Monday, April 20, 2020

Healing from Heart Issues, Lyme and co-infections

Trish Munoz
10 hrs ·

People really have a way of disappointing you. There was this group of people that was going to help me get well. I won't say their name because I'm not like that. And they made all these promises and granted they did send me a box of stuff but they called me everyday and after 6 years of suffering and torture I thought I was going to get better. I was told that I had a whole team behind me. And then everyone abandoned and disappeared on me and just stopped talking to me. Because they were too busy. To help someone who is dying. I was really hopeful for the first time in six years. Now I'm not and that's why I'm doing this fundraiser because I'm going to see this doctor that I've known since I was a kid unfortunately he's expensive but what he does works. If his treatments for Lyme and co-infections can help me I really don't want to die like this. That's why I made this fundraiser. And other expenses that I have such as traveling there and back.


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