Wednesday, December 30, 2015

[Vaccination-Liberation] NYC flu mandate -Gives new meaning to "DEADLINE"!

Here is an article by Christina England for The Liberty Beacon.  One last PUSH before the parents in NYC get a flu shot for their babies and toddlers out of ignorance of the OVERTURNED mandates.  Many have been working hard to compensate for the lack of interest in heralding this by the Departments of Education and Health, the Mayors Office, Public Advocates Office and the New York City Council.  The Departments of Education and Health especially, were up in the parents faces when they were illegally mandated and ever since, but MUM's the word since they have been overturned.  SHAMEFUL!  

"Vaccine Victory for New York City – So, Why Are Parents Being Kept in the Dark?" ~ See article & videos here:

We only have until December 31st to STOP the SHOT, so give it your all!

To your health! ~ Sallie O. Elkordy ~ (646) 354-0699

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