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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: Watch [Episode 4] before it expires tonight & Tonight in Episode 5

Watch [Episode 4] before it expires tonight!:

In Episode 4 of Vaccines Revealed you met Brian Hooker, Dawn Loughborough, and Sarah Bridges.

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And keep an eye out, because tonight - they'll be sending the link for Episode 5.

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Mark your calendars so you don't miss a single one of these pivotal episodes.

RFK Jr. snippet from Ep 3.

RFK Jr. talking about how he and the Trump Administration will handle the Massive Vaccine Fraud being perpetrated on the innocent unsuspecting children of the world and their parents. . . . Thank God . . . Thank You The Donald . . . . Open up and flush out the Whole Can of Worms. Make the world safer for our children again . . . . .


Episode 5:

Tonight in Episode 5, you'll be hearing from a Cornell educated Medical Doctor as well as a Senior Research Scientist @ MIT.

You'll be hearing from Dr. James Chestnut, Kelly Brogan, MD, Psychiatrist and their specific insight on the Flu Vaccine, and the overblown H1N1 "scare"

Tonight's episode will reveal what Autism and Heart Disease have in common. And how it fits into the Vaccine Story.

See why Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at MIT, makes this startling statement @ 1:54:40.

"It's very disturbing where we are headed right now - and I see no end in sight."

Vaccines Revealed Episode 5  will be delving deeper into the flu vaccine specifically. The independent voices you'll be learning from in episode 5 are willing to stand up against the so-called science of our modern flu vaccine dogma.

These experts purely feel the need to communicate the dangers of the flu vaccines to the public so that people have better information, real information to prevent vaccine injuries.

In spite of being told that the flu vaccine in particular is perfectly safe - (hey, we're even told it's safe for pregnant moms, infants and the elderly) - turns out it's probably not so "safe". The flu vaccine contains toxic amounts of mercury.

We've been lied to by the media

... -stating over and over again that mercury was removed from all vaccines. That's simply not true.

The flu vaccine still contains mercury - an extremely toxic heavy metal.

You will have the delight of hearing from Sayer Ji again, and finally - Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.

In addition to the toxicity of mercury - you'll hear from Stephanie about how toxic aluminum is to us - especially our precious small children.

These, and other serious toxins in our vaccines are causing great grief in families - right now.

The findings on the "adverse events" findings on Gardasil will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

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