Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Soulless Sellout Companies

So someone was kind enough to send us a package of samples from the essential oil company.  The oils are fine and great, but the other products are compromised with toxic ingredients. We're keeping the oils, containers, and pamphlets, but we are sending the other stuff back. Already told them about what was found to be toxic. We refuse to use the toxic stuff, and definitely will refuse to promote those particular products.  We WILL promote the oils only. The oils are clean. But I am disapoint.

Like Titanium Dioxide PEG (polyethylene glycol), cellulose shit, propyl stuff, and so much more.

Sheesh everywhere, and I mean EVERY FREAKING WHERE, we look, every direction we turn, corruption...deep to the core compromise and corruption. Bought and paid for companies, using cheap ingredients, bad products, and even the SO CALLED natural supplement companies are compromised too. The internet is fucked too. For the love of money is the root of all evil. Is everyone a soulless sack of shit sellout?

The hospitals ARE filled… it’s called, cancer, thyroid disease, arthritis. autoimmune & other diseases. Pretty much what is ailing the population in North American is related to vaccines, artificial water fluoridation, all forms of radiation, chemtrails, Monsatan GMO'd shit, & toxic ingredients in every freaking thing. Because the CORPORATIONS wants us all sick and dead. A corporation large enough is obligated by contract to be a psychopath: to put profit first.

"Corporation - see sociopath ..."  ~ Somewhat Reticent

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More links are available by searching the subject of carcinogens.

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