Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Monday, August 21, 2017

Interpreting Your Genetics Summit Day 1

DAY 1 (August 21, after 10am US eastern)

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit started today! Don’t miss 31 amazing experts teaching you the best practices for using genetic/genomic information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health!

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Take this time and week to take advantage of listening to this summit while it's free!

For those interested in how to interpret your genetic testing and uncovering how to apply what you learn for your healing and optimal biology:

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#GeneticsSummit started today! Why attend? Knowing your genes can help you create health!



Dr. Pamila Brar
CMO of Human Longevity Institute

Key Learnings from Full Genome Sequencing

What You'll Learn -

Learning from Dr. Craig Venter
Why all genetic testing is not the same
Genome sequencing and big data are the future

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Jeffrey Bland, PhD

The Current State of Genetics

What You'll Learn -

Learnings from the personal computing revolution
How genetic testing will usher in personalized medicine
Why functional medicine is the new operating system

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From the Functional Forum YouTube Channel...

So someone uploaded this entire talk on YouTube, so might as well share this teaser.


Chris Kresser LAc, MS

Getting the Most from Genetic Testing

What You'll Learn -

Critical difference between genetics and genomics
Why adaptation is a critical component
Where and when genetic testing is useful

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Sungchul Ji, PhD

Particles, Waves and Cellular Mechanisms

What You'll Learn -

Mechanisms of expression are not just biochemical
How energy in cells affects genetic expression
Genetic learnings from quantum physics

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Peter Osborne DACBN, PScD

Glossary of Common Terms in Genetics

What You'll Learn -

Learn the specific language of genetics
Difference between genotype and phenotype
Why learning this language is empowering!

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Thoughts and Commentary:

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Solar Eclipse USA 2017

TTAV re-launch (Day 5)
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GMOs Revealed (Day 1 starts tomorrow)
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Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

The Daily Messenger: The solar eclipse of the USA

The Daily Messenger: The solar eclipse of the USA: No matter where you are, you are there...

Global Event:  Total Solar Eclipse

Local Type:  Partial Solar Eclipse, in Sandpoint
Begins:  Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 9:14 am
Maximum:  Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 10:28 am 0.90 Magnitude
Ends:  Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 11:47 am
Duration:  2 hours, 33 minutes

No matter where you are, you are there...

This is the online simulation, but every few moments go outside and point camera up, but have a cap with a bill, so my actual eyes see it.  My camera is "seeing" for me.

Looked at it with my shoddy pinhole projector...

It may not be the actual picture, but this live simulation provided made for good progress of it.

This one was with about 3 minutes remaining.

My sisters back in Georgia sent me this.  They were lucky enough to get some special viewing glasses. We looked EVERYWHERE here, and no one was selling them.

Thanks to my neighbor I just meet!
Pam had these 2 pairs of eclipse glasses!

~ Keli Wade

Okay, the eclipse is officially over in our area now.