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Monday, August 14, 2017

An Argument is Raging Across this Country, and It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better.

The Trouble with Vaccines… (and what you can do about it)

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[PDF] Appendix B-Pink Book - Vaccines - CDC
Appendix B
Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary
Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

An argument is raging across this country, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Parents and grandparents are up in arms fighting with each other, their friends, doctors, and even legislators.

It’s a subject so controversial for some that it eclipses our recent elections, our economy, and the healthcare debate itself.

What is this new “third rail?”

Vaccine dangers and increasing adverse reactions in children.

Medical doctors are increasingly being confronted with parents who want to diverge from the recommended vaccine protocol, asking to vaccinate selectively (or sometimes flat out REFUSING them).

They’re asking –

– How do I know for sure that they’re safe for my child?

– Is my child at high risk of having a bad reaction?

– How often should we administer vaccines? Can we space them out?

– How MANY vaccines are really necessary?

– Should we vaccinate at all? Are there alternatives?

– Will you show me the package inserts aka prescribing information?

– What about Adverse Events and Adverse Reactions?

– What about autism?  ADD / ADHD?  Seizures? And other side effects?

– What about the vaccine ingredients?  What are in these vaccines?

– What about the flawed "germ theory of disease"?  What about the false "Herd Immunity"?

– Are we doing more harm than good? (long term)
And a whole lot more.

If you ask me, the biggest problem facing the vaccine controversy today is that there’s too much noise. ESPECIALLY Pro-vax noise.

Too much propaganda and emotional arguments.

Too many pro-vax opinions and too few facts.

Just like other “hot button issues”… everyone has an opinion (factual or not), and there’s BIG money at play to try and tip the hand in one direction or another.

How do you know what’s best for your child?

Not only are we facing the questions about vaccine safety and integrity…

Now we’ve got to deal with, “Who decides what’s best for my child? Me… or the government?”

California entered the fray when it passed a mandatory “forced vaccination” law in 2016, much to the outrage of many citizens across the state.

How would you feel if your government mandated that you MUST vaccinate, even if it goes against your religious or philosophical beliefs?

What does it say for freedom when the government starts making major medical decisions for you and your children?

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And on Experimental Vaccines:

Where do we go from here?

How did we ever get to this point?

Way back in 1796, when Edward Jenner supposedly cured a kid with what was then known as “cowpox,” it was deemed a major medical breakthrough.

People in the late 1700s and early 1800s were supposedly dying left and right from diseases of fifth that supposedly could be controlled by vaccines, and with that the race was on.

Fast forward to now and parents are vaccinating our kids against literally “everything under the sun,” but we still don’t know how many of these newer vaccines react with our human bodies over time, or long term effects passed on from generation to generation.

And the vaccine companies themselves have immunity from the government. Literally, you can never sue them if something goes wrong, and your child is injured from the vaccine.

Couple that with the rising anger on both sides at the thought that “the other side” is reckless and ignoring the facts, and you have an issue that’s just about reached a boiling point.

We owe it to our children to get educated about this and find out the real dangers of these mandated poisons. To get the facts.

So, some people wonder which side is correct?

As usual, most think that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of this huge mental fist-fight.

We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to learn as much information as we can about vaccines, so that we can protect them and give them the best chances of having a vibrant, healthy future — free from the REAL disease which is the "evil and deceit" of this modern world .

Read the Hep B FULL package insert, including the adverse reactions...

Even though the debate is contentious on from every angle, one brave team has decided to do something about it.

Filmmaker, author, and health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger, the man who produced the record-setting documentary “The Truth About Cancer” (now seen by 10 million people), has an epic series about to be relaunched for the second time in 2017. And just in time before "Back To School Madness".

Ty and his team traveled the world to interview over 60 speakers on both sides of the debate. Scientists, researchers, doctors, clinicians… the list is huge. The docu-series itself is a little politically correct and neutral. They are attempting to cool down some of the hostility among the people. While it's too politically correct for my taste, it has turned many a hard core pro-vaxxer into thinking about the real dangers of vaccines, and some have further researched and will no longer vaccinate themselves or their children.

Their goal with the series is to bring some sanity to the heated vaccine debate.

To investigate both sides, so parents can make their own decision about what’s best for their family.

And the result is a new 7-part documentary series called “The Truth About Vaccines.”

The reality is, no matter whether people are staunch vaccine supporters, or they believe they should be eliminated completely… our voices matter, and the health of our children and grandchildren shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip.

We deserve to be heard and we deserve to learn all we can about the junk science, vaccine risks for our own families, and other statistics to make a truly informed chose,  complete avoidance and refusal of mandated poisons.

On August 17th at 9pm Eastern, “The Truth About Vaccines” relaunches, and some the answers will be revealed. 7 episodes in 7 days.

It’s the biggest, most comprehensive documentary series on vaccines ever released, right next to VaccinesRevealed.

And they’re giving away the whole thing for FREE.

Click HERE to register to watch the entire series free of charge.

Can we afford to leave the health of our children to chance? Or to government?

God Does Not Support Vaccines:


The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV):

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JS (JavaScript) Overlay Hall of Shame

JS Overlay Hall of Shame

Glad to see that I have company of other folks who hate this annoying shit of the interwebs.

Another annoyed individual expressing his frustration over this internet annoyance...


Javascript Overlays Are The Pop-Ups 'De Nous Jours'

“Stop shoving crap in my face, if you want me to stay on your site!”

Just a leetle Overlay. Eet is verra theen! [Image Credit: Rex Features]

Remember the bad old days of the Intarwebs, when we used to all get annoyed about websites that shoved pop-up windows in our faces?

I think, somewhere in the ancient bowels of this blog, I once compared such goings on to; a waiter, unannounced, shoving the wine menu between your fork and the plate you were about to eat from and demanding you give it your attention… “RIGHT NOW!!!”.

It’s that kind of level of ill manners.

Well, thankfully those days are behind us now. Most browsers have the facility to block pop-up windows and, although it’s not 100% fool-proof, it works enough of the time that most websites have given up on pop-ups and, these days, you really only see them on the kind of sites which are the dingleberries on the arsehole of the internet anyway.

So, all’s right with the world now, then?

Well, not quite. For, of late, I’ve noticed that it seems an increasingly annoying number of websites are reviving the ‘delights’ of the old pop-up through Javascript Overlays.

Thanks to AJAX and the innumerable Javascript libraries it spawned, it’s possible to cause an overlay to appear on top of the content of your site, whilst someone is in the middle of reading it. This can be triggered in various ways such as: having the overlay appear after a set amount of time, or having it appear when the user scrolls past a certain point on your page. You’ll notice that, like our fictitious ‘rude waiter’, both of these techniques involve drawing you into the content first, then shoving the metaphorical wine menu between your fork and plate. And, unfortunately, unlike with traditional pop-ups, these insidious overlays are a lot harder to block, without disabling Javascript, which would cripple most of the modern intarwebs.

I’ve got so irked by this of late that I’ve started “voting with my eyeballs” by instantly closing any website which does this to me. It can be a bit of a wrench sometimes –especially if I was in the middle of reading something interesting or informative. But I think we should all start doing this, nonetheless.

If, while poring over their visitor stats, the webmasters of all these sites noticed that every time a page stuck a Javascript Overlay in someone’s face, that person left, they’d soon stop doing it.

And here, in no particular order other than my remembering to screengrab them at the time, is a ‘Hall of Shame’ which I’ve snapped over the past couple of weeks while browsing the web. This represents only a fraction of the annoying overlays I’ve seen during that time. But if any of the webmasters in question are reading this: As soon as you threw these overlays on top of what I was reading, I instantly left your site and took my goldfish attention span elsewhere.

So there!

Click on the link to the original articles to see ALL of the examples.
Damn Data Miners!
Link to original article...

And more shame here...

The Face-Shitting Continues

“Javascript Overlay Hall of Shame Revisited [WARNING: Image Heavy]”

Link to original article and more screen shot examples...

Ep 75- The Truth About Well-Child Visits [My Incredible Opinion]


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Trailer Page - TTAV Re-Launch Aug 2017

Article - "Vaccine Schedule" - TTAV Re-Launch Aug 2017

Article - "Herd Immunity" - TTAV Re-Launch Aug 2017

Article - "Vaccines & Autism" - TTAV Re-Launch Aug 2017

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