Monday, November 7, 2016

Clean Water

From Heather Leeann...

Without clean water, how will you live? How will you buy all your nice, unnecessary crap? How will you get your nails done and decorated with holiday glory? How will you buy your fancy face products that make you look younger? How will your children survive in a world with contaminated water? How will you find ways to celebrate your holidays and give thanks, if all of our thanks is sold to big corporations, like the oil industry? How can clean food grow? Once everything in nature begins to die (which it is) how will you breathe? You know in China they literally buy clean air in a can. They wear masks to live a somewhat decent quality of life. 

I scroll through my feed everyday, and I see people celebrating new cars, new jobs, new toys, new nails and sometimes new handbags. I scroll without judgement or comment. Even though it's heartbreaking to realize how few really care about the true events taking place, like the one in Standing Rock. How consumed we as a society have become. Consumed with ourselves. Consumed with our physical images. Consumed with getting that promotion, so I can make just a little bit more money. So I can buy more things, or eat more dinners out, or entertain myself in a world where I have completely lost my ability to hold attention. Consumed with taking perfect pictures of what the American Dream has conditioned me to believe we should look like. 

Life truly is just like the Lorax! No one wants to see what's really happening behind that big backdrop. Everyone just wants to live in an existence where these problems don't really exist. Clever marketing and technology keeps us so distracted and sedated, we don't even realize where fantasy ends, and reality begins. They keep us comfortable in this conditioned form of reality where we all feel safe. 

Look up what a "silent forest" is! This agenda goes deeper than pocket books. A genetically modified forest that needs hardly any water to sustain. 

You can't drink oil and you can't eat money! Those are purely satans MANMADE resources. One that most of society seems to be heavily invested in!

Open your eyes and wipe the sleep. Sincerely, look around and see what is happening. Individually we are ALL the answer to our own question. We can't change everyone. This post won't change you. At the very least, hopefully we can change ourselves into who we really are, and stop pressing ourselves to be this Manmade version of who we have been conditioned to believe we are.

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