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Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Famous Holistic MD Found Dead, Patients and Staff Shocked

Famous Holistic MD found dead. I found out 24 hours ago but of course waited until the information was public and spoke to his sweet shocked staff. They said it has spread like wild fire. Rest In Peace.
- Erin Elizabeth

Famous Holistic MD Found Dead, Patients and Staff Shocked

By Erin Elizabeth -  August 8, 2017

We are so sorry to announce that Dr. John Michael Lonergam, MD, or
Dr. Mike to his patients and staff, was found dead yesterday of an apparent heart attack.

I found out 24 hours ago, just hours after Dr. Mike died, but didn’t report on it immediately out of respect to the family. However, I did speak directly to his staff today because I wanted to absolutely confirm the story (as I have with every one of the 70+ deaths that have occurred in the last two years) and now that they are speaking about it, I wanted to share it with you.


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A: Lonergan has not said. But Mary Schrick, owner of Full Circle Health in Edmond, Oklahoma, which once housed Lonergan’s practice, has written that it contains Dexamethasone, Kenalog and vitamin B12.

Dexamethasone is a hormone used to treat disorders including arthritis. Kenalog is a brand name for a synthetic anti-inflammatory medication. A B12 deficiency can cause joint pain.

Schrick wrote about the procedure in a 2014 issue of Thrive Magazine, a health and wellness periodical where she serves on the board of directors. She reported that the dosage “differs depending on the patient’s general health, age, weight, medical history and so on.” The administering doctor, she said, performs a “thorough one-hour review” with each patient to rule out allergies and interactions with other medications.

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By Erin Elizabeth -  August 4, 2017


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