Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Daily Messenger: Vision at night, a few years back

The Daily Messenger: Vision at night, a few years back: Thanks Dad, I really needed this hug. And thank you, too, Mike. I mentioned what you are about to read, to several people close to me. People I could trust, because the thing was on my heart and it was meant to be shared by those close, 3 years ago, and you, now. This followed on the heel of a 7 day prayer and fast - of which I do about three or four a year, to help folks out. This works. Son Matt and I did a 7 day fast for Kent Hovind who they were about to put into prison for a fake, created crime, after he had already done TEN YEARS for the offense of using an ATM. Really, that was the charge and they used that to put away a thorn in their side, because old Kento was handing fake science their butts every time with the creation truth. On the day of the trial, they dropped the new charges, did "time served" thing on his current deal, released him that day with no parole, the works, like it never happened. PRAYER AND FASTING FOR ANOTHER does tremendous good, I've done it dozens and dozens of times over the years, but never for myself. That's my rule. ...

I can haz hugs too please?

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