Friday, March 13, 2020

The Daily Messenger: Coronavirus update 3-13-20 Friday the 13th

The Daily Messenger: Coronavirus update 3-13-20 Friday the 13th: Every day's a holiday Infection density. USA next Be careful out there. Many reports - not from the news, of course - but of black people mostly robbing white people of their prep supplies at gunpoint, rather than use their own money. By next week end, quarantine, pretty sure. So if you see a car full of angry dindus slowly cruising the parking lots, be prepared. It's best to go as a group, rather than by your onesy. Which isn't always easy to do. If you do see roving predators, call 911...they're sure to be armed. This isn't racism, this is about saving lives, and oh, liberal dunsky, I'm not the one doing the robbing, they are. If guys like that are offering supplies out of their trunk that are tough to get, they're stolen. And like as not, they'll rob you too. Or worse. They pick on women mostly and those who look unlikely to defend themselves. You know who you are. ...

This guy on the back of the truck is more than likely a dead man.  Only a flimsy mask, no eye protection, no gloves, and no ear covering.  I guess just an expendable for the ones in control.

Well, we now has attention whore masks.  Hehe.

Need nearly $400 for the WINNER one.  Anyone wanna donate to this blog?


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