Monday, February 3, 2020

We Are Loved!

Thank you Dad for the heart and the rose...  Letting me know that I am loved.  Letting us both know that we are loved here.

Praise music playing...
I love Yeshua. Yeshua loves me...  We love Yeshua, and Yeshua loves us...
Praying with hubs... Oh look!  A heart in the folded cover quit on the floor bed.

And, sniff sniff, I smell cologne.  Neither of us were wearing any.  Asked hubby, did he smell it.  He said no.

So during yesterday's meeting, the hubby unit of our Holy Spirit filled friends here said The Rose of Sharon, when I mentioned it to them at yesterday's Bible study.

Okay, so the camera sucks.  Sorry.  Here is a photo effect to show the heart better in the wadded up quit.  Showed up much clearer in real life.

Love message! Showing me love in the way only I understand.
Hearts are the way to get my attention, and Dad knows it.  :)

This goes to show us all that we are all loved, even though most of the Bride of Yeshua is being stalked, harassed, etc... as of lately, I've found out.  End times battle indeed.  And ALL of us of the Bride of Christ most definitely need to stay prayed up, and lift each other up in prayer, because the enemy is out there.  Remember that we ARE loved.


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