Thursday, April 2, 2020

"Lab-Made" | WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE! (US and CHINA involved)

We are making sure that my hubby's brother who just passed two days ago isn't fraudulently listed as a COVID-19 victim.  He had a stroke and his wife consented to a flu shot, while he was incapacitated.  But he had a stroke, and we will make dang sure that he will be listed as passing from stroke related complications.

Like this from GreenMedInfo...

The National Vital Statistics System guidelines now directs the medical community to define deaths suspected (not confirmed by testing) to be COVID-19 related as caused by it. More evidence case fatality rates are being over-inflated. Source:

They want to up the numbers as an excuse in order to push that mandatory vaccine from Bill Gates. I see what they are doing here.


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