Sunday, April 12, 2020

Corona Virus in Idaho / 04-12-2020 - After 5 PM

Corona Virus in Idaho / 04-12-2020 - After 5 PM

New stats are uploaded and changed after or around 5 PM

Only 19 new cases.

No new deaths reported.  Good to know.


Maybe we can go out again soon, AFTER they finish up that 5G infrastructure they're building behind our backs.  But will still wear the masks, goggles, gloves, etc...

Please consider driving by your schools and playgrounds. Film them. What is the real reason for prolonging this virus and quarantine? Yes, the virus is real and we need to protect ourselves and do the right thing by staying home, but the powers that think they be, are using this as an opportunity to fast track and install the 5G behind our backs while we are staying at home. In addition to the vaccine.

5G Installer Gets CALLED OUT Next To Childrens Play Ground! / PLEASE SHARE

The above video was on youtube, but it was deleted, obviously.  So I found on another site, and downloaded in addition to linking to the current link.

Vigilante Task Force Teams anyone?

Happening in Nigeria too...


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