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Granny Good Food: Lockdown 2020: Attack on our blood

From Granny Good Food...


Lockdown 2020: Attack on our blood

I hope everyone knows what "adrenochrome" is by now. It's the blood of tortured children that is harvested ritually by satanic monsters. The yearly 800K missing American children, thousands of immigrant children who were brought over the border by paid coyotes, the Haitian children that Clinton agent Laura Silsby was busted with -- have all been used for this purpose. But arrests and exposure have brought the supply line of children to a screeching halt. These pedo-vores are addicts of the worst kind -- notice the sudden aging of certain Hollywood celebs. Satan is desperate for blood. So what is happening? OUR blood is being attacked.

Scripture says to "Eat bread by the sweat of our brow." Where does sweat come from? The blood. By forbidding us to work, the flow of our blood has been halted. We will become weakened, as always happens when God's perfect instructions are disobeyed. Satan knows this. Statistics are saying that there is going to be a far worse toll of life from the repercussions of the lockdown than the virus itself -- suicides, heart attacks, stroke, depression, etc. Any politician who enforced this ungodly mandate, who is forbidding people to work, has exposed him/herself and whom they truly serve. Remember to vote accordingly.


And they want to further attack our blood with an ungodly vaccine too, which is also made with aborted fetal tissue, and foreign RNA/DNA and who knows what else?

Some solutions, and especially for people like us who work from home...

First of all AVOID doctors and Vaccines altogether.  Ever heard of naturopaths and chiropractors?  Begin with those, as they don't push vaccines.

Work out at home.  We have all kinds of home equipments like hand weights and other gadgets.  Now that the weather is improving, we can walk around outside, provided they want to skip that day spraying us with chemtrails.
My post here, as a matter of fact:  Staying Active While Shut-in

Blood cleansing the best we can by doing some of these...

* Iodine Protocol (Lugol's is best). Iodine provides oxygen as well as cleansing
* Liquid Chlorophyll (Rebuilds blood and provides oxygen)
* NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), helps with that iron problem seen in Morgellon's and coronavirus.
* Vitamin C (IV is best, but both work too)
* Doing the ultraviolet light that Trump mentioned.  We've known about that for some time. Provided you can find someone who can do that protocol.
* Proteolytic enzymes.  Enzymes can cleanse the blood as was found with Dr. William Wong's earlier research.  Like the extra fibrin, for example.
* Fenbendazole (Steve Beddingfield's entire protocol)
* The Michael Chapala Giant Coil treatment.  Y'all gotta do it to rid the electronics, nano which is causing Morgellon's and targeted individual symptoms, etc...
* Colloidal silver
* Essential oils - we like popping a drop or two or oregano/thyme in a gelatin capsule.
* Cleansing the liver, gallbladder, colon, kidneys, etc...  These are you blood filters too.
* An ozone machine.
* A chi machine, moves oxygen into the blood by the movement.  10 minutes on one, and you can feel the oxygen rush as soon as it stop.  Wooooooo!!!
* WBV (Whole Body Vibration machine).  Helps with lymph flow
* Rebounder (mini trampoline)
* Get a water distiller and/or water filter. Filter your shower water too, if needed.

The last three are great for those with low energy or fatigue who have trouble moving on their own to begin with.


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