Saturday, April 18, 2020

Corona Virus in Idaho / 04-18-2020 - Before 5 PM

Corona Virus in Idaho / 04-18-2020 - Before 5 PM

New stats are uploaded and changed after or around 5 PM

Wonder if any of these numbers are fudged with?  You know like false positives, and contaminated test kits, etc...

From: Ingri Cassel 
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It may not be as big as yesterday's protest with about 175 people
Kay and I made The Inlander 🙂

This is Ingri...

Personally, I think protesting like this does no good.  Since when did protesting with signs do anything?  Maybe it's just me.  Just like the protest with 5G, but they're going to do what they want to anyway, REGARDLESS of what we think or want.  Now the Vigilante Task Force Teams that are brave enough to burn or rip down the offending infrastructure thingys does more to put a dent in the offending things.


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