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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Government Gone Wild....... Forcing More Poison on Children

And this is why HOMESCHOOL

Government Gone Wild....... Forcing More Poison on Children

Here we see a child care center now being told by the government that they must "supplement" a child's lunch according to The Canadian Food Guide.

At this link we have a book proving the Canadian Food Guide and the USDA Food Pyramid will cause premature death in anyone who eats according to these dysfunctional and unhealthy standards.

At this link we have a Canadian medical doctor explaining that the Canadian Food Guide is obesogenic.

So a new licensing arrangement from government (a fictitious entity that's controlled by a very small number of REAL and BAD people) now makes sure children are fed poisonous garbage and that parents are charged pirate like rates for that poisonous garbage. Welcome to the death cult. As I've said many times on this page, if you want to find evil throughout history, it's always after the children because if children grow up to be strong and vital....evil will be defeated, so evil is continually trying to dis-empower, kill and cripple the children very early to fortify its' position. When will stupid and immoral people stop being promoted into positions of power, to rule over the rest of us? That day will come when more people start paying attention.
-Jason Chriustoff

Forcing more poisons on children because they're not dying fast enough for the death cults involved. And forcing parents to pay for it.