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Friday, January 13, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: We are beyond IMPRESSED

People HAVE To See This: I am beyond IMPRESSED

I would be disappointed to know that people missed this.

I just watched the first 4 episodes of the series. This information affects nearly everybody, and I would feel very guilty if I did not try my best to make sure you know about it.

See what Robert Kennedy Jr. has shared with President Elect Trump. There may be changes coming.

This graphic got tweeted to President elect Trump, along with an affiliate invite via my husband's Twitter

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For decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep certain truths hidden.
I have now watched

See the package insert of the MMR II vaccine by Merck:

Episode 4 is about exposing the lies...

Meet Brian Hooker:

He's a PhD in biochemical engineering, has been conducting biotechnology research for over 25 years, currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University, and also science advisor for the Focus For Health Foundation. Prior to that he worked in areas of environmental restoration, and also plant genetic engineering while a senior research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Brian Is the father of an 18 year old Autistic Son who was damaged by his infant vaccines.

Meet Dawn Loughborough:

She was an Executive Senior Consultant with Price Waterhouse. She's a Senior Program Manager with a background as CEO of an investment firm, and she obtained her masters degree in Law from the University of Baltimore.


Dawn is the mother of a her daughter who was damaged

by her MMR Vaccine at 15 months of age.

Meet Sarah Bridges:

She is a Ph.D Neuropsychologist. She was a Senior Executive for a $1.7 billion fortune 1000 company, and a practice leader for the assessment of business at Personnel Decisions International, and innovator in the psychology and organizational consulting field.


Sarah is Porter's mom.

Porter's diagnosis is "Brain Injury from the Pertussis Vaccine"


Your views on this whole issue will be transformed - in fact; you'll be transformed after you hear their stories in tonight's episode of Vaccines Revealed

Dr. Patrick Gentempo



Jim O'Kelly
December 24, 2016 at 9:51am
The war on AIDS, cancer, polio and disease were all stunning failures. The war to keep the masses ignorant was a stunning success. Here for the first time is the truth revealed on a conspiracy to keep people ignorant on the cause of disease. More importantly there is a conspiracy to keep us from what doesn’t cause natural disease, germs and something called a virus. You do not need to consult a doctor, a scientist or the CDC to prove this, because they are the ones who are promoting and programming the people with this mis-information, deception and lies. The person you want to consult is yourself. When you have the facts, the answers are inside of you. All you have to do is think about it. Let’s deal with germs first. From the time we are kids we are told that germs cause disease, that these germs are everywhere, and that you can be healthy today, be attack by these germs and get sick tomorrow. Really? Then ask yourself just one question. Why am I not sick right now if germs are the cause? If a virus causes polio, measles, mumps, whooping cough, leprosy, syphilis, meningitis, colds, influenza, small-pox, chicken-pox, shingles and a thousand other conditions called disease, then why do I not have one or more or all right now?
And for people like me, outside of an occasional cold (which is the body cleaning house) why have I NEVER had small-pox, chicken-pox, measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, leprosy, or syphilis? I will tell you why. If germs or virus was the cause of any of these conditions, logic dictates that everyone would have them. In fact if germs and virus caused disease then the whole human race would be sick or have perished from the planet a long time ago.
Think about it the next time you have a cold. Instead of noticing the few people around you that have colds, observe the majority who do not have a cold. Then ask yourself, why don’t they all have colds too? The germs are on and all around them too, are they not? 
Some people who have thought a little about it will respond that the reason they are not sick is because they eat right, or take vitamins, meaning their immune system is strong. And they are right, however what they haven’t thought about is that they just said without realizing it is that the germ or virus is not the cause; the cause is the weak immune system. So if the germ or virus could attack a person and make them sick it wouldn’t make any difference what condition the immune system was in. 
So the real cause of disease is a weak immune system. No actually the real cause is what made the immune system weak? Will smoking weaken the immune system? Will excessive drinking weaken the immune system? What about the people who live on Frankenstein food? If people constantly live on fried foods, sweets, pop and other vitamin and mineral deficient food, would that cause a disease? Can drugs and medications cause the body illness? Just listen to the advertisements on TV from the drug salesman. Let me not forget. Can stress weaken the body and cause disease? We all know this is true. So why do we blame the germs? Maybe they’re the good guys, like scavengers and are there to clean up the waste matter that has accumulated in the tissues and organs. The real immune system consists of the kidneys, liver, skin and bowels. Plug them up and you have disease. 
So now we have a cause we can deal with. It’s us, our habits. So if you smoke or drink to excess, stop. If you eat a Frankenstein diet, make a transition. If you don’t exercise start now. If you’re stressed out read books with PMA thoughts. Do all of the above and change your life. You can take action to restore your health. Take it slow, a little at a time until you replace bad habits with good habits. If I did it anybody can do it. Since doctors only prescribe drugs that mask symptoms or want to cut out your vital organs, which you need you won’t need one unless you’re in an accident. 
Now is the time for every man/woman to come to the aid of their self and family.

Jim O'Kelly - The Anti-Vaccination League of America