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Monday, October 30, 2017

Crisis Actors Ads

A White Nationalist Rally happened a couple of days ago in Shelby, TN!

Just a mere coincidence, right?

Of course!

Folks, keep a watch and keep a check your local Craig's List ads.  

And other crisis actors sites like this one...

Dunno the names of all of them that are out there now, nor do we how many there are, so an internet search on crisis actors for hire would be in order to stay alerted for possible events in your areas.

Seriously, this is why we prefer to just stay home.  We're never that bored that we have to or need to get out anymore.  Plenty here to keep us busy and from being too bored.

These freaking creeps are no longer pulling the wool over anybody's eyes. The awakening has arrived and there are many folks who refuse to buy their false flag bullshit anymore.  And for those vaccine damaged sheep who still do?… Shame shame shame.  All I can say is good luck in Camp Fema.