Friday, November 4, 2016

Beware of Signing "CON-tracts"

From CarrieAnne Seeger...

I had recently read in a post that when you're in the emergency room you should be careful about what you sign because there can be a sentence in there with the word Biologics that means they can administer whatever they want to you a.k.a. vaccines. Today I took my son to Cooper University Hospital for a specialist appointment. Ears nose and throat to be exact. At this appointment they never handed me any forms to fill out they did it all by computer and there was this little electronic pad in front of me similar to a credit card or a debit card pad where they ask for your signature at the end. The two forms they wanted me to sign were the "Hipaa" form and a "consent to treat" form. I sign my name twice but you don't see what you are signing now; just the electronic pad. HIPAA, I understand I've taken courses in HIPAA. I worked for Quest Diagnostics as a phlebotomist and in the lab for years. But, I said "I'm sorry what's the 1st signature for again" she answered "consent to treat" so I said can you print me out a copy of that please, I would very much like to see what I signed. For one reason or another, I still don't understand why but she couldn't print out a copy of the "consent to release" form that I signed I asked her if she could please get somebody that could. It's took three different girls to try to print out this form they could not do it. long story short her supervisor gets me a hard copy from in the drawer that's blank to let me read what I just signed. Low and behold as you can see from the 2 pics I took, highlighted in blue on the second sentences down is the right for them to administer vaccines! I was so ticked off! They now have people typing in your information, and forms you cannot see, and they're asking you for signatures, and you don't know what you're signing. needless to say there was a bunch of back-and-forth nonsense before another person came over hearing the commotion and he had me sign a hard copy and let me cross out what I didn't want (the vaccines) and then scanned it into the computer. Now I'm worried sick because my son supposed to have tubes placed in his ears and I'm hoping they finally got it right. But it just goes to show you how the Heck sneaky these people are being now! That to me is not Informed consent! You don't even get to handle any paper work! I guess the moral of this is I just wanted to let others be aware that this is a new process and you're not always handed hardcopies as you can see in the pictures I highlighted in blue ~ CarrieAnne Seeger.

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Beware of anything and everything that requires a signature.


Juicing and Raw Foods Sunboy said...

The devils need our consent to do evils to us, and will hide, con, and do any slippery thing they can to get that consent. Then, they say, well you should have read what you agreed to.

And they would be right. We should have. You have to fight for truth, even the truth about what they have us sign all the time. That's why cell phone apps must ask for permission for our pictures, location, text files and all they need to spy on us. Once we surrender our privacy, they can do anything and everything and IT'S ALL ON US, NOT THEM.

Protect your rights. Read before signing.

MessiahMews said...


The simplest way to say no is... "I decline your offer to consent". I've actually said that out loud too. I think the word "NO" is the most powerful word in any language.

The Vaccination Notice is one such way to say no and refusing to contract. A.L. Whitney's sites are full of info on how to say no to CORPORATIONS.