Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Parent Offers Epic Response To Vaccine Homework

More Propaganda Brainwashing From School Homework Assignments


Over the weekend, a reader sent us an actual homework assignment from an unspecified elementary grade (below). It's titled "Medicine" and coerces the young mind to believe that vaccines (and prescription drugs) are the main route to overall health, if not the only route. That without them, there would be a gaping lack of health - a vaccine deficiency?

Sadly, this is not for Health Class! Like so many other assignments we've seen, this is for a staple class (the three Rs) but produces propaganda about an unrelated topic. We've seen this happen for math classes in story problems. In the upper right corner is the word "comprehension" indicating that this is from Reading class. The sheet is copyrighted 1995, but this is a recent assignment.

The parent, however, would have none of it. Not only did she cross out the entire assignment with a large X, epic on its own, but left a response that didn't pull punches.

See more:  http://www.activistpost.com/2015/04/parent-offers-epic-response-to-vaccine.html

And here:  http://www.thedailysheeple.com/parent-offers-epic-response-to-vaccine-homework_042015

Please send home work! I have decided to not have ---- do this homework and will ask to not have her do school or home work on drugs and shots!!

This is a serious and complicated issue that should be between [her] parents and her healthcare provider. At her age, she cannot make informed decisions about the risks.

This appears to be propaganda!

Thank you

Very smart parent indeed!  May all parents one day become this aware and step in to put a stop to mind control.

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