Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Mom, wanted to share this with you. This is Charcoal tonight. Big difference from the brink of death! JOY JUICE!   04/19/2015

Great news on Charcoal! Got the blood work back and her red blood cell level is low normal which is a drastic improvement considering she was severely anemic a few days ago and dying. All the prayers have helped! I've posted a gofundme link on the group page because my husband and I have depleted ourselves with vet bills. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to everyone! ~Kristen

Keep up the chlorophyll and it will continue to build her blood. Let Mamma cat have some too, every now and then. ~Me

Oh believe I will. I'm actually gonna keep her on it indefinitely because they said it is auto immune related and I don't want her to back slide. Good news too is I don't have to get her vaccinated because of it. It could kill her. If I have any legal issue they will give me a letter stating it's for medical reasons.  ~Kristen

This was Charcoal a few days ago on April 16th.
Please keep my baby girl Charcoal in prayers. She is severely anemic and declining. Doctors can't figure out what's going on. Back to the vet on Monday to check her red blood cell levels. My heart hurts so much ~Kristen

And today, she is on the mend, as you can see in her video and other pictures how much better she looks.

Charcoal now has her own GoFundMe page, as all the trips to the vet, tests, etc... depleted my daughter and husband out of their monies.   https://www.gofundme.com/yszw2fhw

They had gotten their income tax refund back from their move and had gotten caught up, but this is another setback.

From Charcoal's GoFundMe page....

Being an animal lover, I will go above and beyond to save my animal's life. My husband and I work very hard to make ends meet but life always manages to throw you a few curve balls. My precious kitty Charcoal became deathly ill a few days ago. We have sacrificed our needs and put hers 1st. She's been back and forth to vets which has added up quickly. We need help. Every little bit counts. Please keep us in prayers. Thank you.

For those who would rather do Pay Pal, the pay pal email is   kissykiss80@yahoo.com

So far we donated with the natural medicines (chlorophyll and Miracle II neutralizer).  But will be sending more little by little.

Prayers are always accepted and needed too.

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