regarded as one of the most important artifacts discovered in our generation.


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As a treat to everyone, here is Episode 1 (YouTube) that can be watched without registration.



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