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Mother Faces Down Swat Team & Tank For Refusing to Drug Daughter

Published on Mar 29, 2012
Read Maryanne's full story here
The Antipsychotic drugs Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo refused to give her daughter are extremely dangerous with 55 drug regulatory agency warnings of diabetes, seizures, mania, psychosis, hallucinations, death and 77 studi es on antipsychotic induced side effects including diabetes, seizures, coma, violence, psychosis, and homicidal ideation and death. Maryanne Godboldo made international press when she faced down a Swat team and a tank after she refused to administer an antipsychotic drug which clearly could endanger her child's life. And hers is not an isolated case. Parents have been charged with medical neglect for refusing to administer dangerous drugs to their child, despite the fact that the "mental disorders" for which the drugs are prescribed, cannot be MEDICALLY proven to exist. It is an oxymoron to charge medical neglect, without medical proof of abnormality. It is criminal to force a parent to administer drugs documented to cause life-threatening effects by drug regulatory agencies around the world. For more information go to
Her story made international press, yet hers is far from an isolated case.

These days, you better make damn sure to never have a marriage license and birth certificate to begin with.

Second, stay away from ALL mainstream doctors period!  Find a naturopath and/or good ABC or NRCT chiropractor.

The best way to stop this ongoing insanity is to keep the children OUT of mainstream medical and hire a competent chiropractor and/or naturopath instead.

The main reason people are still having pointless arguments with medical doctors who study medicine and not health is because they think they are necessary. Medical doctors are not necessary. Of course emergency room physicians and surgeons are very necessary, but unless you're in danger of loosing your life why are you going to medically trained doctors? Research the history of allopathy and you may never see a medical doctor again. It's best to keep the children OUT of mainstream medical and hire a competent chiropractor and/or naturopath instead.

"Confessions of a Medical Heretic" is a great book that you can find for free online. The introductory chapter alone will begin turning you into a research machine. I also recommend the research of Eustace Mullins.

Sad to think that the beginning of our lives we are treated as a sickness. The moment most women discover they are pregnant they rush to a medical doctor. WHY? You are not sick. A baby is not a tumor. It does not need ultrasound, needles, etc.... To make sure it is healthy. What babies and adults need for health is for us to get out of nature's way. Industrialized and commercialized pharmacy has been around for no more than 90-100 years, and is making record profits above all other industries. Nature has been around since....well forever, and does not profit from your sickness. Pharmaceutical corporations need you to be sick in order to profit. If you are dead or healthy you are worthless to them. Further they cannot be successful without the protection and distance that medical doctors provide them. And lastly medical doctors are empowered by our belief in them as erroneous as it is.

A pediatrician is not an "essential" part of raising children. That is an indoctrination (Mind Control) that has bought, lock-stock-and-barrel. For an otherwise healthy child, a pediatrician is NOT necessary - except as coach and counselor (which most are not).  Pediatric visits are at 2-4-6 months for doctor convenience (time to bully a new mom/dad into vaccinating when you're tired and still trying to "figure it out") and for insurance company planning (a way to get your child into the EHR system and tracked for life).  Use a naturopath and/or good chiropractor instead.

The ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) and NRC (Neurological Relief Centers Technique) are the best forms of chiropractic, and here are their websites:

Some chiropractors ARE also naturopaths and others work with naturopaths.  Ask your local chiropractor and/or health food store for a good naturopath in your area for your family's care.

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