Friday, January 10, 2020

The Daily Messenger: a birdy

The Daily Messenger: a birdy: I am, it would appear, a slow learner about things. Very often, I need a great deal of anecdotal evidence to confirm learning curves. Not out of being hard-headed, but in understanding and then mainly, in wise use of the information parted. ...


I've had birds randomly show up and hang onto the window screen outside of the computer room while working on the computer.  Would hang there and stare a minute and fly off, and I would say hi there to him or her.  In 2007, we were sitting on the porch at the house on the mountain, and a hummingbird flew up to my face and stared at me and my hubby was sitting there beside me totally amazed.  No pics, sorry.  It was a sudden surprise.  And at first I thought it was a huge bumblebee and was about to take off running.  Hehe.

When in prayer about something, I sometimes get "hearts", which is Dad's way of getting my attention that He is close by.  The hearts seem to be my thing.

Like two this past week.  One heart shaped organic potato chip in my soup, which I was about to take a bite of until I looked down at my spoon.  That one was a few days ago. So I took it out and saved it to take a pic later until I can get a new camera battery.  And two days ago, walking into hubby's work room and on the floor a heart shaped piece of toilet paper on the floor.  Hubby saw both too.  :)  Saved that one too to get a pic later, and will either add to this post and/or make a separate one.

Edit:  Cropped pics of the hearts...

The heart-shaped organic potato chip found in the soup.
As it dried out, it kinda curled up, but still can tell it's a heart. :)

The heart shaped toilet paper found on the floor in hubby's computer room...

Oftentimes we both here do have to pray together.


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