Thursday, February 6, 2020


For those using the fenbendazole for anti-parasitic and anti-fungal needs.

From Caroline's store...

Caroline Schmitz Williams
Admin · 7 hrs

Hey everyone. Bad news and good news.
I had to raise the prices on the website of fenben and Trio. Technically I should double them because my costs of getting them have gone up so much. Suppliers know that fenbendazole is in big demand and they have all the power. It’s becoming more of a sellers market unfortunately.
Good News:
No they are not doubling. I’ll try to absorb most of the cost for people. They went up 20%.
Also, in order to keep things affordable for this group I am:
1) offering bottles of 50 for less $, not just 100
2) offering this group a discount code to use at checkout. Please use MMSP10 and receive 10% off on everything every time you order.(all capital letters standing for Mold and Morgellons Support Protocol).
If prices go back down for me in the future, I promise that they will go back down for you as well.
Remember use


Caroline Schmitz
3 years from date of manufacturing which was about a month ago so it will be for almost 3 years.


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