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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Another Michigan Mom Fighting for Her Right To Keep Her Daughter Vaccine-Free

Support Lori’s Parental Right to PROTECT HER DAUGHTER

Lori Matheson, 37, Michigan, has been engaged in a legal dispute for months with her ex-husband, the father of her 2 year old daughter, regarding the issue of vaccinations. She is a single mother of three children and a social worker who has spent over $20,000 fighting in family court for her daughter to remain unvaccinated. Lori began her research on vaccinations back in 2006 when her oldest daughter was 8 months old. Based on her research and data collected from multiple sources over the past 11 years she has come to the conclusion that her children are predisposed based on their family history, if vaccinated it would most likely trigger an adverse effect in their bodies. In other words the risks outweigh the benefits when it comes to vaccinating her children.

In addition to the health risks, Lori has a strong religious objection to certain vaccinations due to how they are manufactured using aborted fetal cells. In spite of the evidence previously submitted in and outside of family court, Lori’s ex-husband continues to insist that their daughter be fully vaccinated while unconcerned and impervious to the possibility that it could lead to future health problems for his daughter.

So what, right? Millions of people are in and out of family court because of things they can’t agree on when it comes to their kids. This is an everyday occurrence, why is Lori’s case any different than everyone else? I’m glad you asked… This case is being followed on a national level because it poses a few questions:

1) Does a Family Court judge have the right to make a medical decision on behalf of your child? This case is being heard by Oakland County Circuit Judge Karen McDonald- the same controversial judge that recently jailed a mother for refusing to vaccinate her son.

2)Are all vaccines safe for everyone? At the physician’s office where you are treated you will most likely be faced with literature explaining the benefits of getting yourself or your child vaccinated. Where is the literature on the risks and possible side effects? Who should not get vaccinated?

3) Who is legally responsible if you or your child does have a negative reaction that causes permanent damage or death? Yes, I said death from a vaccine. The doctor? Nope. The pharmaceutical company? Nope. The federal government? Maybe, if your case makes it to Vaccine Court (Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims). What’s that? Look it up, be informed.

Something is wrong with this and it needs to be addressed in our country. So much more information has come out of the woodwork in regards to this issue. Lori has been overwhelmed with support from hundreds of people who have family members that have permanent damage caused by a vaccine. They just want to support the Right to Choose whether to vaccinate or not in our country. They want the Truth to be exposed so all parents can make informed decisions before getting their child vaccinated. This case is first and foremost for Lori’s daughter’s health, but now has become so much bigger. She’s come this far and can’t go back now. Lori can’t look in the faces of those families and tell them that she’s going to quit because she’s out of funds. This is where you come in.

Here’s a brief summary of Lori Matheson’s recent court appearances:

Judge McDonald challenged Matheson to bring in an expert witness during a hearing on October 9th, where Matheson shared the strong family history of autoimmune disease and the increased risk of an adverse reaction occurring if her daughter was immunized. With just two days until the hearing resumed, Matheson was able to secure Dr. Toni Bark to testify. Judge McDonald did not feel Dr. Bark was an expert in vaccine injury, despite being published, having been used as an expert witness before in Vaccine Court, having completed a fellowship in Pediatrics, specializing in adversomics, and serving vaccine injured patients in more than 50% of her practice. Matheson objects to the vaccines for two reasons in this case:

1) Matheson has a strong history of autoimmune disease in her family, has had genetic testing done on her daughter, and seeks to have the results read by a professional as recommended by the pediatrician.

2) Matheson considers the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the vaccine manufacturing process against her religious beliefs. To note- these beliefs were challenged and disregarded as a reason to avoid immunization, despite the states religious vaccination exemption law.

This account is set up to support Lori in this precedence setting case. Hearing to resume November 14, 2017. The money raised will be used to retain expert witnesses and legal representation. As I mentioned the case has received national publicity and will continue to be streamed live. Please support Lori and the right to choose! The decision will not only impact Lori's daughter, but millions of children throughout our nation. Medicine is NOT one size fits all. No amount is too small to give, and your generosity is most humbly appreciated.

A message from Lori: "I am not "Anti-Vaccine." I do not judge parents who vaccinate. My stance is that not everyone should be vaccinated (for example: immunocompromised individuals). This is called "Vaccine Choice." If you've ever declined a flu shot or the HPV vaccine, you were able to make that choice. I stopped vaccinating when I read the research on vaccines triggering autoimmune disease with family history and that vaccines are made in huge contradiction to my religious beliefs. I watch my mom barely able to move with RA and my grandmother struggled with Lupus, plus I have an autoimmune disorder myself. Whether you are pro-vax, anti-vax or vaccine choice please support me in protecting my daughter who has a greater risk of harm than benefit from vaccines and my 1st Amendment Right of Freedom of Religion which is being denied!"

#ParentalRights #InformedConsent #VaxXed #MyChildMyChoice #SusceptibleGroups #Vaccines

Are all these ex husbands so angry and evil that they are willing to poison their children, just to get back at an ex wife?  This is very common now and RAMPANT.

Be mad at the ex wife, if you must, but quit taking it out on the children just to get back at them.  This is EVIL.

And in this case, it's the same damn judge too.  In cases like these, it's just best to flee the state.  I fled the state with my own child back in the late 90s.  It was unrelated to vaccines, but it was something else I had to get her away from.

The mother being a social worker, is working for a CORPORATION that steals and kidnaps children to be sold to the system, so being a social worker won't help her case.

Yet ANOTHER reason to stop CONtracting with CORPORATIONS and use The Vaccination Notice.

Selling Health?! More Like Selling Out Our Children

To Your Health?!

One Word.



If you're getting ME's to get your kids into school, I want you to more fully understand what you're getting youself and your kids into. If you don't know what FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) is, what it means to your child and family, how it was originally protective law was unlawfully gutted by "executive order" (of the president) and rewritten to mean the opposite of "protection," then arm yourself now with ore truth!

Here is an example of the tricky ways govt is getting you to VOLUNTARILY ELIMINATE ALL PRIVACY related to every single thing there is to know about YOU, your child, your immediate & extended family, your living situation, your neighbors, friends, workplaces, travel and social habits, medication and health, weapon status, crime history and more, and over 400 more specific data points. If you have a kid in school, you have no secrets.

This data is (not "will be someday," it IS right now, as of 2012) collected thru the tests, surveys and questionnaires at the school level by each state's contracted data hub (in CA, UCLA), transferred to multiple contracted "stakeholders," including US Deptartments of Labor; Transportation; Health & Human Services; and....oh, sure, Education; many State and local agencies and private corporations...accessible by future prospective schools and employers without your knowledge or consent, and sold to literally anyone who asks for it, INCLUDING MEDICAL DATA. The instant you sign the parent agreement at your school, FERPA supersedes all other privacy protection...they collect any and all detailed medical info, and


This flyer looks nonintrusive enough. Right?

Now, keep in mind that FERPA was not only rewritten as a "law" stating that not only can you not opt out of collection, unlawful storage and sale of all of this data, most of which is nonacademic, but FERPA now "benevolently" gives you, the parent or student, the specific right *not to* opt out. Read that again.

Yes, really.

Even with a valid exemption ANYWHERE, it's still a contract with a CORPORATE entity, like the school district, for example. They DO work and exempt your children, but the overall problems still remain. But I still find and share the forms, because children are still being saved from being poisoned, and besides, it is the parents' choice whether to use an exemption form, or The Vaccination Notice.  So we all will keep providing them.  Just beware of the incriminating language on some state forms.


And so are our schools . . .
See also: What is Our Government . . . Really?

Decline all the CORPORATIONS offers to CONTRACT.

It begins with marriage licenses and birth certificates, the first contracts with the CORPORATE government.  More and more people are opting out of those too.

This is why we all and Vaccination Liberation are encouraging parents to start forcing the liability issue and reveal these government and physician organizations as the CORPORATIONS for profit that they really are.

Some people are beginning to use The Vaccination Notice since it raises these issues and forces the liability issue.  You can ask Ingri Cassel of Vaccination Liberation ( regarding this, as that is what she suggests to folks now, since exemptions are becoming harder to get, and states like California changed their statutes and wiped out the exemptions.  CA is NOW a medical exemption only state.  So that is why more and more are using these lawful notices instead.

For vaccine pushing pedophilles (errr… I mean pediatricians):

Note:  Use a chiropractor and/or naturopath instead.

Now you see that pediatricians are reporting parents to CPS for refusing vaccines. Why?  Because they want that Combo 10 Bonus. Save yourselves from all the heartaches and dramas by canceling the appointments. How many new parents do we see running off to the vaccine pushing pediatricians nowadays?

Well baby checkups are voluntary and are not mandated by law. You are free to go to any naturopath, if the need arises and baby comes down sick. The 2020 Initiative for all pediatricians is to have FULLY vaccinated patients for their bonuses.

So the best way to avoid this insanity is to quit using lamestream doctors to begin with. Use a naturopath and/or good chiropractor instead. There are many. You must search them out, as the good doctors are out there. There are NO LAWS on the books anywhere that says parents have to use a mainstream clinic, doctor, pediatrician, or even go to a well baby checkups. That is just an indoctrination that has been bought, lock-stock-and-barrel. It's also for insurance company planning (a way to get your child into the EHR system and tracked for life). Do you really want to be tracked your entire life? There are many good naturopathic doctors out there. It's time to stop supporting mainstream, and start supporting the holistic and alternative. They'll get the message once everyone wakes up and start boycotting these places.

Look up Combo 10 Bonus:

Most folks don't understand that the public health department, the CDC and the state are all corporations. Basically Our Government is a Corporation. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA. The CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT. Repeat: the CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT! It is a private for-profit corporation that is chartered under the umbrella of the private for-profit UNITED STATES corporation with extremely close ties to the pharmaceutical companies.

I do not recognize the CDC as a government health advocacy organization. It is a corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet and headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA, with strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, their recommendations are influenced by the 'fiscal' health of their corporation. [See: Our Government is a Company, the Clearfield Doctrine and The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America by Judge Dale

Want to stop this corrupt beast system? Then quit CONtracting with these CORPORATIONS and starve the damn beast!

No Point in Doctors taking an Oath any more 😢💦

No Point in Doctors taking an Oath any more 😢💦

Today was a hard day for me to learn from my new friend Alisa Neathery, who I have been talking with all day, about her son Bently, who passed away from A NEGLIGENT DOCTOR, who DOUBLE DOSED her son On the TDAP vaccine, and TRIPLE Dosed HIM on the ORAL ROTOVIRUS 
The doctor had ordered 13 TOTAL for Little Bently, my Emotions have been all over the board, and Alisa has been reassuring to me and so loving, when it should of been me comforting her. I AM NOW, SO VERY ANGRY, and what can she do? Doctors are protected by OUR GOVERNMENT here in the USA, you cannot sue them for Vaccine Injury, and you cannot sue the vaccine manufacture. You have to go thru the Vaccine court called VAERS =Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System, but there is a TIMELINE of 3 years and 2 for a death. BUT DOCTORS DENY IT, they say NO IT WAS NOT THE VACCINE. We are living in some very corrupted times, when MURDER IS LEGAL for PHYSICIANS. I'm disgusted in those physicians who see the seizures, the babies who die on their tables, the ones who call the ambulance to theIr offices and yet they still work hard at meeting their bonuses, and they Choose not to Research, because they did not get Vaccine education in PRE-MED. they Learned the Vaccine Schedule and very little. Shouldn't they be learning Vaccine Ingredients and Vaccine adverse Reaction? And what True Immunity is ? It Sure doesn't come from a Needle, if I was a doctor and a baby had a seizure on my table after I gave I vaccine, I think I would look closer at what the hell was in that needle that just did this to my patient. BLESS YOUR HEART IN HEAVEN BENTLY AND YOUR MOMMYS HEART HERE ON EARTH. Pictured here little Bently passed away in his mothers arms on her chest in the middle of the day. ~ PLEASE SHARE
This was 6 years ago, so the statue of limitation is up for VAERS. 
~ Deniece Young