Monday, September 16, 2019


I've been telling you all for YEARS that they are coming for adults.  That Healthy People 2020 plan that Dr. Sherry Tenpenny also warned us about in the videos & links which have been provided..

Elimination of Exemptions: The Playbook

On page 75 of this document, the playbook for the current flurry of vaccination laws is succinctly and shockingly laid out.

Increasing Vaccination Rates: Improving the nation’s vaccination rates to help prevent disease, mitigate suffering, and reduce healthcare costs. The Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recommend a number of actions that can be taken to increase vaccination rates for children, teens and adults around the country, including:

Minimize vaccine exemptions: States should enact and enable universal childhood vaccinations except where immunization is medically contraindicated. Non-medical vaccine exemptions, including personal belief exemptions, enable higher rates of exemptions in those states that allow them [implying religious and philosophical exemptions should not be allowed.]


Sushama Gokhale
Yesterday at 3:54 PM

For those who did not take action when this was happening to our children, our daycare workers and our nurses - they are coming for y'all next folks! That's right, they are coming for every single citizen of the United States. Jabs will be mandated and enforced at airports, borders, schools, universities, community gathering places, job places, or when you apply for any governmental licenses and documents. They will be forced on us via fines, citizen arrests, seizure of assets and seizure of our children (child protective services across America are already doing this). It will be a noose that is very reminiscent of the holocaust, a gradual erosion of our medical freedoms and constitutional rights that has already been taking place for several years, until like frogs in boiling water, we are in danger of feeling it no more. This is all occurring under the the fake rubric of herd immunity. There is NO herd immunity to be had through vaccines. And we know this. Real herd immunity happens when you get the real disease. Remember 38% of the Disneyland infectees got infected from the vaccines strain virus itself, that is the vaccine actually CAUSED their infections, and a full third of the infectees were fully vaccinated but still got the measles. Translated in plain English, the vaccines do not work and they are actually spreading contagion.
The time to fight this unconscionable, undemocratic and criminal legislation is now. Pan is merely the face of a large and very corrupt pharma cartel that benefits from mass vaccinations. He is the little guy. Don't spend time hating him. Take action.

We learn from the past. This happened a hundred and sixty years ago in Leicester, England. Wise citizenry prevailed then and it will prevail now. Indeed it must prevail. Citizens of Leicester simply threw out the draconian British laws of the day and refused to comply with compulsory vaccinations in their town. Men were jailed, families fined, their pots, pans and furniture seized, but they refused to put their children in harm's way. The city organized. It marched. It also put in place hygienic public sanitation, promptly quarantined sick citizens and their families to stop the spread of disease. But mainly, it resisted. Dire forecasts of future plagues and death were made by journalists and wise pundits. Fifty years on, while small pox raged through England in the hyper-vaccinated cities, the city of Leicester enjoyed the best of health, the lowest morbidity and mortality rates for not just small pox, but all other infectious diseases among the cities of England. It protected its citizens against the lunacy of vile cow, rabbit, horse and human lymph vaccines. It saved its citizens from injected syphillis, TB, foot and mouth disease and other vaccine contaminants. Just as we must, our children from a toxic cocktail of aluminum, mercury, latex, polysorbate 80, aborted fetal cell DNA, allergy and chronic illness producing casein, albumin and yeasts, SV40 viruses, mycoplasma, prions and other pathogens contaminating today's poorly tested, shoddily manufactured and liability free vaccines. Just as Leicester prevailed, we can too. Citizens need to find the courage, caring and organization to do this. Being supine is not going to help. We actually have to take action now, to save the lives and health of our families.


Here are practical things to do:
1. Organize locally
2. Meet eye to eye, face to face with your city health departments and CPS chiefs. Go to the top and work your way down. Schedule appointments. Don't wait for anyone to tell you what or how. Just do it
3. Meet with and educate your school principals, teachers and the health nurse at every school
4. Set up educational meetings with local pediatricians
5. Rally in your town
6. March in your big neighboring city
7. Get arrested (if it saves your child or grandchild's life, its for a good cause)
8. Make banners, T-shirts, stickers, flags, signs and stick them on widely viewed surfaces like your cars, homes, yards, store and office bulletin boards. Don't be ashamed, embarrassed, shy. This involves getting out of your comfort zone. Be brave
9. Organize flash mobs at city intersections
10. Talk to your legislators (yes they are paid off by pharma but they will hesitate to look the other way if they look you in the eye first)
11. Rally with bands of your vaccine injured children
12. Rally with bands of you un-vaccinated healthy children
13. Donate to local and national vaccine education organizations
14. Donate to lawsuits filed by parents whose children died or got maimed by vaccines. They desperately need your help
15. Donate to Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK and CDC, whistleblowers lawsuits. Protect these heroes. They are putting their career and lives at risk for you
16. Disinvest in the drug cartel - Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK. Get them out of your 401Ks, your pension plans, your brokerages your life. There are many millions of us
17. Above all resist. Do not vaccinate your child.

Mahatma Gandhi did it. The folks in Leicester did it. Their children lived robust lives. Other cities that did not join forces and organize were not so lucky. Our story can have a good ending or our families can get wiped out. Its really our choice. Ask not for whom the bells toll. They now toll for thee.


Here's my idea...

VIGILANTE TASK FORCE TEAMS on a wide scale nationwide.

Because marching with a damn sign isn't going to do JACK SHIT to stop this.

Vigilante Task Force Teams across the country is what it's going to take to set an example for these devils.


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