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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

C'mon, let's help!

From DB's blog today...

Welcome 2008 (goodbye 2007)

To everyone and all, a happy new year.

Whatever changes are coming this year for us, just know this is the sumtotal of all the choices individuals and nations have made to get us here. What we do DOES MATTER. How we think DOES MATTER. Do what you can, be the best of who you are, leave the rest to life.

And, as many know, I'm now established in a modest rental, and happily, was able to spend the holidays with the boys (my children.) I would like to see this sustained and in order for that to happen, I have to be able to pay rent here and the utilities, so here goes...

If you can, please send me an orgone order this week or donate a few sheckels via paypal to:

don bradley:

I have to make a decision today about keeping the place, because quite frankly, there has been practically no orgone business since i moved here 3 weeks ago. Thank you.

Here are his orgone site pages...

Orgone Site

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Thank you for your love and support!

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