Tuesday, April 25, 2017

REPOST>>> IMPORTANT CA SB277 Administrative update:

Attention California!:  From Larry Cook of StopMandatoryVaccination.com

REPOST>>> IMPORTANT CA SB277 Administrative update:

Yesterday, there was a "public" hearing to "adjust" the CA health code to line up with the recent law changes. Many covert, sneaky changes were added... the most notable: medical exemptions are proposed to be limited to one year and must have a contraindication listed (this effectively removes the "family history" clause); the medical exemptions will now be sent to the county, paving the way for a health board approval situation; homeschoolers, grandfathered PBEs, and IEP exemptions were NOT specifically mentioned, leaving these populations vulnerable to poor interpretation; and an additional varicella vaccine was added for entry into 7th grade - so for those who thought they were finally done, yet another shot must be fought. All of these changes directly contradict the passed SB277 law and many were the "concessions" they made to us and concerned legislators in order to get it passed. They simply chose to legislate outside of normal channels - it was likely their plan all along. The biggest problem? No one in the pro-choice camp knew about the hearing. They were scrambling yesterday evening to post their public comments within the scope of just a few hours. They didn't have time to dive into the 37-page document to fully understand the implications. Stay awake and aware, warriors... don't get complacent. It's coming."

"Why do pediatricians kill babies with vaccines?" ~ Larry Cook


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