Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Friday, January 13, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: We are beyond IMPRESSED

People HAVE To See This: I am beyond IMPRESSED

I would be disappointed to know that people missed this.

I just watched the first 4 episodes of the series. This information affects nearly everybody, and I would feel very guilty if I did not try my best to make sure you know about it.

See what Robert Kennedy Jr. has shared with President Elect Trump. There may be changes coming.

This graphic got tweeted to President elect Trump, along with an affiliate invite via my husband's Twitter

Make sure you are registered to watch the exclusive world-wide screening of the docu-series, "Vaccines Revealed", FREE and online here for FREE viewing from January 10th-18th.

Piss off TPTB and sign up as an Affiliate:

For decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep certain truths hidden.
I have now watched

See the package insert of the MMR II vaccine by Merck:

Episode 4 is about exposing the lies...

Meet Brian Hooker:

He's a PhD in biochemical engineering, has been conducting biotechnology research for over 25 years, currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University, and also science advisor for the Focus For Health Foundation. Prior to that he worked in areas of environmental restoration, and also plant genetic engineering while a senior research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Brian Is the father of an 18 year old Autistic Son who was damaged by his infant vaccines.

Meet Dawn Loughborough:

She was an Executive Senior Consultant with Price Waterhouse. She's a Senior Program Manager with a background as CEO of an investment firm, and she obtained her masters degree in Law from the University of Baltimore.


Dawn is the mother of a her daughter who was damaged

by her MMR Vaccine at 15 months of age.

Meet Sarah Bridges:

She is a Ph.D Neuropsychologist. She was a Senior Executive for a $1.7 billion fortune 1000 company, and a practice leader for the assessment of business at Personnel Decisions International, and innovator in the psychology and organizational consulting field.


Sarah is Porter's mom.

Porter's diagnosis is "Brain Injury from the Pertussis Vaccine"


Your views on this whole issue will be transformed - in fact; you'll be transformed after you hear their stories in tonight's episode of Vaccines Revealed

Dr. Patrick Gentempo


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