Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Caution: unHealthy People 2020 is coming after us all!

The mandatory vaccination issue is ramping up and according to Dr Gary G Kohls, MD there are 271 new vaccines in Big Pharma's pipeline. Since Big Pharma and the vaccine pushers and promoters have a "liability exemption" this business plan represents pure profit and no loss for all of those involved.
According to the excellent research of Dr Sheri Tenpenny, the Department of Health and Human Services launched a program in 2010 called: Healthy People 2020. Their goal is to remove all (but medical) school vaccine exemptions and push vaccinations in every arena of our society. Thanks to the Executive Order 13335 of Bush Jr, electronic medical records have been implemented across the country, tracking our vaccination history will be easy for government-corporations and medical institutions alike.
Those who understand the very real threat to our health that vaccines represent, have every right to be concerned and downright outraged. In fact, if they are not they don't really understand what is going on. Those who still think there is a legislative solution to vaccine mania need to listen to Tenpenny's entire interview on Red Ice Radio.
The only strategies left for us to protect ourselves and our progeny is to get smart about what our so-called government has morphed into and stop consenting to their extremely detrimental rules and regulations.
On In Defense of Humanity last Saturday, we featured a clip of Dr Sheri Tenpenny's exposé regarding the Healthy People 2020 program. We also shared clips of a 2011 interview with the fabulous historical and legal researcher (may she rest in peace) Joyce Rosenwald. Joyce explains the many ways both our history and our legal system have been misrepresented to keep us unwittingly consenting to policies that are not in our best interest.
Please listen to the In Defense of Humanity show of Aug 19, 2015 so you can start to understand that there are lawful ways to refuse to cooperate with the ever-growing vaccination agenda.
Free audio (without commercials): https://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/idh-8-29-15.mp3

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