Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why does Messi always vomit before big matches? (and how to solve this problem).

Why does Messi always vomit before big matches? (and how to solve this problem).

A crooked body and skull, and uneven teeth.  With these various modalities like Starecta rectifier, Advanced BioStructural Correction, NCR/EndoNasal Cranial Correction, facial pulling, etc...  these folks can be straightened out and begin to function normally, and probably for the first time in their life.

This is the Starecta's main page:  http://starecta.com/

You can also see the asymmetries in children too.

"When i was a child, you could already see, a serious asymmetry. Lateral-deviation of the skull to the left side. Muscles: masseter left, left temporal, shorter. Pulling the soft parts, and threw out the ear, torsion of the skull." ~ Moreno Vlad Conte
Remember my post on Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry ?  You also have to remember how we get this way to begin with.  And then you also have the various childhood accidents from playing, etc...

Before Starecta

6 months of Starecta so far... notice development of maxilla and mandible...
He not wearing appliance in recent photo to show you it is natural.

This is Plato.  For the past several years, he has done NCR (also trained in NCR & located in NYC), Facial Pulling, Palate Expansion, Starecta and other various things. He also stresses the importance of nutrition for physical restructuring and bone growth.  Such as Vitamin K2 (Activator X), Vitamin D3, Cod Liver Oil/Raw Butter Oil (Ghee), Amino Acids such as MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern), and more.  He has done a stand up job despite all the structural problems he had most of his earlier life.  I have to hand it to him for being persistent in getting himself straightened out.

Plato Powers
December 14 at 7:57pm
The missing wisdom tooth phenomenon is an example of Weston Price's theories in action. He theorized that it took very few generations (2 maybe?) of poor nutrition before DNA expressed itself poorly. In the case of wisdom teeth, humans fail to get proper length in jawbones during key developmental phases. Hence no room for wisdom teeth. As the generations went by, the body just stopped making them! I have found that to speed bone reformation with Starecta, one should take 20,000 IU of D3 along with 2 softgels of "Super K." As long as you keep this ratio of Ks to D3, no toxicity can be suffered even up to dosages of 500,000 IU of D3 PER DAY!!! With enough of the usual bone builders like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and strontium, bones can be remineralized, fixed and remodeled at amazing speed. This is the essence of the following book:http://amzn.to/1CCG2NI
I can relate to the missing wisdom teeth, as I only grew just one and never grew anymore.  Same with my own daughter, as she only grew one too.

All these modalities are great, but like everything else, it costs money.  So it's going to take some time for some folks, more than others.  So far, I've done NCR, ABC (we took basic training) and some facial pulling.  It is taking me longer, because of the money situation.  Would have LOVED knowing about this when I was younger, as I could have been spared a LIFETIME of suffering.

However, for those with missing teeth, we still need the technology to be able to regenerate teeth.

Because right now, the evolution of the human body just sucks period.  This aging curse, etc.. is getting old already.  How's about an upgrade?


Unknown said...

The Straecta thing is not wrong but it does work on compensations.

If you check their web site home page you see what seem to be good postural changes but, if you look closely, really not so much.

Check the shoulders, they are rolled forward just as much after a year as they were before. If you check the shape of the spines on the side view pictures you discover that though they are less curved the bodies have not come backward and are not better aligned in general, just different. In fact, some of them, with the reduced curves are actually worse.

This is true though the people can feel better because the pressure is off what were the compensation points originally an on new compensation points that might be better or worse but are mostly just different. Until there is pressure on them for quite a while they will not develop the same pain or discomfort feelings.

I write this not because I am the MeningealRelease.com guy (ABC™) but because it is data anyone can observe but not necessarily interpret well.

The entire problem is -- Bones out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct because there are no muscles or combinations of muscles pulling in the directions needed to reposition them. Being just a bit out of place they lose their leverage to hold the body upright and the muscles attached lose their leverage and so cannot pull as they are supposed to pull. Thus, the body collapses.

There are also plenty of bones that go out of place that the body CAN reposition using its muscles or combinations of pull of those muscles . However, the body often leaves them there Most say it is because of muscle or nerve problems but nothing done to the muscles or nerves has ever corrected these things on anything but a temporary basis. WHY? Because the body leaves them in those out of place" positions as part of the compensation pattern the body is creating to deal with the bones out of place that the body cannot self-correct.

When you focus JUST on the bones out of place that the body CANNOT self-correct (because there are no muscles or combinations of muscles that can pull in the directions needed to correct the positions of those bones) bodies pop upright all on their own with no muscular effort by the person. See MeningealRelease.com No excuses -- if this does not happen immediately with the first treatment what was done was not correction but just moving around some part of the compensation pattern.

Anyone can learn and do Advanced BioStructural Correction™ No license of special qualification necessary beyond some basic skeletal anatomy.

MessiahMews said...

Hey, thank you for your comment Jesse. I have ABC done by Jerry Porter, DC. My husband and I both have taken a Basic Seminar with Dirk Farrell, but we would love to take more Basic live hands on training. Please come to Seattle, and teach us the ECC. We would love to learn that too.

I have been thinking about the Starecta and ABC. There are AT LEAST FIVE of the people doing the Starecta, that also are doing the ABC sessions that I know of. Maybe not the ones in the pictures shown on the site, but 5 people in the Starecta group are doing regular ABC adjustments, because I told them about how well it has helped me.

With my case, I am missing back bottom molars and pre-molars. And since most humans cannot grow a third set of teeth, that problem cannot self correct itself. So it seems like it's also a PBP, since we cannot grow new teeth, and self correct, but yet at the same time, it also seems to be a compensation as well. I'm not doing Starecta, at least not yet because of my unique situation.

We can get the ABC and endonasal cranial correction (or NCR if ABC practitioner didn't take the ECC course), and both does help TREMENDOUSLY. I am SOOOOO much better.

But with missing teeth, or short teeth, the skull keeps dropping down with no actual occlusion. I may just get the Snap On Veeners which will help tremendously, I'm sure.

I LOVE ABC. I have referred so many folks to ABC and they are getting the help they need.