Monday, February 24, 2020

The Daily Messenger: DB UPDATE 02-24-2020

The Daily Messenger: DB UPDATE 02-24-2020: by Don Bradley I am being criticized for not doing enough, regards information, etc. Wow...given the whole move, various related and unrelated injuries, and other blather, frankly I'm amazed at how much article, research, and video anecdotal I've produced in a matter of weeks. I get very little sleep, because, all the previous requires research, prayer, vetting, and then writing the whole horrific mess up. I AM GUILTY of poor presentation and editing. There has been no time to run things by an editor, or take an hour or so, ON EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE TO make sure the grammar is just so, etc. Frankly, there is no time. ...


Actually, we think you are doing a STAND UP job!  And just so you know, we here VERY MUCH appreciate all the work you are doing.  So we give thanks to Our Father for YOU!  And you are also very much loved. And because of you, we sprung into action ourselves and doing for us and warning our families as well.  Previous posts here has grocery lists as examples, and other things needed. My sister has an ozone machine on the way, and another family member will be getting one soon too.

Thank you Father, for our favorite Daily Messenger and for all the work he is doing for You!
Please keep him and his family safe from all harm.  Thank you!


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