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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dead Doctor’s Research Expanded: Natural Cures Seen for Autism and Cancer
When Dr. Jeff Bradstreet unexpectedly and tragically died in the spring of 2015, many of us wondered what would happen to the research he was doing with GcMAF, Goleic, and Bravo yogurt, which he was using to help children with autism. To my great pleasure, I am pleased to report that the research has continued and treatment options have been expanded. We are now seeing even more powerful results for the treatment of autism, cancer, chronic Lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome, and various neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Bradstreet’s previous research focused on the macrophage activating factors known as GcMAF and Goleic, which he used in his clinic. Dr. Bradstreet was able to help 3 out of 4 autistic children by treating them with GcMAF or Goleic. Approximately 20% to 25% of these children lost their autism diagnosis and another 50% experienced a reduction in autistic symptoms. After the European manufacturing facility for GcMAF and Goleic was raided and closed down in the first months of 2015, Dr. Bradstreet foc
Research on Treating Autism and Cancer with the Ketogenic Diet Bravo and Rerum

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News
When Dr. Jeff Bradstreet unexpectedly and tragically died in the spring of 2015, many of us wondered what would happen to the research he was doing with GcMAF, Goleic, and Bravo yogurt, which he was using to help children with autism. To my great pleasure, I am pleased to report that the research has continued and treatment options have been expanded. We are now seeing even more powerful results for the treatment of autism, cancer, chronic Lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome, and various neurodegenerative diseases.
See our previously published article on Dr. Bradstreet’s Work and Death:

Is The U.S. Medical Mafia Murdering Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA?

Dr. Bradstreet’s previous research focused on the macrophage activating factors known as GcMAF and Goleic, which he used in his clinic. Dr. Bradstreet was able to help 3 out of 4 autistic children by treating them with GcMAF or Goleic. Approximately 20% to 25% of these children lost their autism diagnosis and another 50% experienced a reduction in autistic symptoms. [2, 3]
After the European manufacturing facility for GcMAF and Goleic was raided and closed down in the first months of 2015, Dr. Bradstreet focused his research on a special yogurt formula known as Bravo. The microbes in this yogurt produce molecules of GcMAF and a newly identified compound called Rerum. These molecules stimulate the immune system when this yogurt is eaten or taken as an enema. At the same time, the microbes in the Bravo yogurt restore the microbiome of the human gut and the microbiome in the human brain. [7]
Dr. Bradstreet learned about the existence of Rerum three days before his death, so he was not able to use this new macrophage activating factor in its synthesized form as he did with GcMAF and Goleic. Rerum is now being tested in clinics in Europe and is producing amazing results for many different health problems.
The newest research shows that when Bravo Yogurt and Rerum are combined with the ketogenic diet, the power of the human body’s ability to heal itself is released. This therapeutic combination is now part of an autism treatment protocol, as well as being an essential part of a powerful protocol for reversing and eliminating late stage cancers.
This article is part one of a two part series on using the combination therapy consisting of a ketogenic diet, Rerum, and Bravo yogurt. Part 1 will focus on the results of a recent research study on this protocol and describe some of the basic science behind the treatments. Part 2 will provide information about how you can use the ketogenic diet, Bravo Yogurt, and Rerum as treatments for illness.

How can Bravo, Rerum, and the Ketogenic Diet Help both Autism and Cancer?

The answer to this question comes to us from scientists and medical providers who work in the medical field called “allgemeine pathologie.” They approach illness from a very different view point. They are constantly thinking about how diseases are connected, and are looking for the common elements of illness, which could lead to the treatment of diverse illnesses with a single set of interventions.
In the U.S., most scientific investigations focus on researching and developing treatments for individual diseases. This practice results in compartmentalized medicine where diseases and their treatments are put into separate boxes as if they could not be connected.
Dr. Marco Ruggiero, M.D., PhD, has worked extensively in the field of allgemeine pathologie and the research he is conducting with his European and American colleagues is opening the door to powerful new approaches for treating illnesses as diverse as autism and cancer.
Dr. Ruggiero worked closely with Dr. Bradstreet in the U.S., and was the scientific adviser for Immuno Biotech, which developed and formerly manufactured GcMAF in Europe.
Dr. Ruggiero described Allgemeine pathologie during an online interview conducted by Clive de Carle [1] in 2016. (Dr. Ruggiero’s first language is Italian. His comments, as presented throughout this article, have been edited slightly to improve sentence construction.) Dr. Ruggiero stated:
It was about a hundred and fifty years ago when in Germany and in Italy, but not in the Anglo-Saxon world, the concept of Allgemeine pathologie was developed. In English you could loosely translate it as general pathology but this doesn’t render the sense. Allgemeine pathologie, according to those Italian and German medical scientists, [tells us that] all chronic diseases have something in common that was independent of their cause (etiology — the study of the cause), but was strictly related to the pathogenesis of the way they develop. In other words they taught that if you take cancer, if you take neurodegenerative diseases, if you even take infectious chronic diseases they all have something in common. They thought that if they found what all these different diseases had in common they could find a cure for possibly all human diseases. They developed this concept that is still taught in Germany and in Italy.
When I was in medical school and even afterward, I had difficulty in explaining to my colleagues that I was working at the Institute of General Pathology. Everybody in England and in the USA thought that I was dealing with dissections because pathology in the United States and in England means the dissection [of bodies] to find out the cause of death.
Now a hundred and fifty years later we know that those researchers were right at the molecular level. We know that the human genome is made up of about 20,000 genes, but out of these 20,000 genes about 200, not more than 200, are responsible for most of the functions. So, you find that in diseases as diverse as cancer and autism the same genes are involved. At this point now that we know which genes are involved in diseases as diverse as cancer and autism, we can try to target those genes and restore their functions. [2, 3]

Research Findings for Late Stage Cancer

In a study published in December of 2016 in the American Journal of Immunology [4], Dr. Ruggiero and his colleagues from Germany and the U.S. reported the results of using complementary immunotherapy for treating late stage cancer with six patients. Their protocol combined the ketogenic diet, Rerum, Bravo yogurt, and various other supplements.
The Ketogenic diet is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat, moderate-protein diet, which deprives cancer cells of sugar, which is their fuel source. Rerum is a nanosized emulsion made of chondroitin sulfate, vitamin D3 and oleic acid. Bravo Yogurt is a fermented milk and colostrum product.
Other supplements given to these patients were: Vitamin D3 (10.000-20.000 I.U. per day), curcumin, omega-3, ubiquinol, arginine, multivitamins and a low-molecular weight pectin preparation. The pectin product was obtained from Dr. Reinwald Healthcare. [5] All the other supplements were obtained from local pharmacies and supplement stores. According to the article, low-molecular weight pectin inhibits the growth and metastasis of gastrointestinal cancer cells. In addition, pectin is effective for removing toxins. Oral administration of pectin has been shown to lower lead toxicity in children without side effects.
The strategy used with the treatment of these patients focused on the use of a nutritional plan and food supplements that were designed to stimulate the immune system and fight inflammation. Their approach produced low toxicity for patients, and could be used in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy.
All the patients described in this report were administered the emulsion called Rerum, which is manufactured in Germany by Dr. Reinwald Healthcare. [5] It is classified and registered as a food supplement, because it is composed of well-known supplements that have been in use for decades. The emulsion was administered orally or parenterally according to the clinical judgment of the therapist in each individual case.
The authors of this study issued this general warning concerning their research findings. They stated:
…Caution must be employed in drawing a cause-effect relationship between treatment and clinical outcome. This is particularly true considering the limited number of cases reported in this study, their heterogeneity and the limited time of observation. In addition, even though some of the approaches described in this article, such as the ketogenic diet or the use of supplements, may be implemented without medical prescription in some countries, it is essential that the information presented in this study is not construed as medical advice and we always recommend that patients affected by diseases are supervised by competent therapists even when only nutrition is concerned. [4]
The results of their patient studies are summarized in the following 6 case studies.

Case 1: Ovarian Cancer with Metastases in the Liver

A 70-year old woman with ovarian cancer had multiple metastases in the liver and the peritoneum. She had been treated with multiple cycles of conventional chemotherapy. This reduced the size of the peritoneal metastases, but was ineffective against the liver metastases. The patient had developed severe neuropathy possibly as a consequence of chemotherapy and she could not walk for more than 30 feet due to extreme pain and fatigue. She had been labeled “incurable” by her conventional doctor.
After about five weeks of treatment with the nutritional immunotherapeutic approach, a PET scan no longer detected appreciable size liver metastasis. Blood analyses showed an elevated level of circulating monocytes (8.1%). The normal range is 3% to 10%. This supports the hypothesis that the integrated approach described above stimulated the immune system with particular reference to the monocyte-macrophage arm of immunity. Activation of macrophages following the subcutaneous administration of the emulsion described above was also confirmed by color-doppler ultrasonography.
The patient also had a decrease in her score for Transketolase-Like 1 (TKTL1). TKTL1 plays a crucial role in ovarian cancer metabolism and its expression predicts poor prognosis. Therefore, a decrease in the expression of TKTL1 may be interpreted as a sign of decreased aggressiveness of the cancer itself.

Case 2: Prostate Cancer

A 63-year old man with prostate adenocarcinoma, osteoporosis, and esophagitis was treated with the nutritional immunotherapeutic approach. He had previously been treated with radiation therapy, and a MRI scan showed residual tumor lesion.
After about four weeks of treatment with the nutritional-immunotherapeutic approach, his Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) was significantly decreased from 95 to 0.8. This was a return to a normal value.
During this time, he also received 3 subcutaneous anti-androgen injections from the Department of Urology of the University of Bochum, Germany. The dramatic drop in his PSA was noticed after the first administration of anti-androgens. The patient indicated that the abrupt decrease puzzled the oncologists who were treating him, stating that it was the first time they had observed such an occurrence.
After 4 weeks of nutritional-immunotherapeutic treatment, imaging studies showed significant reduction of the tumor mass. It appeared encapsulated with no metabolic activity. The percentage of circulating monocytes was close to the highest normal values (9.2%). Normal value is 3-10%. Activation of macrophages following subcutaneous administration of the emulsion described above was confirmed by color-doppler ultrasonography. Cumulative TKTL1 and Apo10 scores were decreased and, at the end of the treatment, both scores where within the normal values.

Case 3: Breast Cancer

A 66-year old woman had breast adenocarcinoma, gallstones, colitis and atrial fibrillation. Prior to nutritional-immunotherapeutic treatment, an ultrasound measurement of her tumor showed that it was 0.4 cubic centimeters in volume. Preliminary evidence indicated that after three weeks of the nutritional-immunotherapeutic approach, the tumor measured 0.1 cubic centimeters (a reduction of 75%). There was also a normalization of the cumulative Apo10 score (value: 123) that was consistent with the observed reduction in tumor size.

Case 4: Cancer of the Esophagus with Lung Metastases

A 55-year old man was diagnosed with recurrences of adenocarcinoma and adenosarcoma of the esophagus with lung metastases. These recurrences appeared after a previous surgical intervention, which targeted these lesions. The patient had been labeled “incurable.” The prognosis for esophagus cancer is quite poor with most patients dying within the first year after diagnosis.
After about eight months of implementation of the nutritional-immunotherapeutic treatment, the local lesions appear stable and encapsulated with no signs of progression. A CT scan of the thorax performed after about eight months did not detect lung lesions. The general condition of the patient significantly improved and his feeding tube was removed, because it was no longer needed. The patient reported that the Specialists at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, who removed the feeding tube were utterly puzzled by the unexpected positive outcome.

Case 5: Pulmonary Nodule

A 59-year old man was diagnosed one year earlier with a pulmonary nodule of unknown origin. The patient declined the recommended surgery to remove the nodule, and chose to use a variety of other approaches, which included: low-dose naltrexone, coffee enemas, quercetin, multivitamins, oregano oil, and minerals. The patient continued to use medications for hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy, and hypothyroidism. Tumor markers such as Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), CA 19-9, CA 27-29 and CA 15-3 were within the normal limits.
The level of the serum enzyme Nagalase was significantly elevated when the patient decided to implement the nutritional immunotherapeutic approach. His Nagalase was 3.10 Units, which was well above the reference range of 0.32-0.95 Units. Nagalase is used as a tumor marker, a marker of inflammation, and a marker of bacterial infection.
The patient’s Nagalase level measured six months after implementing the nutritional immunotherapeutic therapy fell to 1.34 Units), which is approaching the normal value. These results indicate that the immunotherapeutic approach adopted by the patient was effective in decreasing the level of serum Nagalase in a manner consistent with what has been reported for other types of cancer.

Case 6: Bile Duct Cancer

Dr. Steve Hines from the Hope Wellness Center in San Angelo, Texas, reported his experiences with a 73 year-old woman with cholangiocarcinoma (common bile duct cancer). She was suffering with epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting and pitting edema in both feet. Her oncologist stated she was not a candidate for surgery and did not offer any treatment or hope for recovery. The tumor measured 5 cm by 6.5 cm.
We recommended the patient order 3 vials of the Rerum emulsion. She was instructed to take 0.5 cc once daily for 5 days, then take 2 days off. One week later, when she returned to the clinic for other therapies, Dr. Hines asked her about her epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting and pitting edema. She answered, “No pain, no nausea, no vomiting and only a minor edema in the feet.” When she was asked how much product she was taking, she said she had finished all 3 vials the previous week. The 3 ampoules she had should have lasted for at least a few months, but she had already taken them all in one week! She had misunderstood the dosing recommendations and had taken 1 ampoule sublingually each day for 3 days in a row. Now, 6 months later, she still feels just fine and is living a normal life.

Autism is not an Incurable Illness

The occurrence of autism is rapidly rising among our children, and many parents are rejecting the “incurable” prognosis. The components of the complementary treatments described in the previous study also can be used for autism with great success.
Dr. Ruggiero was a close collaborator of Dr. Bradstreet and his pioneering work with autism treatment. Dr. Ruggiero reiterates the truth about autism. He stated:
I think that one of the worst things that can happen to the parent of an autistic child is to be given a final diagnosis as if autism was something forever – something that could not be improved. This has been demonstrated over and over again – when I say demonstrated, I mean you can find on PubMed that the symptoms of autism can be significantly improved with many children fully returning to a completely normal life. And in the end they will prove themselves to be smarter and brighter than their peers. …
We don’t yet have the cure that will absolutely work for all children — we are far away from that. … Sometimes we are lucky and we can see results in a matter of hours other times it may take years. It is not wishful thinking – it is not a hope, it is a certainty that autism can be significantly helped.
We now have many [formerly autistic] children going back to normal school.
One year ago a good friend of mind, Ms. Brianna, came with me on stage toward the end of my presentation [at the AutismOne Conference] and she reported the case of her son, who was diagnosed with severe autism. She explained that after only a few months of treatment with Bravo, he was able to go back to a normal classroom.
I can tell you that one year later he is now the smartest guy in his class. He is always in the top 90% of results in his class. Not only have we been able to help this child, but he is constantly improving and he may be needing a special class [in the future], but for specially gifted children. He is developing faster than his peers. [2, 3]
Ms. Brianna describes how her son was helped with a combination of the ketogenic diet, Bravo Yogurt, and Rerum. Her presentation starts about 75% through the following presentation given by Dr. Ruggiero.
Novel insights on the etiology and treatment of autism,” Dr. Marco Ruggiero, AutismOne 2016:
[See link in original article.]

A Healthy Brain Requires a Healthy Gut

Dr. Ruggiero describes the gut/brain connection. He stated:
Just before Dr. Bradstreet tragically passed away, he made a discovery that had been ignored for the past thousands of years by the anatomists. He discovered that the brain lymphatic system was instrumental in carrying microbes from the gut into the brain. We do have microbes in our brain, and in fact when we have these microbes we are perfectly healthy. I am not talking about pathogenic microbes like those that cause encephalitis or meningitis. I am talking about the microbes that constitute our gut microflora and in more general our human microbiome.
We all know that we have microbes in our gut. We all know that we have microbes on our skin and on our mucosa everywhere, but until we published this paper with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, [6] people thought the brain was a rather sterile organ in the absence of infectious disease. Now we know that this is not the case. There are the same microbes in our brain that we find in our gut. The two words brain and microbiome had never been put together until the publication of our paper in the journal called Frontiers of Human Neuro-science.
The influence [of these microbes] on the functioning and the development of the brain is immense, because they produce a number of molecules that influence the functioning of neurons and glial cells.
In autism, as in neurodegenerative diseases, inflammation [is present] in lymph nodes located inside the neck called the deep cervical nodes. Because of this inflammation, circulation is hampered and the lymph from the brain cannot drain. [This means] there cannot be a recirculation of microbes between the gut and the brain, and toxins and neuronal bodies and all types of junk accumulate in the brain. Eventually this leads to all the dysfunctions that we observe in neurodegenerative diseases as well as in autism.
Another important point is that these microbes don’t travel all by themselves from the gut to the brain. They are carried by macrophages. [2, 3]

Macrophages and Macrophage Activating Factor

Dr. Ruggiero described the functions of macrophages and their ability to orchestrate the activities of the immune system. He stated:
Macrophages are cells of the immune system. Their name arises from the old Greek “macro” which means big, and “phage” which means eater. They are relatively big cells and they eat. What do they eat? Essentially whatever they find. They eat cells infected by viruses. They eat cancer cells. They eat pathogenic microbes. Their role is essentially of sentinels of the immune system. … Their first goal is to set-up the first line of defense in other words to detect the threat and then to tell the other cells of the immune system, notably the T and B lymphocytes, how to address that threat.
If, however, you don’t have enough macrophages, if they are not well nourished, if they don’t have enough tools in their kit, then you cannot count on an efficient first line of defense. This is when cancer arises or when neuro-degenerative or neuro-inflammatory infections take over.
There are a number of macrophage activating factors, both protein and non-protein. They increase the number of macrophages and activate them. So essentially this is … what macrophage activating factors such as GcMAF or like Rerum do.

Three Steps for Restoring Normal Brain Activity

Dr. Ruggiero explained that there are three basic steps for treating people with neurodegenerative or neurodevelopmental diseases such as autism. These are in addition to the use of the ketogenic diet. Macrophages are designed to move freely through the lymphatic system and to enter the brain.
Dr. Ruggiero stated:
First of all you need to have a good array of microbes in your gut otherwise you have a very bad starting point. If your gut microflora is made of pathogenic microbes or an over growth of yeast or other pathogenic microbes, that is bad, because those microbes will end up in your brain and it won’t be good.
[For this reason] you have to reconstitute your gut microflora — your healthy core human microbiome. This can be rather easily achieved with Bravo yogurt used as a regular drinking yogurt or in some cases used as a suppository or as an enema.
At this point you need to unclog the deep cervical nodes so that the lymph from the brain can easily recirculate. Now you can do this in two ways. You can use the Bravo yogurt as a spray or use the Rerum.
Using the Rerum as a spray such as from a nebulizer or from other means will reduce the inflammation at the level of the deep cervical nodes and will reactivate the circulation of lymph. And the Rerum will also activate the macrophages.
The activated macrophages will become like trucks loaded with microbes — in this case — good microbes. They will carry the good microbes from the gut into the brain. This will reconstitute the brain microbiome. [2, 3]

Summary: Insuring a Source of Healthy Microbes for the Gut and the Brain

The good microbes that are in the Bravo yogurt are designed to provide people with the primary set of microorganisms that can be found in a healthy baby. The Bravo Yogurt also contains molecules of activating factors that motivate the macrophages so they can transport these healthy microbes into the brain through the lymphatic system. The ketogenic diet provides many benefits among which is the proper nutrition that is needed to support a healthy population of microbes throughout the body. High consumption of carbohydrates feeds pathogenic microorganisms in the body and allows them to dominate the microbiome. This imbalance leads to inflammation, which inhibits proper detoxification and the proliferation of many different diseases. Rerum is present in Bravo Yogurt and can also be used as a supplement. It decreases inflammation and activates the activity of macrophages. It also contains ingredients that are known to have anti-cancer properties.

A Quick Look at the Next Article

In article 2 we will look at the specific details about how we can use the ketogenic diet, Bravo yogurt, and Rerum for the treatment of various illnesses.

Additional Resources for Your Further Research


[1] Clive de Carle conducted an extensive interview with Dr. Ruggiero, which was published on the internet in two parts. See references [2] and [3] below for the specific links and their topics. Clive de Carle is a health researcher who cured himself from an “incurable” disease using nutrition.

[2] “RERUM & BRAVO. AMAZING RESULTS.” Dr. Marco Ruggiero, M.D., PhD, interview by Clive de Carle, (Part 1) 3/15/2016.

[3] “OVERCOMING CANDIDA, PARASITES & AUTISM,” Dr. Marco Ruggiero, M.D., PhD, interview by Clive de Carle, (Part 2) 3/20/2016.

[4] Michael Schwalb, Margit Taubmann, Steve Hines, Heinz Reinwald and Marco Ruggiero; “Clinical Observation of a Novel, Complementary, Immunotherapeutic Approach based on Ketogenic Diet, Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin D3, Oleic Acid and a Fermented Milk and Colostrum Product,” American Journal of Immunology, Case Reports, 12/21/2016, Volume 12, Issue 4, DOI: 10.3844/ajisp.2016.91.98.

[5] Dr. Reinwald Healthcare, Germany, Product List.

[6] James J. Bradstreet, Marco Ruggiero, Stefania Pacini; “Commentary: Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels,” Front Neurosci, 12/22/2015, doi: 10.3389/fnins.2015.00485.

[7] William G. Branton, Kristofor K. Ellestad, Ferdinand Maingat, B. Matt Wheatley, Erling Rud, René L. Warren, Robert A. Holt, Michael G. Surette, Christopher Power; “Brain Microbial Populations in HIV/AIDS: α-Proteobacteria Predominate Independent of Host Immune Status,” PLOS, 1/23/2013.


Avoiding Vaccines and Unwanted Injections at the ER

Someone commented about how to handle trips to the ER in case you might be unconscious. I had this bracket made for that purpose and I wear it always.
- Brenda Culbertson

Mine would say...
Just a slight change, because there are two words, besides Vaccines:  Biologics and Biogenics.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Trump Haters? CLOBBER Them (With These Tips)!


And if you don't have a cat that looks like that,  you can wear this instead....

Trumpy Cat tee shirt:

[Vaccination-Liberation] Did Chinese scientists find autism's missing puzzle piece?

A Great article on the toxicity of aluminum was posted by J B Handley, Jr. Feb 22nd.

Several research papers point to inflammation of the brain,
“there’s an ongoing, permanent immune-system activation in the brains of autistic people.”


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Colorado Exemption Form Action Plan

States across the US are slowly but surely forcing incriminating vaccine exemption forms.  So BEWARE of what you sign.

Instructions on how to handle the Colorado exemptions.

Download/print copies of the WAPF Exemption Form and Silberman’s letter and attach to the CDPHE. These are the best options:


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Anti-Nano Bucket - Adjustable Frequency and Pulse Width Controller - No ...

STILL saving up for this...

The Daily Messenger: To DEFEAT the Satanic whores of lucifer, do the fo...

The Daily Messenger: To DEFEAT the Satanic whores of lucifer, do the following...:

To DEFEAT the Satanic whores of lucifer, do the following. Please spread this invocation FAR AND WIDE.

here's how you do it. Say this with your heart and soul

Father, I ask on the NAME AND BLOOD OF YESHUA, OUR KING AND CHRIST, that you

bind all demons sent against us, Trump, his admin, et al, and send them to the dry

places. I invoke and ask per Matthew 24, what I bind on earth, you will bind in heaven.

I also ask that you cut the cords between these devils and witches between the demons

and principals in High Places and return to them 1000 fold that evil which they send to us

and to all your elect, everywhere.

Let it be so. In the name and blood of Christ. Amen....


Agree in prayer and sharing....

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BOYCOTT Little Northern Bake House

Buyer BEWARE!  NEVER EVER buy this bread. It may be wheat-free, but it is FULL of the cellulose crap.

Water, gluten free flour blend (modified tapioca starch, potato starch, whole brown rice flour, whole sorghum flour, corn starch), raisins, sunflower oil, dextrose, cane sugar, psyllium, yeast, pea fibre, modified cellulose, salt, rice bran, cultured cane sugar, cinnamon, cellulose gum.

buying Stuff...the legitmacy --BIOFILMmmmMMM

Biofilm buildup from the "Other Ingredients" in supplements, such as the cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, etc...

It's also in FOOD too.

Companies that do this, could care less about anyone's health.  They ARE compromising our health. ALL they care about is money.  THIS greed and compromising of our health from all directions is what's wrong with our world.

This is just one, but if you see the word, Cellulose, take note that the FDA has approved companies the right to use the word when they are using Wood Pulp as a filler. It can never be digested, and is building up in the bodies of humans. This and the various gums, including XANTHAN GUM, which has been irritating the lining of the intestines, and causing even more problems with many who are also Gluten Intolerant. The first stage of oxidative stress is to produce special enzymes to detoxify the new invading chemical; if, however, there is no enzyme for this purpose or the human does not have the capability to produce the enzyme, the body progresses into the next stage, inflammation.””  Our cells cannot stop the micro-nano particles from entering them, and once there they are not able to be useful, but float in and out of the cell membranes, and basically clog up tiny places in our bodies, bioaccumulating as we take more, and causing background inflammation to rise. This is also why people look inflamed and bloated.

A Good Bread...

On the bright side, Julian Bakery has the same cinnamon and raisin bread, and it's a clean product.

Click out for the Label:

Ingredients: Purified Water, *Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, *Eggs, *Raisins, Cinnamon, Psyllium Seed Powder, *Lemon Juice, Potassium Bicarbonate, *Stevia, Sea Salt. (*Organic)

No Cellulose, No Xanathan Gum!

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The Daily Messenger: Science teacher Tim Sullivan is accused of profess...

The Daily Messenger: Science teacher Tim Sullivan is accused of professional misconduct by the Ontario College of Teachers, which says he told students in March 2015 "not to get vaccinated and/or suggested that they should not get vaccinated,” and told students “that they could die as a result of the vaccination."...: A teacher who is accused of disrupting a vaccine clinic in a high school cafeteria, telling students vaccinations could lead to death, appeared at a disciplinary hearing of the Ontario College of Teachers on Tuesday....

When you think about it, school districts have NO business mandating vaccines, because they too, are dangerous drugs, and schools do not have a license to practice medicine.  By suggesting vaccines, drugs, etc... that is practicing medicine without a license.

And good for him for standing up to tell the truth.  He has my prayers.


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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: 30 Million To Die In Latest Outbreak - Pray

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: 30 Million To Die In Latest Outbreak - Pray: 30 MILLION PEOPLE TO DIE IN VIRAL OUTBREAK 30 Million To Die In Latest Pandemic - Pray - YouTube With all the news in the world today it...

Beware of these false flag pandemics.  ALL an excuse for more vaccine laws, doing away with exemptions and forced vaccines.


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Join Us at The Heart Revolution, Starting Feb 25

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DTaP Vaccines Contain the Carcinogen Formaldehyde

CDC link click on the pink book hyperlink to get the pdf for vaccine ingredients.
[PDF] Appendix B-Pink Book - Vaccines - CDC
Appendix B
Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary
Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

Cancer Institute:

Exemptions, Waivers, Affidavtis, Opt-outs, and Legal Notices:

Or Force Liability with a Vaccination Notice instead of exemption:


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NaturalNews Blogs: Presidential Order to End School Segregation Now

[NaturalNews Blogs]  Presidential Order to End School Segregation Now:

Note that it's only INTRODUCED.

Proposed Presidential Order

The Constitution guarantees that all children have a right to go to school, regardless of medical history or vaccination status.  In order to protect the right to go to school, a California mom, Sharon Brown, has proposed a presidential order that will establish the fundamental privacy of children’s medical records, which in turn, will end segregation by schools that discriminate against children – based only on the child’s medical history or vaccination status.

Regardless of whether you love or hate him, when Donald Trump signs this proposed executive order, it will essentially halt mandatory vaccination in American schools – because schools won’t be allowed to ask about the child’s medical history or vaccination status – because under our proposed order – the child’s medical history and vaccination status will be deemed “private.”

And this needs to be considered too...

Some commentary...

it's a bit misleading. This is actually what's happening: "...a California mom, Sharon Brown, has proposed a presidential order...".  ~Kimberly Ireland

Please note this has NOT been introduced by Trump, but by Sharon Brown, a CA Mom. I'm usually not a huge proponent of petitions, but signing this one certainly couldn't hurt. If you do share or tweet, PLEASE be certain to mention this is merely a proposal by a CA Mom, NOT by Trump himself. We cannot afford to spread inaccurate information. Thanks warriors!

Sharon Brown: Presidential Executive Order to End School Segregation.
WHEREAS one’s medical status is fundamentally private; WHEREAS parents have the right to protect the privacy of their children’s medical status; WHEREAS schools routinely invade children’s right to privacy by demanding disclosure of child’s medical status and vaccine status—as a condition to school....


I still think it's possible. If enough people will tweet to the President, I think it could happen. But in the meantime, we will all refuse vaccines, homeschool, stay away from drug pushing doctors and keep informing others. The more than know about the vaccine dangers, the closer we are to ending them, I think.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mishka is having health problems

Just wanted to update you guys. Mishka has had some health issues recently. Not too long ago she underwent surgery to have a tumor removed and now she is having trouble walking. We took her to the vet and she received an anti-inflammatory shot and medicine to take. She is also taking medicine to help relieve the pain. A week has gone by and she seems to be getting worse and has lost weight. We will be taking her back in for further evaluation, including x-rays, and treatment.

At 14 1/2 years old, we want to make sure that we provide Mishka with all of the best medical care that we can. It’s tough to see her like this. Your contributions will help pay for Mishka's medical costs. Anything you can give, whether big or small, would be greatly appreciated. We will try to send thanks to every contributor. Thank you for all your love and support. 

We set up her GoFundMe page here:

Mishka loves each and every one of you.


My suggestions to Matthew Gardea...

Bless her sweat heart!  We have some suggestions for you....

Get her on some bone broth like the Bonified Chicken bone broth. We have two cats, and boy does our younger boy cat Breezy loves that stuff!  It will rebuild collagen in the bones, joints, ligaments, etc.. and provide amino acids such as glycine. We can't live without it.  Dr. Josh Axe has a powdered version of bone broth that can be put into the food, gluten-free gravies, etc...

Also, it would be a good idea to get her on some proteolytic enzymes (particularly Serrapeptase). Decreases inflammation, eats up excess scar tissue, eats up amyloid plaque and dead tissue, clears excess fibrin out of the blood, and eats up excess fibrosis.  We like the Arthur Andrew Medical brand of Serratia and Neprinol.  They will need to be re-encapsulated into much safer kosher bovine gelatin caps, due to the polymerized cellulose veggie caps which are unsafe. But the enzyme will help like big time.

Biofilm buildup from the "Other Ingredients" in supplements, such as the cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, etc...
buying Stuff...the legitmacy --BIOFILMmmmMMM


My prayers are with Mishka, and praying that they are refusing to shoot her up with vaccines.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Site on Psychiatric issues

Here is a site intended to help parents and others get through the minefield of medical/psychiatric pressures. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is known as the go-to place on this issue -- their documentaries are superb.

Besides the obvious vaccines, we can't warn people enough to stay away from ALL Big Pharma drugs.

There are a couple of exemption forms here.

Parent’s Exemption Form:

Student Exemption Form:

These are to help keep the school out of your business. Because nosy teachers and counselors are the root of the problem of forcing parents to drug their children, as many of them will call CPS on parents. So the forms are to help ensure that they butt out.

Remember, the schools do not have a license to practice medicine.

Here is Gary Null's documentary called The Drugging Of Our Children (Full Length)

Uploaded on 9 Jul 2011
In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment. Hence, diagnosing a child or adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven. Psychiatrists may then prescribe psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia. And yet, despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.

Another one...

Published on 15 Dec 2012
All predicted in the pages of the Bible (Book of Revelation). Psychiatry is responsible for the torture and death of millions, psychiatry is on the rise in America and now more dangerous than ever with pills that can literally give the patient a chemical lobotomy.

Monday, February 13, 2017

[Vaccination-Liberation] Home Schooling

Hi everyone,

I can’t personally vouch for the following information, but the mention of one-room school houses caught my eye. And since I am an antique, I go back to that era and recall that as a barely 5-year-old first grader, I was learning 8th grade stuff in the little one-room school at Holcomb, Oregon, complete with a one-holer outhouse by the outer fence. When I finally ended up in high school, I was light years ahead of my peers.

Anyway, maybe the following will be of help to those thinking about home schooling.


Here it is: a new essay on Trivium learning.  

LINK: Learning Skills and the Trivium by Jarett Sanchez

Coming in at 98 pages and over 21,000 words, this is practically a book unto itself, and it is available to you for FREE.  This marks a new approach to liberal learning that makes it more accessible to a 21st century audience.

By focusing upon the various learning and study skills found in the Trivium (as well as adding a few from more modern sources) you can begin using the practical tricks of liberal education before learning the subjects themselves.  This essay can be used to form study groups or to develop a curriculum for homeschooling families.

Below is just a small sample of what you will find, but there's so much more.  Don't miss this opportunity to take your learning to the next level-- download it today!

     I believe that our education system in the United States is broken, and that if given the tools of learning, anyone can get a high quality education in a Do-It-Yourself manner without attending any college, or even high school.  What you’ll read here is not found in any public school, and even though some homeschoolers have a certain version of it, they’ve never known it in this way.  Nobody has, until now.  This is a beginner’s guide to the liberal arts, known as the Trivium, which focuses on the practical skills instead of the academic subjects.  It does not provide a curriculum of any kind. It also does not go into great depth on any of the three Trivium subjects—you will need textbooks and/or audio courses for that, there is no way around it.  But where it lacks in complete detail and ready-made lesson plans, it makes up for in broad strokes and dependable outlines.  You can get yourself started with just this essay and a little creativity.

This essay focuses on study skills.  I prefer to call them “learning skills” because I studied a lot in school but I didn’t learn very much.  I certainly didn’t learn that I could approach the learning of any subject in almost the exact same way.  And I certainly didn’t learn that I could educate myself, to a very high degree, without going to college.   Most of what I learned in school was memorized in the short-term in order to complete homework assignments and pass the tests.  I had to jump through hoops—no real learning was required.  Just enough memorization and understanding to fill in some blanks.  Do you remember Algebra 2 or Chemistry still?  Ten points if you do.

Once upon a time in the United States, there was a thing called the one-room school house, or Dame school, and it was unique because it put students of all ages in a large room together with a teacher acting as facilitator.  She would provide basic instructions but as the older students learned the material, they would help to teach the younger students.  While it wasn’t a perfect system, that attitude of more experienced students helping newer students learn runs through this entire essay.  It wasn’t until Horace Mann introduced the Prussian model of education into United States schools that students were broken up into age groups and given lectures instead of hands-on instruction.  The basic pattern set by Mann lingers with us to this day.  The Prussian model of education was designed to make the population of Prussia docile and subservient to the will of the king.  This is antithetical to the liberal attitude toward education (or the liberal attitude in general).  It’s amazing how little we are taught about Horace Mann, considering the impact he had on education.  I do not here propose a plan to introduce the Trivium into modern schooling, but I do think it worth raising the question, ”Is school completely necessary anymore?”

In this essay I provide you with over twenty study skills, many of which can be used right away.  Taken together, these skills will develop within you the means to conquer any knowledge and learn any subject.  Most say you should start by learning the Trivium subjects first—I don’t.  People want to get into the method but they don’t know where to start, and they’re not ready to jump into the deep end first.  What they need is a helping hand to show them a few moves before they swim off on their own, and this essay is that helping hand.

Taking Notes/Annotation
Spaced Repetition
Discover the History of a subject
Distinguishing Materials

Finding the Argument
Define Terms
Reasoning: Deductive & Inductive
Spotting Fallacies
Notice Structure
Compare Expectations to Experience
More & Further

The Paraphrase
The Rhetorical Triangle
Five Canons of Rhetoric
Topics of Invention
The three appeals
Learning transfer
Kairos & Stasis
Write Outlines
Social Skills


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Massive Yale Study: Vaccines Cause Brain Injury

We have well water, but we still filter it.  We want to change and get the PureEffect water filter, as it also removes radiation too.  We have some pine pollen powder from Lost Empire Herbs (formerly Superman Herbs), and we love it.  Very satisfied with the Uncle Harry's tooth products.

We want to get the eye formula too, but we'll have to empty the mix out or re-encapsulate it. The mix itself is fine.  Anything sold in capsule form has to be re-encapsulated by us into kosher bovine GELATIN capsules due to the polyermized veggie caps (cellulose/pullulan, etc...) sold nowadays. Have to watch out for those "Other Ingredients", listed.  As long as the cellulose isn't in the mix.  Cellulose (CELL-U-LOSE) is also in the vaccines along with the nagalase, heavy metals, chemicals, etc...  We buy many blends of various supplements, and if it's limited to just the capsule, then we re-encapsulate ourselves.

This is just one, but if you see the word, Cellulose, take note that the FDA has approved companies the right to use the word when they are using Wood Pulp as a filler. This and the various gums, including XANTHAN GUM, which has been irritating the lining of the intestines, and causing even more problems with many who are Gluten Intolerant.

Companies that we thought were safe at one time, decide to change their ingredients, or have been sold to companies that change their ingredients and we don’t realize we are no longer using a product that we felt good about using. One example is the recent addition of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate to 7th Generation Laundry Soap. This ingredient is listed as toxic on the Environmental Working Group’s website, and has been shown to: damage cell membranes, possibly cause hair loss, is linked to skin and eye irritation, organ toxicities, developmental & reproductive toxicities, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruptions, ecotoxicological, and biochemical or cellular changes, and possible cell mutations and cancer.

Tony Pantalleresco aka HerbsPlusBeadWorks radio podcast:  Biofilm buildup from the "Other Ingredients" in supplements, such as the cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, etc...

This is just an FYI, because companies are changing their formulas all the time, and it usually goes unnoticed.



Shit in pHARMaceuticals and the same shit is also in many supplements.  Microcrystalline Cellulose!!

From this radio show document transcript...

October/November Script 2016

This is the original post of it:

Tony Pantalleresco's comment to the above article...

independz says:
October 2, 2016 at 7:02 pm

good article but you have to remember that this is not just the microcrystaline all the celluose today being used in nutreceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals are all nano~ the methods are going to a “nanodelivery” and this is also being utilized in vaccines and in alot of health supplements which when consumed aggragate and agglomerate and morph and get activated with almost any form of frequency and it begins it’s assmblying and as a result it densifies even more has several links on the topic and yes you can get this out but with great difficulty

I copied the Microcrystalline Cellulose Part direct from the document.



Four rats were fed 14C-labelled microcrystalline cellulose at 10
or 20% of their diet. No evidence of degradation or digestion was
noted. Faecal recoveries of radioactivity ranged from 96-104% and were complete for all labelled material. No radioactivity appeared in the urine (Baker, 1966).

In the studies summarized in Table 1, there was no evidence of
toxicity of microcrystalline cellulose preparations administered
either orally or dermally to rats at doses of 5000 or 2000 mg/kg bw,
respectively. The observations seen at necropsy in animals treated
intraperitoneally with Cellan 300 at 3160 mg/kg bw are consistent with an irritant reaction caused by the presence of foreign material. An inhalation toxicity study showed only transient effects at a concentration of 5.35 mg/litre.
An acute inhalation toxicity study using a preparation of Avicel
AC-815 (composed of 85% microcrystalline cellulose and 15% calcium
alginate) with mass median aerodynamic diameter of 8.48-8.61 µm (range
of measures) was dispersed and delivered at a mean concentration of
5.35 mg/litre in a nose-only inhalation exposure chamber to 5 male and
5 female Crl:CDBR VAF Plus rats for a period of 4 hours. The rats were
observed over the 14 days after removal from the chamber. The only
signs of toxicity were on removal from the chamber and consisted of
chromodacryorrhea, chromorhinorrhea and, in one male rat, decreased locomotion; these signs had resolved by the next day. After 14 days no gross lesions were observed at necropsy (Signorin, 1996).

Microcrystalline Cellulose can cause moderate to severe bowel movement when ingusted in large amount. 2. Microcrystalline Cellulose can cause loss of energy and weight when ingusted in large amount as it can not be absorbed and reduces the absorption of other dietary nutrients. 3. Microcrystalline Cellulose can cause allergic reaction in some individuals, the typical reaction is diarrhoea or gas problems.

I have some NEW concerns for us to think about as far as using MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE as a filler in Nature Throid, Westhroid and ArmourThyroid tablets.
I am a Registered Nurse, with an extensive background in physiology. It occurred to me that just as the cells cannot keep out artificial sweeteners, but absorb them as if they were ordinary glucose, and that this wreaks havoc in our cells ability to function, leading to many forms of physical discomfort and illness, that the same thing would apply if we use MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE as a filler in our Thyroid products. I remembered reading on this forum about why Armour stopped working well for many people, even when they adjusted their dosage correctly. The reason stated was that they had started using artificial fillers.
Doing some research I came upon this article, and want to share it here.  It says exactly that: Our cells cannot stop the micro-nano particles from entering them, and once there they are not able to be useful, but float in and out of the cell membranes, and basically clog up tiny places in our bodies, bioaccumulating as we take more, and causing background inflammation to rise.

A couple of excerpts from the article follow:
Nanotechnology: benefits vs toxic risks,
Feb. 1, 2007 George Burdock | Functional Ingredients
 “”Once in the body, some particles have changed the shape or conformation of proteins, creating a protein similar to that produced in Alzheimer’s disease. Changing protein conformation can potentially create new allergenic proteins in organs to which the body could mount an immune response. --While easy entry into the cells of the intestine and target organs can be beneficial, the other side of the coin is that because these particles are so ‘slippery,’ how can they ever be excreted by the body? Because much of our excretory system at the cellular level is based on a cell successfully excreting a substance (as in the kidney) to be flushed away, how can the particle be made to remain in the waste stream if it can so easily gain re-entry into other cells downstream?
 While some of the more dramatic examples of actual physical damage are described above, the damage most often seen in response to nano-materials is the generation of reactive oxygen species, resulting in oxidative stress to the biological system. ---In oxidative stress, the universal antioxidant chemical in the body, glutathione or GSH, is converted to the oxidized inactive form, GSSH. As reserves of GSH are depleted and the GSH:GSSH ratio lowers, the body mounts a progressively more assertive reaction. The first stage of oxidative stress is to produce special enzymes to detoxify the new invading chemical; if, however, there is no enzyme for this purpose or the human does not have the capability to produce the enzyme, the body progresses into the next stage, inflammation.””

Tony Pantalleresco Knowledge Base
August 9, 2016 ·
New website with scripts for some of Tony's shows

Tony's radio show archives...

Listen to this one regarding buying supplements...

buying Stuff...the legitmacy --BIOFILMmmmMMM

Biofilm buildup from the "Other Ingredients" in supplements, such as the cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, etc...

If it ends in "lose" (as in you (u) lose, or your cells lose  - CELL U LOSE), then it means polymer. As in veggie capsules from cellullose or pullulan means polyermized capsules. THIS is compromising us.  Look CLOSELY  at the word CELL U LOSE  Hello?  Loser? Get it?

Regarding the Pullulan veggie cappsule, here's what Tony said...

here is what it is
Pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer consisting of maltotriose units, also known as α-1,4- ;α-1,6-glucan'. Three glucose units in maltotriose are connected by an α-1,4 glycosidic bond, whereas consecutive maltotriose units are connected to each other by an α-1,6 glycosidic bond. Pullulan is produced from starch by the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans. Pullulan is mainly used by the cell to resist desiccation and predation. The presence of this polysaccharide also facilitates diffusion of molecules both into and out of the cell.[1]
As an edible, mostly tasteless polymer, the chief commercial use of pullulan is in the manufacture of edible films that are used in various breath freshener or oral hygiene products such as Listerine Cool Mint of Johnson and Johnson (USA) and Meltz Super Thin Mints of Avery Bio-Tech Private Ltd. (India). As a food additive, it is known by the E number E1204.